Unable to LD, won't even fall asleep!

Hi, I have started trying to LD and I just don’t understand where I am having a problem. I lay in bed imagining myself walking down the stairs of my school and counting the steps, but thinking to myself on every other step “I am dreaming”.

I did this for a whole hour, completely motionless and without my mind drifting off. I lay still so long that my body started to shake a little at one point. It was then that I expected something to happen, but no! I just lay there awake for the next 20 minutes. I didn’t fall asleep, and it was still easy to move and open my eyes like normal (but I didn’t until I decided to give up). For about an hour and a half total, I was repeating to myself “I am dreaming” and counting steps.

It got to a point where I just gave up and opened my eyes, because apparently nothing was happening and nothing had changed.
Can anyone tell me what I may be doing wrong? I don’t know how I managed to be there for an hour and a half completely still and relaxed and not fall asleep, but not LD either.

Allo Moocow, welcome to the forum! :wave: My name is Wolf, and I’ll be your tour guide for this evening. :grin: Next time you get a chance, introduce yourself here.

You’re trying out WILD? Fun technique, my favorite. :happy: My advice is to wait until you’re really tired. Not just a little, but OMG-closing-my-eyes-brings-me-to-Lala-Land-in-a-second tired. Lay down and watch the HI form a scene. Tell yourself you’re dreaming, and vuala- lucid! :cool_laugh: You might wake up at first, but just repeat it till you can stay inside it.

Do you have the habit of doing reality checks a lot? It’ll help loads if you do.

Remember: Not all people get it right away. Keep trying and you’ll get it eventually. I wish you luck! :cool:

-Wolf the Tour Guide

Thanks wolf! Although that brings me to my next problem.
Hypnogogic Images: What are they exactly? I have never seen them and I don’t know how to determine if what I’m seeing is the right thing. Are they the blurs of color that flow around your sight when your eyes are closed for a little while, or more like clear shapes that you can see only when falling asleep?
If I could identify them, I’m sure I could successfully carry out a WILD.
And yes, I have been trying WILD for a long time, but not succeeding. MILD didn’t really work either because I end up falling asleep and having normal vague dreams.

As for reality checks, no, not frequently. I always forget during the day, and can’t think of a common situation in my dreams where a RC would be most useful.

Hyponogogic Images are images that pops into youre head when you try WILD they are like dream images.

Maybe try to do MILD and RCs instead of WILD. It could improve your situation.

i had the same problem last night, i just couldnt sleep, ill try what you said next weekend wolf :>

[color=green]Hi Moocow

I agree with wolf. Wait until your dead tired and then try. No doubt you will fall asleep the first time :tongue: but keep trying and the results will be interesting.

Talking about RCs, i dont know if any of you read a LD i had where i was in a shower with a girl and i became lucid after looking myself (wolf do you remember this?). Well, now its like everytime i look myself in the mirror i become lucid. Before i go ahead, have any of you played Max Payne and Need For Speed Most Wanted? Well, Just 2 days ago i had a dream that i was Max Payne ( yes from the game looolll ) and i was looking to race , like the guy from the N4SMW loooooooolll. So i meet these two girls and im walking and the shops have mirror doors. I look myself in the mirror and I become LD.

Also , just want to say really miss all of you and posting here, but damn assignments. I have 2 to hand in this comming monday :sad: . Hopefull i will be posting regularly here soon![/color]