USA = Only Superpower?

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hahaha, I thought this was a thread focusing on the US, the worlds only Superpower :razz:


Looks at China

Not really. America’s economy is still 40% larger than the next competitor. (That is, if my source is recent enough). The US’s military is ridiculous, in advancement, as well, and China isn’t nearly as close in that type of power, either. China is getting closer though, you are correct in that regard.

Sigh I’d love to debate with you, but that would derail this topic. What superpower would you want?

Technically yes, America is the only superpower at the time.


China doesn’t do as much as the United States does … even though they have more people then we do.

We happen to be in some SERIOUS debt to China. China has a surplus in trade, and a larger army (albiet much less advanced). This qualifies China as a Superpower as far as I care.

I learn something new everyday :lol:

I don’t know what’s the use of your classifications — not trying to sound inflammatory here, what I mean is I don’t know what you want to imply when you say a country is a superpower, and as far as I’m concerned, an empty word will not feed a very productive debate, as you can find a definition for “superpower” to fit whatever argument you come up with.

That said, some interesting facts about China to feed the discussion: in macroeconomical analysis, one could argue China is the new petrol. In two senses: first, the West is addicted to it; second, we’re gonna run out of it soon. What’s that mean? The first part means most of the world’s industrial production takes place in China, or feeds from stuff produced there. The second part is a lot of tendencies in a nutshell, like the fact that the salaries are rising, that the next few generations will have two men for every woman and this picture tends to get worse, and mainly that their industrial revolution is about to settle, so their production growth rate will come to a sudden stop, after which China will dive in a horrendous crisis. What does that mean to the world? Since China is one of the big players, and since most of the world’s production is directly or indirectly dependent on China, if they break — and it’s very plausible that the whole country will break — the world will see an economical crisis that will make the Great Depression look like an itch.

What does that tell us about China in terms of bargain power? Lets just say it gives us the impression that it is quite clear for everyone — including the Chinese — that the world is willing to pay a lot more than a dozen Marshall Plans to keep China going. Would you consider that a superpower? I would.

Well the United States of America has the most nukes in the world (I think)

Russia has the most nukes, the US has the most powerful arsenal. “What’s the difference?,” you ask? Well, lets say the US can destroy the world, but they can’t explode a big house if they want to. :razz:

Sure, but if our economy is dependent on or linked to China’s, no amount of physical power will prevent World Depression II (the great war = WWI). What are you suggesting, nuke China? That’ll only make a global shift in economy occur sooner.

Also, once China fails as an economic producer, what are everyone’s opinions on India?

Well yeah China is a main source for our toys but they have been putting lead in the paint…what are they trying to do? poison our next generation?

Wikiedia: A superpower is a state with a leading position in the international system and the ability to influence events and project power on a worldwide scale; it is considered a higher level of power than a great power.

Yes USA is the current world superpower, but Russia is a future candidate, and the EU is strong technologically, and economically.

Soon, China will pass USA, this is almost certain

Its quite funny how unstable the economy is… how reliant it is upon other nations… nations which all hate each other and want to have their nation triumph over all the rest. You only have to look at the $$$ equivencies on the financial news to see that each country relies on the economy of other countries.

Oil seems to be the only thing keeping them afloat too, which is expected to run out in 50 years time or so… and you can expect the price of fuel to go up and up and up until then. When the big shift from fuel to something else comes along there will be a major disruption in the economy because its so finely balanced, and so heavily dependant upon gasoline… yet they know this, they know it will run out and it appears they are doing nothing about it other than milking it for all it’s got.

There is a real estate owner in England who owns a rediculous amount of properties… somewhere around the 200 mark… she makes money from the properties by renting them out to people… (so she doesn’t just have a second income but more like 200 sources of other income) and if she alone were to all of a sudden stop renting out the properties the market would drop, England’s dollar would depreciate horribly and another great depression would take place (or rather the current one would get worse… dont kid yourself… things never got better only more bareable).

There is no superpower but that of the people combined working together as a whole.

Try “minimize costs” :wink:

Oh sure, be smart and put my real name instead of my username. I know that we use China to get our toys because they’re cheap. Ok that makes more sense but why would we want lead paint in our toys?

That’s just how Bruno does things. He found out my name by looking at the bottom of a webpage I had my photography posted where there was my name with the copyright statement, and when he called me Daniel I just about shat myself.

We don’t want lead paint in our toys, but they just don’t care. Corporate fellating pigs. It’s about the money. What do they care if a few babies get sick, their stock just went up a half a point.

:woo: :woo: :woo: I am sorry but Russia is so economicly dead right now, it is slowly comming back but right now there is no way it will become powerful anytime soon.

Russia is a potential candidate for a the the next superpower in the twenty-first century largely due to the its “energy industry” and the the size of its military (Very Large).