Trying to quit smoking

I just started my first attempt to quit smoking. I smoked my last cigarette at about 8:35 this morning and it is now 7:35 of the same day, so so far so good. Does anyone have any tips for me?

I quit smoking cigarettes on Aug. 14, 2005. I did it cold turkey.

It’s not easy, so let me be the first to congratulate you on your efforts.

I heard cinnamon helps curb your desires. Those FireBalls. It’s a hard candy that is really hot. You can suck on those also the little red hots. You put some of them between your gums and your mouth.

I wish you luck. As much as you hate hearing it, let me tell you that nothing will ever work if you don’t want it to. Stay focused.

Don’t ever take even one cigarette, even if you swear you’re only going to have one. My boss managed to stave off cigarettes for three whole weeks, but as soon as she had just one, her willpower completely collapsed.

(And just remember, cigarettes make non-smokers think you majorly stink. Seriously.)

you just need the willpower to do it… my biological dad stopped drugs after 20 years of abuse just because he got to know me instead of just knowing that i existed… now he got a job and he got medicine from the doctors… he is now totally clean after 20 years of drug abuse and living on the streets… if he can do that you can stop smoking… i find ppl that cant quit cigarettes quite weak… but then again i have never been addicted to anything like that :smile:

i smoke casually at parties and stuff just to be abit social, but i will NEVER buy my own cigarette pack… as long as i have told myself that then i wont do it… i wont start smoking cause of the economics… it costs just to much :content:

I will never start smoking and thats not because I feel that “strong” , but because I have easy for getting addicted to stuff .

TOTALLY useless things (like walking when talking :wink:)

And such , I might take one breath of it , but as it taste ash and costs much I wont start,

I have big problems even saying

“I will not eat sweats and such”

Usually alst one day :anx:

You are playing with fire. A lot of people start off like this, then one day they find themselves in a stressful situation and need a cigarette or find they can’t socialise without one.

Research shows that people who stop straight away have a bigger chance of falling back on old habbits, (this isn’t very usefull for you now though), if you were to slowly take it down, it would be much easier to do…

I, however strongly disrecommend to start doing this, since you stopped in one shot already… Good luck on quitting :smile:

I’m 16 too and I’ve been smoking for 3 years, I quit cold turkey in febuary. And guess what man? I still want one. I think it’s going to be hard for the first year! Good luck.

That’s what’s funny about smoking: there will be one day, months or maybe years from now, that you’ll wake up in the middle of night and reach for a cigarette, and only moments later will you realized you stoped smoking ages ago. I don’t know what they put in those things, but they’re evil.

Congratulations for both Daniels (Daylight and Redifin) for quitting it! :content:

Hope all goes well DayLight, remember you didn’t start your first attempt, you just quit for good no doubt about it. Don’t leave room like that so your brain can make excuses and say you’ll just have a second attempt etc.

I’m pretty much the same, though I have bought my own cigarette pack before. In fact I still have half a pack in my bag, been there for a few months now. I can’t see how people get hooked on them :eh: Psychologically I find it incredibly hard to be addicted to anything, I generally make a point of never using substances as a crutch for any issues. Instead its best to work it through and become mentally stronger rather then mentally dependant.

Oh man, my best friend is trying to quit to. Well, at least that’s what she says. I read somewhere that when you’re trying to break a habit, that almost everyone has to try a few times. So don’t dis yourself if you have another cigarette cause all that will do is make you feel bad about yourself. Iknow for some ppl it works best to go cold turkey, but for others is works best to take it gradual. So you should figure out which catagory you fit into and that might make it easier.
Maybe find another vice to takes it’s place, like sugar. I know that’s my drug of choice.
Anyway, good luck. You’ll stop eventually.

Its so wierd that i saw this topic after I ALSO DECIDED TO QUIT!!!

It must be quitting day today. I hope i can fully kick the habit. The main reason i wake up in the morning is for a cig. Im gonna have to beat myself with a hot toaster everytime i try to smoke.

Yeah, for some reson a smoke is more pleasurable when you first wake up in the morining.
Anyway, I just got a 14mg nicotine patch. I am wearing it now, and I will probably wear it to bed, if I can sleep with it on. Has anyone used the patch, and if so, what is it’s effect on LD’ing? I have heard they make dreams way more vivid, but vividness does not nessacrily mean increased lucidity.

It’s shown that some people have more addictive personalities. I think I have an addictive personality, so I think I’ll never start.

Anyways, I’ve heard of this book, my brother was telling me about it. Anyways, at the start of the book, the guy encourages you to TAKE UP smoking, and apparently, by the end of the book, you’ll feel like you don’t need to smoke. This guy calls it a “de-brainwashing”

Encourages you to take up smoking? Wow, I wonder how well that works :tongue:
Well, I won’t be doing that, I’ve always thought the best thing to do when it comes to smoking is to avoid it completely. I have friends who’ve started smoking mostly for, in my humble opinion, completely stupid reasons. For example, I have a friend who started smoking at age 14 so that he could hang out with a girl he liked in the smoking section at high school who also smoked. Then, they started dating…then later, they broke up, but now he is stuck with a deadly addiction, all for the want of a girl he didn’t even get :no:
So congratulations to DayLight and everyone else who has quit smoking. I don’t know what it’s like so I can’t relate, but I imagine it must be difficult. Best of luck to you :smile:

Yeah, it’s hard to explain why I smoke to non-smokers. I first started smoking because people told me it would prolong a cannabis high, which ended up being untrue. i kept going because, even though it dosent give you a noticable high, it is very pleasureable, and I like the taste.

Nicotine patch update - For most of the day(my first whole one without a smoke) it was very hard. I was irritable to the point of almost being violent. About a half hour after putting on the patch, I became almost euhporic. A huge increase in energy too. Alot of it is probably placebo, but it is really helping.

Ok, another patch update. My physical cravings have gone down ALOT. I still have mental images of a burining cigarette, and I think about how nice it would be, but I’m doin’ ok. I slept with it on last night, and I had the most vivid dreams of my life. Exelent dream recall as well.

[color=indigo]I was waiting for my brother in the car right after school today, and some kid walks down to the sidewalk in front of it. He’s my age, if not younger, but he pulls out a pack of cigarettes in broad daylight, shakes it, and lights one up.

I really worry about people sometimes…[/color]

Ive got 2 friends that are smoking when they miht get a cigarette from older friends (yes Friends not “friends” :wink: )

or grab one from home.

I have taken a few tries and it made me even more against smoking.

They think it is “so cool”

I mean , if I were to do something other than my parents would want me to , just for the sake of it , I would rather take a jummy bottle of beer (yes i think it tastes good) or more :wink:

Heh, my parents are ok with me smoking or drinking as long as I’m honest with them. Do you think not being allowed makes people want to smoke?