using herbs to help dream vividly

hi all,
I’m new to ld ing and have only had one so far. However, I have found a great trick to help my dreams become more vivid which is great for recall!
Sage is often used by Native Americans in vision quests so I sleep with a bundle of sage in my pillow. I was amazed at how vivid my dreams became after the first night of this. :cool_laugh: Buy some bulk sage herb from your local head shop, herb shop or drug store and put it in a THIN BREATHABLE piece of cotton. Tie it off in a bundle and keep in in your pillow. Sleep with your nose buried in the fragrant lump and be amazed at how vivid your dreams are! After a few nights the pillow case itself will begin to absorb the fresh, earthy smell too. :content:
I have also heard that mugwort helps with dreams but am yet to experiment with it. I do have some so I’ll try it tonight and let everyone know how it works out.

Thanks, just looked it up (since I didn´t knew the english name of this herb).While searching for the latin name, I found this:

“Salvia has an antispasmodic action which reduces tension in smooth muscle, and it can be used in a steam inhalation for asthma attacks. It is an excellent remedy for helping to remove mucous congestion in the airways and for checking or preventing secondary infection”

So, it seems that it relaxes you and also is good for your breathing.Perhaps therefore it has some similiar effects like the air ionizer we talked about lately?
I like the herb, so perhaps I´ll give this a try.
What did you use, dried leaves?

Anyone else has experience with salvia (offincialis, not divinorum) ?
Perhaps a tea also helps?


Hehe yeah:)Once i ran out of pot and tried smoking Salvia instead…damn it was horrible taste and all i got was slight headache…hehe so i dont recommend it.
But the idea of putting it into small pillow is GREAT!Im putting it to work tonight.I have just salvia tea bags so ill stuff my pillow with them.
cant wait:)

I used dry leaves of salvia offincalis (or whatever it is, sage for short) in a bundle under my pillow. I got about an ounce for a buck, its dirt cheap and seems to work great for me.
I tried mugwort last night. I smoked a bit of it and slept with a bundle under my pillow and struggled in the morning to recall very little. I’ll try it for a little while longer to see if it performs to the same level as the sage in the long run, gotta be scientific ya know!
I have also tried smoking many different herbs and my only conclusion with those experiements was that the good stuff is illegal! :bounce:

Sage is also commonly used to smudge (clear negative energy with smoke) old houses and murder sites, and I know from personal experience that it works, so I will try it in my pillow. Thanks for the advice! :tongue:

Chamomille makes me have really vivid dreams but they kind of freaked me out so I stopped drinking it. It’s supposed to be good for relaxing.

Wow! I didn’t know sage could help with dreams. I’ll try tonight :grin: I think the Plains Indians (Alberta, Canada) gave gifts of sage as friendship tokens. Anyway, I know the smell of rosemary has been proven to help memory so I’m planning to put a piece of my rosemary bush under my pillow.

I’ll have to try the rosemary too! Thanks for the tip! Its also good to know that if anyone was ever murdered in my bedroom my sage pillow serves dual purposes by protecting me from evil spirits! :scream:
What is Chamomille? Is it common? Legal? Where can i find it?
We’ll all be resting our heads on a huge pile of leaves before too long if this keeps up! :lmao:

:cool: Very legal. You could probably buy the plant at garden store, but you can just go get some herbal camomile tea. It’s supposed to calm you, I don’t know. Never noticed effects myself, and I drink the tea all the time because I like the taste. Give it a try though!

vision questing wrote,

Remember if you do run into a evil spirit, you will have to light your pillow on fire, so keep some matches handy! :tongue:

vision questing wrote,

Remember if you do run into a evil spirit, you will have to light your pillow on fire, so keep some matches handy! :tongue:

Oh joy of life, a double post.

Chamomille causing vivid dreams?
Anyone else felt that?

Anyway, I´ll try that too, since I like drinking teas anyways.Also seems that some herbs work for one person but not for another, so testing it myself is certainly a good idea.

Wasn´t there a member who wrote something about a herb-pillow? Perhaps we could combine the effects:
Take an empty pillow, stuff some Mint,Chamomille,Sage and Calea in it… :smile:
Or would that be too much at once?


Any time… it’s no trouble at all. :smile:

hey, salvia is a good tip, i had already heard something about that; anyway, in a old dream diary i have other plants that can help us reminding dreams , i cannot go to look for it now because i´m in my job, but probalbly tomorrow i can give some tips.
in other book i had foud also something about using cristals under the pillow with the same intention;
but in that time something strange happened: i decided to put a onix (a black stone ) under the pillow; i was really depressed in that time and i thought that maybe this black stone could give me a relaxed sleep.but it gave the contrary effect: i used it two times and the two times i had nightmares! :alien:

I slept with sage AND mugwort in my pillow last night and easily recalled three dreams!! :grin: They were sooo vivid I was pumped up about them. I dreamt of this gigantic electric eel and I remember I could see all the details in its flesh and fins and mouth!
I was thinking along the same lines as Traumganger by combining different herbs. Seems to have worked pretty well so far!

First night try-no dreams recalled:(
Ill post more tomorrow,lets hope it just wasnt right time or something…usually i got average recall.

Jack, perhaps you get something like a negative placebo effect?

I had this everytime I really had a try on teas.When I took calea, I could´t go to sleep very well, and had no recall.Same after drinking californian poppey.
Perhaps it makes one less relaxed if you wait for a result?

Hmmm…dunno about negative placebo really…but another fact is-second night,again,blurry recall…even tho i stuffed my pillow with half a kilo of salvia,hehe…oh well…no biggie,im going to try chamommile teas to see how i go with that.
I just wonder how its gonna impact my health since im allergic to flowers(or how u call those funny flying whities when they bloom).I guess i should be avoiding any flower like herbs but maybe when its dried…hmm…we`ll see.
I feel kind of bad writing about little effects as i know how strong placebo can work for some.But again,i believe we here to find ultimate method so being not honest about stuff is not going to give any good long term results.
take care.

I mix my own herbal teas so I think combining herbs is fun for teas. I bought a little sage plant so I can dry the leaves and make tea from it. I’ll have to get some mugwort sounds cool. :smile:
I tend to be sensitive to drugs/herbs so maybe thats why the chamomile does that to me. Valerian used to do the same thing to me back before I started to lower my dose. Perhaps I made my tea way to strong. :cool_laugh:
Or since I got it in bulk I hope it was really organic and not covered in vivid dream chemicals! :eek: