Unexplainable reoccurring dream themes

Anyone have something happen all the time in your normal dreams that you can’t explain?

For example, ever since I was a kid, in my dreams, any form of canine cannot hurt me. Whether it’s a nightmare or an unexpected attack, if a dog or wolf bites me, there is either no pain from the bite, or the animal is unable to pierce the skin.
I also have superior strength over them, and can toss them about like rag dolls if they attack me.

I cant explain this, since I am quite intimidated by large dogs in waking life, but in my dreams, I don’t even feel a bit of fear from gigantic wolfs.

This sounds actually quite complex to figure out. Are you sure dogs in dreams aren’t associated with anything else? What do you think about when you’re attacked? Do they see them as enemies, nuisances, or else?
Are wolfs living around your area, and how do the people around you think of them?

As for me, dreamsigns never work, as i explained in a separate topic.

I don’t think dogs are associated with anything else , but they usually attack me if I see them in dreams. It’s not negative; I don’t feel fear when they attack me, and most of the time my dreaming mind has become aware that they cannot hurt me, and it’s kind of a “here we go again” feeling. My emotion towards them while attacking me range from “I’m going to kill this stupid thing!” to “Sigh You KNOW you cant hurt me, stupid.”

No wolves around the area’s I’ve lived in, not even foxes. I’ve had a pet dalmatian when I was living in Chicago, but most of the canines in my dreams are wolves, so I don’t put any relation there.

It’s the one constant dream sign that I’ve had since I was a kid, so I’m really confused as to how it developed. Other sign’s I have are obvious; I smoke a lot in my dreams, even though I quit in Waking life, and the cigarette is always flawed or strange.

could it be your subconscious running rehearsals of being confronted with dogs to try to ease your phobia/fear?

Otherwise I would say the canines really do represent something, you just have to think about what it could be. :uh:

Large dogs are not a phobia for me, I just give them a large amount of respect, and keep my distance if they are not friendly. I’ve never had a bad experience with dogs. I really wish I knew what they represented, because I cant have just created this constant out of nothing! The type of canine always varies, I’ll give a few examples.

One of the oldest dream I can remember with this happening:

I’m in the middle of a forest, and mist is all around me. I have a particular feeling of dread, and all of a sudden I hear fierce growling all around me. Menacing gray wolfs come out of the gray mist in front of me, at least 6 of them. I crouch down a little, scared, and nervous. I try to sooth the wolves nearest to me, but they start barking and lunge at me. I throw my left arm up to protect myself, and the wolf bites down on it. A strange rumbling is felt where the wolf is biting, and I grow furious. I grab the wolves’ upper snout, and snap it with only my right hand. Another wolf jumps at me, and again I throw up my left hand to protect myself, and it bites down on it. Since the wolf wont let go, I lift it off the ground, and slam it into a tree. This same process happens with all the wolves, and when they are all dead, I wake up.

One I had a few months ago:

I’m running from a school-like compound I just vandalized, and I climb over a large fence. Outside the fence is a forest, and I run deeper into it. It is nighttime, but I can still see clearly. All of a sudden, my surroundings turn darker, and it is harder to see. My senses seem excited, and my body is lightly buzzing. I feel a sense of dread, and suddenly I see a giant wolf walking near me. It has thick, shiny, black fur, and glowing yellow eyes. I freeze, and hope it doesn’t spot me. It suddenly stops, and looks directly at me. Then it starts running. Towards me. sh*t. It is incredibly fast, and I know it’s useless to run, so I stand, and prepare myself for it. It slams into me, and clamps its jaws on my left arm, growling in a way I’ve never heard any animal growl. I feel no pain, and put the wolf in a headlock with my other arm, trying to get him to let go. Don’t remember the outcome of this.

This dream happened two days ago:
I’m in some kind of liquor storage area, and I’m apparently here to steal some bottles of wine. I get to a door way, and out steps a security guard in riot gear. In his hand is a leash to a normal sized guard dog. I talk to him for a bit about something (Probably bullshitting him.), and he says “he will go check.” He leaves in the same direction he came from, but he leaves his dog…which starts running at me! I yell for him to call of his dog, but he is gone. His dog lunges at me, but I punch it in the face, and it lands in front of me, a little surprised. It runs up to me again, trying to bite me. I grab it behind the neck, and am trying to stop it from biting my legs, or more sensitive parts. It bites my left wrist, but I straddle it, and sit on it until it lets go. There is no blood or pain where it bit me, and I just want it to leave me alone. The dream ends with it still enthusiastically attacking me.

Well, I found another constant by writing those…they seem to love chowing down on my left arm. I cant remember any canine attacking my right arm, or any other part of my body, actually.

I don’t really wanna take shots in the dark, as any miss would surely confuse you. The explanation of this dreamsign is not clear enough to me to formulate any serious idea, but there is a way indeed you can discover what the problem is, and that would be asking yourself.

My guess would be, these beasts attacking you can be a really good dreamsign, so i’ll suggest reality checking to canines that are (or become) hostile to you, like any big dog growling at you, or barking, or you know what else.

Should this kind of dream appear again, you sould become lucid easily, and ask the solution to your problem directly to the source, that is your mind. Ask the wolves, or to your SC here watching you in the dream, “what’s the problem here?” or “What is the meaning of this?”: you are very likely to get an answer, although it may consist of sound, images, or feelings, or anything else really, don’t just expect words only. With understaanding, you’ll be able to solve the problen in a jiffy.

Hope i helped, and good luck for your next dreams. :smile:

Thanks Tosxychor, I’ll try it out, and if I get a response, I’ll post it here! :smile:

Heh, I have almost exactly the same recurring dreamsign, only the aggressive dogs don’t always attack me and they’ve ranged in size from German Shepherds to Pugs.

Same here for both.

Meh, with me there’s usually fear involved, especially when they go beyond simple aggressiveness and actually come after me.

We once had a dog too, a really friendly Springer Spaniel named Chip. He’s always been friendly when he appears in my dreams, but any other canine at all that I encounter almost invariably acts really aggressive towards me and will often attack. In fact, it’s become a somewhat noteworthy event in my dreams if I do encounter a dog that acts normally. :eh: