Vitamin B12 and Lucid Dreaming

I’m sure this has been brought up loads of times, but I just thought I’d like something a bit more recent. I’ve been very cautious with taking vitamins for lucid dreaming, and I usually only take half of a 500 mcg b12 (250) vitamin a week after WBTB. Can I try taking more? Would it harm me at all, just need some people that have done this or tried this before. Thanks peeps! :content:

I know I’m really close to lucid dreaming, I’ve done reality checks in dreams and I’ve been aware I’m dreaming before, just haven’t been able to control it.

Yep, you can take much more B12 if you like!
Though, important: What type are you taking? There’s Cyanocobalamin and there’s Methylcobalamin. The one you want is Methylcobalamin. That’s the one that will help with dreams and sleep. There are also no negative side effects to “overdosing” with B12 (except for the cyanocobalamin kind), so no worries.

And 250mg a week is a reeeeally small amount. :tongue:
Vitamins are not necessary for LD’ing, but if you’re looking to actually see an effect on the quality of sleep and dreams, try something like 500-1000mcg+ a day.

In my personal experience (as I take a lot of B12 for my nerves), it can help with recall, concentration and even WILD.

Thanks for the feedback! How do I know if it’s Cyanocobalamin or Methylcobalamin? The thing only says it’s natural b12 good for energy metabolism. Thanks for replying, it means alot. :smile:

Usually it says on the back in brackets right beside the amount. Not sure what brand you have though.

Right, I just checked! It’s Cyanocobalamin… so that wont help me much, will it?

Or will it just be dangerous to overdose on? I guess what I’m asking is is it any use to take it?

Nope. That won’t help your dreams at all. Cyanocobalamin is useful for helping your body use fat and carbohydrates for energy. Also useful red blood cells, cells, and maintenance of nerves.
You have to take a lot of that one to OD and get cyanide poisoning, so don’t worry. B vitamins are water soluble, so the extra is just passed out through urine. OD is very rare and unlikely.

But again, this is not the type that will help with dreams unfortunately.

Alright, thank you very much for the information.