im having dreams that are coming true, not just about me but the people around me. the details are too accurate to the point were its frightnen. it doesnt happen all the time, but in spirts. ive also had alot of numb sensations throwout my body like novacain, mostly in my jaw. alot of times when i fall asleep its hard because i feel like im falling through the bed and it makes me anxious. at the end of my dreams i usually realize im dreaming and i try to call one of my friends to tell them whats going on and i think im texting them but its really my dream still and it becomes frustrating. not sure what to think

Unexplainable? Eh, try to be more clear… don’t understand anything you say there… :meh:
Do you mean some things you dream come true? And that you feel things that don’t happen? Eh… I don’t know about this.

Precog / deja vu, and false awakenings? The feeling of falling as you sleep could just be an inner ear thing, but that as well as the rest… I’d say just go with the flow. Could there be any other issues that cause you to tend towards fright and anxiety when abnormal things happen? (Insular community, perfectionist tendencies?) By my experience, shaking those off helps the most with turning towards less destructive or paralyzing coping methods. What’s actually happening that’s paranormal or “abnormal” could well be a secondary trouble?

Here you go…so I don’t have to explain it again :wink:


i’m a novice dreamer by most standards here, so take my advice with more than a grain of salt, but if this stuff really troubles you (and i can’t tell for certain if it does) then, fighting against it might just make it worse. dealing with it may be very effective, but fear, struggle, and confusion seem like a bad combination. i don’t know exactly what ‘dealing with it’ entails in this case, but think about it and i’m sure you’ll not feel as helpless in these situations.