Using sounds?

I’ve noticed, that at least for me, sounds affect my dreams a lot. If I for instance play a CD with nature sounds on it (very quietly, so that while I’m awake I can hardly hear anything) I easily see dreams filled with beautiful landscapes.
I just tried a new thing - I made a CD with nature sounds mixed with people talking and laughing. It worked much better than I ever could imagine - I had a dream with a lot of people (In real life I prefer to be alone quite much, but in dreams I like to hang out with people :wink: ) and the places where we were came like exactly from the sounds on the CD - the sounds where mostly from a tropical beach, and that’s where we were! It felt so real and everything was amazingly beautiful and colourful!
And yes, the dream was lucid too, even if I didn’t do any special “tricks” - I didn’t feel any need to, I just enjoyed the view and the good company :content:
I can’t say for sure if sounds would help to have lucid dreams (because I have them very often anyway), but I’d say it’s worth trying!
And for some reason those human voices seemed to affect the dream even more effectively than pure nature sounds. What about having a voice in the background whispering: “this is a dream, you can do anythiiing” or something? XD Try it!!! :happy:

Congrats for the wonderful LD! :content:
We are already experimenting a similar technique, aptly named SILD, you may report your success there :wink:

Thanks! :happy: (btw, I tried that technique again, and it worked AGAIN :content: ) I guess I should read about that SILD to understand, what it precisely means, so that it would be easier to talk about things in here :smile: