Vitamin B6- How much helps you remember?

I took 300 mg last night, and recalled a dream very well, is this safe? Should i take more/less?

Less freecube! It can give damage to your nerve system.
some books say 150 mg others 200 or 250 mg can already give nerve damage but 300 mg is really to high.
If I speak for myself and my own body…150 mg is max.
I use 50 mg vit b6, works good enough.
Vit b6 is on itself not a memory aid…its important in the serotonin cyclus.
Large quantities can also give nightmares because your nerve system is irritated by it.
All vitamins are just a small aid not a mega step.


BTW I have read that the nerve damage resulting from taking too much B6 is only temporary - so don’t panic just stop taking too much.

The recommended daily allowance of B6 just to maintain health is 2mg.
I wouldn’t care to increase it by that ammount, even for lds!

I took 2 Bcomplex vitamins ie. totalling to around 82mg of B6 besides the other B vitamins. Dream recall was zero… Odd…

Tonight I’ll take only 1 (41mg).

Since I don’t have any B6 in my house and won’t be able to pick any up for a while, I was wondering which fruits or vegetables have a lot of B6 in them?

AFAIK, yeast and orange juice should both contain Vitamin B6

Bananas, I think as well as fish… Correct me if I’m wrong.

B6 has done something to my dreams. I tended to wake up in the night and remember quite hyperactive dreams that were based more on my real life surroundings.
But over time it seems to have a negative effect on my dream recall.

I took one B complex (50) yesterday and another one the day before.
But I’m listening to bwgen presets too. The resulting dreams are going to be in my dream diary…

Thanks tapir and clarkkent. Now I’ll know what do when I run out of B6 :smile:

Quote -->Now I’ll know what do when I run out of B6

Lol! :grin: I can see you frantically running around the house, ‘Help! we’re out of B6! What to do???’ luckaly this situation was prevented thanks to tapir and clarkkent :grin:

Lol CharlotteDreamer! :smile:

Well i use b6 for many years and it aids a bit just a tiny bit nothing more!
The real things that made some differense where, melatonin in a low amount, trytophan, L_Phenylalanine…still the best thing for lds in the morning, tyrosine…and what really enhanced remsleep time is acetylcarnitine…those really level up neurotransmitters and really work.
Also dhea really worked for dream recall!

And the coffee smell experiment really worked and was the best ever for dream recall even.
All other things where just a little aid.

One of my future experiments is;

Using those 3 aminoacids; L_phenylalanine, tryptophan and tyrosine together with acetylcarnitine and coffee smell in the morning.
plus the plantseeds syrian rue that contain a enzyme blocker specific for an enzyme busy when we start rem sleep called mao.
Mono amino oxidase…

When you enter rem sleep the brain eliminates all neutrotransmitters we use when we are awake and are aminoacid from base with the enzyme called Mao. Syrian rue blocks that enzyme so the neurotransmitters we have when we are awake are there to stay!
Our memory neurotransmitter is in rem 100 times more active.
So using those 3 aminoacids and the enzyme blocker you kickstart all waking neurotransimitters back on line! And will have a greater chance to have a ld. Way greater chance…and the acetylcarnitine will enhace the rem sleep time…that all together is really plug in to the lucid road from an science aproach…from knowledge about remsleep and the brain.

Will be an expensive experiment…but a very interesting one!



How much and when would you take those amino acids? Do you know of any side effects from them, or for what other purposes they are used? I managed to find acetylcarnitine, but I had to go to a whole bunch of different health and vitamin shops. :look: One lady told me that in Canada acetylcarnitine is a “banned amino acid,” and that it was being removed from the market. :eek: Does this make any sense? :confused:


I will take 1.5 to 2 gram each of those aminoacids in the morning 2 hours before waking up maybe an hour and a half.
but with 3 gram honey else it wont get through the brain blood barriere.
side effects mm…not really.

Acetylcarnitine isnt banned in usa and europe and rest of the world!



lots of things are banned in canada that aren’t in the USA (and the rest of the world for that matter) like meletonin (spelling?)

Us Canadians sure are goofy. :puh:

So, Jeff, these amino acids will work right away? Is that why you are taking them before you get up? (you wake up before you’re supposed to? take these pills and then go back to sleep?) And a couple more things, is 1.5-2 grams 3 pills?, and how much and when would you take Syrian rue? :confused:

I’ve got a curious mind. :smile:


Hey charlottedreamer your description of me running through the house looking for B6 was pretty close, the only bad part was when I had to clean the mess… :tongue:

I used to take one B6 pill (100 mg) at night as well as 2 capsules of Ginkgo Biloba (30 mg. apiece) for mental alertness. To be honest, I never noticed anything significantly different about my dreams. They weren’t any clearer, they certainly didn’t make me lucid, and it didn’t increase my recall. I’m not out to bash your hopes of these things. If they work for you, then GREAT :cool_laugh: They didn’t work for me so I decided to stick to the traditional methods and try to become lucid through good hard work. That way I’ll know I earned it.

Uhh…I accidentally got B12 instead of B6. I think I mixed them up a bit. Well I think I heard it also helps, but is there a big difference? I also found out in the melatonin tablets I just bought there is also a small amount of B6 around 10mg. I haven’t tried either of them yet, but I will tonight :cool: .