Two and a half hours of sleep paralysis but no LD!

So I tried getting into LD’s a really really long time ago, and didn’t really make any progress and gave up. Now I just recently got back into the thick of things and I’ve had more success.

I’ve been trying to WILD. When I WILD I get into the SP stage very very quickly, like within 10 minutes. But then I run into trouble as I don’t progress at all beyond that point.

Last night I was in SP for 2 and 1/2 hours before I gave up trying to LD.

I basically keep getting to the point where I see the HI but they never really progress beyond the streaks of color on a dark background.

Anyone have any thoughts/advice on how to proceed?

um try to go o sleep right as ur drifting away…um tell yourself your dreaming??

Are you sure it was Sleep Paralysis - where you couldn’t move your body even if you wanted to? When I get to that stage, I find that log rolling will sometimes work, though my movements are a little syruppy.

Are you really sure it was SP and just a very relaxed state? I have never heard of anyone being able to stay conscious during SP for such a period of time, which makes me beleive that you instead felt numb from being very relaxed? In SP you are paralyzed to the extent of not being able to move at will and you also usually experience other sensations.

Well, the reason I think it’s SP is because my whole body is numb and I have to try really really hard to move my body. And it’s not just numbness though. My hands basically disappear during the process, and I basically don’t really feel them at all.

That being said, while my body is basically numb and immovable, my head still seems normal. Also, my eyelids are also kind of a problem as I have trouble keeping them closed during the WILD attempt.

I’ve also had HI sounds appear but those happened in an earlier attempt where I was in the state for 1 hour.

What you described is just a deep relaxation state. It’s not that can’t move your body, you just don’t want to. SP is the opposite: you want but you can’t :razz:
Do you WILD when first going to bed? If you do so, then try it with WBTB(works for most people) or during a nap in the afternoon. When you really get a SP you’ll know it.
Good Luck. o/

So if that wasn’t SP, that still leaves me with the question of my HI wasn’t progressing at all during that time period. Should I be TRYING to fall asleep in the beginning of WILD or what?

Cause I was under the impression that the goal was just to relax and that eventually your body would sleep.

I find that consciously trying to fall asleep isn’t very good, it leaves you tense and with expectation. But, also, you shouldn’t try WILD just at any moment, try it after a long and tyring day, or at least in a moment that you are very sleepy.
Also, did you try other techs? Don’t completely get your focus on only one tech when your beginning. See what works best for you, THEN you stick with it.

Well, like I said before. I tried LDing a while back and then gave up. I’d been trying to do MILD and VILD but they weren’t working.

So now I decided to go with WILD. I think I’ll restrict my WILD’ing to afternoon naps when I am usually more sleepy. We’ll see how that works out.

Thanks for the advice!

You say that your HI isn’t progessing, my guess is that it would be one of two things, number one is that you are thinking about falling asleep as this tends to inhibit sleep, secondly you could be thinking too much and too actively. Btw if you are truly in SP just “get up” out of your body and ,viola, you are in a lucid dream.

But my problem is that if I don’t focus/think actively, then I just drift into daydreams and just random jumbled thoughts. And those daydreams/random thoughts always lead me to sleep without an LD.

I don’t understand how I can try to fall asleep and stay awake at the same time. In other words, at what point do you stop trying to fall asleep and start trying to stay awake/WILD?

Keep in mind that there are different ways of doing WILD, and some may work better for you than others. I barely ever get hypnagogic imagery - but I can still WILD by paying attention to other senses. What I do is count backwards from 100 to 0 again and again while listening to that high pitched ringing in my ears (which is the auditory equivalent of hypnagogic imagery). Eventually, my mind gets really bored and I start to drift off - only to snap back with an electric vibration. Over time, those vibrations build up to fork-in-an-outlet level, and I can just stand up and start dreaming…

But there’s an infinite number of ways to approach it… For example, some people do tactile techniques like imagining that they’re jumping on a trampoline. I’m just saying you might have better luck with a non-visual one.

I think it’s better to fall asleep and miss a lucid dream, then to lay awake for hours and hours like that…

As Dunlar said, try focusing on other senses but the imagery. I, personally, focus on my body or on “nothing”, just stay focused, cleaning my mind of those random toughts, try doing the same and try focusing on different things. Tryal and error is all you can do to find what works best for you.

Acctually, that ringing isn’t auditory hallucinatios, it’s tinnitus

Cool, sounds good. I’m gonna try the focus on the body thing and let you guys know how it works out.

The sound thing sounds(no pun, lol) a little too advanced for me…

As Genki said the reining in your ears is not HH, but tinnitus. Also HI is not streaks of color on a dark background, but faces, or compleat pictures. It can be stills or movies. Some people can enter the HI to start an LD, others have to just let it pass befor they come to the point of having an LD.
One of the hardest parts of WILD is learning how “awake” and how “asleep” you have to be to get into an LD. There is a lot of info. about this in the sticky WILD topic.
WILD can be very dificult for people that do not fall asleep fast. If you do not normaly fall asleep fast, then you will spend hours trying to WILD. You might be better off with MILD, or a different DILD tech.

On the other hand, sometimes when I decide to give WILD a try I fall asleep so fast, that it’s almost like being shot dead. That’s perhaps too fast falling asleep :smile:


It sounds to me like a very relaxed state as well. I experienced this myself during my first tries.
When at the day do you attempt WILD anyways? It is nearly impossible for most people to WILD at the beginning of the night. You need atleast 3 hours or so of sleep, which is due to the fact that you dont experience much REM sleep during the early part of the night.

I myself do it in early morning…

That is untrue… HI usually starts with just some faint shapes or colours, which sometimes progress into complete pictures. HI can also be be split second flashes of images as well.

WILD at early night is impossible if you “master” it…

You don’t need REM to LD.

I’m aware that it can be called Tinnitus - but that isn’t as descriptive for most folks. Do I get an award for using 4 quotes in a row? :tongue: And I think Yang meant that it’s possible, not impossible. I didn’t want to use another quote, though…