walking through walls

i had an LD this morning (pretty long one at that) and among other things i tried my hand and walking through walls

the first “wall” wasn’t a wall, it was more like a line of trees in front of a chainlink fence with a black tarp on the other side. i passed through that rather easily

next i tried a brick wall and couldn’t do it (i had passed through a cinderblock wall before, so it was like “i did it before, why can’t i do it now” kinda thing)

i got distracted and did something else and came back to another brick wall i stuck my finger through my hand to make sure i hadn’t lost my talent completely and then i tried to stick it through the wall. it didn’t work. i frowned and sorta worked my finger around in a tight circle, relaxed, and gently pushed my finger into the wall. it felt dense, and it resisted my motion but my finger passed into it

which brings me to my question, those of you who are actually good at walking through walls, do you find that some substances are easier to pass through than others?

for me, it has to do with how much i believe i can put my finger through. sometimes it only works if i don’t think about it and just put my finger through. - mind you, this is my no1 RC so if i’m almost sure i’m dreaming, yet i cannot put my finger through the wall that confuses me :wink:

I don’t have more difficulty passing through one substance than others. I discovered that it’s easy for me to walk through anything, provided that I don’t touch it first. For example, if I place my hand on a wall and feel it, it becomes solid and difficult to move through. But if I simply approach a wall and walk through it like it’s not there, no problem.

I think this is because your body has so much experience touching solid objects with your hands, but not much experience walking into objects. How many times in your life have you accidentally walked into a closed door or into a wall? You can probably count the number of times on the fingers of your hand. That’s why I think it’s easier to just walk through something than to first put your hand through it.

I also find walking through walls rather difficult in LDs. Probably I don’t believe strong enough that I can really do it. But the funny thing is: I can fly through anything. Closed door, closed windows, walls… any kid of material. So I can fly through, but I can’t walk through. Don’t know why, it’s just much easier. :content:

it’s funny you say that minako because the first wall i ever successfully passed through (the cinder block one) was me flying through it head first, a brave move i might add because i have attempted that a couple times before, and let’s just say that i’m glad i don’t really feel pain in my dreams :confused:

actually come to think of it, the failed attempts were from me running at a wall not flying… hmm…

anyway, pasquale i’m not good enough sticking my finger through things to use it as an RC, in fact i’ve tried that before and it didn’t work. the RC i stick by is flying, it’s usually the one thing i can do in a dream w/o fail

so maybe i should take a nod from minako and combine flight, something i’m confident in, with walking through walls, something i’m a novice at

I can usually leap through walls pretty well now.
If for some reason you feel that you may not be successful, try shutting your eyes upon contact with the wall.
It’s a nice trick.

Usually when you close your eyes, the environment changes.
So the environment will basically change to the expected location (on the other side of the surface) RIGHT before contact with it.
It may be an illusion, but you get the same feeling.
Either that or you’ll just go through it normally with your eyes shut.

It really is all about how much you believe you can do it? Many people seem to have had difficulty going through things. I sort of had this because at first when I would sya for example try to put my hand through something I would have to push real hard.

I tried walking through a wall for the first time a few nights ago, twice. Actually, I jumped into the wall both times, because everyone is saying it is much easier than walking through the wall.

Anyway, when I jumped into the wall, I always ended up in this black void. I actually expected to end up in this void before jumping. So I doubt that this was ‘the void’ people are talking about, rather than a fake void generated from my own expectations.

Well, that just proves how big of a role expectations play in your LDs. If I had expected to end up in China when I jumped through the wall, most likely I would have done so.

Thats very true oddk2!

I make myself totally empty of mind and feeling before walking trough walls or anyother object…and that works good.


I usually can walk through the wall, car, anything, but I always seem to have problems going through the walls that consists lead, concrete, or something similar.

One time in a LD, I tried to walk through the glass, but surprisingly, it was solid as a lead wall. :cry: But, I found other way around it by imagining that I somehow can alter the atoms’ structure so if I touch that glass, it becomes water just for me. So it’s so easy to go through it. It has the best effect ever! The ripples and everything! It was amazing! Indeed it worked! :biggrin:

So, I think you should experiment to see what you can do, etc. and apply that to the walls.

I’d like to experiment with lead/concrete/similar wall again (thick wall) and see if I can go through it. For some reasons it usually requires a lot of concentration and I get exhausted afterward (i.e. no power left). :shrug: Wish me a good luck please. :content: I, of course, wish you the best luck too!

water you say? hmm… might have to try that

best of luck DM7 :yinyang:

I botched walking through a wall for the first time in like a year this morning! It was during a FA/WILD where I wasn’t sure if I had gotten out of bed in my real body or my dream body. I went over to a wall and was about to walk through it normally, but I was afraid it might be real life, so I put my arms across my chest as I walked into the wall. I hit the wall solid. I also tried to put my finger through my hand as a RC, but it didn’t go through. Then I tried closing one eye and looking at my nose, but I could see it, and I tried breathing through my closed nose–which I couldn’t. All of these failed RC’s! :cry:

Good luck, just try to remember it is a dream and you can do anything you choose.

Oh my goodness, I just remembered some of what I did in my LD tonight. I jumped through a wall, and all of the sudden I found myself standing in a chinese looking street with all this foreign music playing. I was in China :eek:

monitor, i never heard of the closing one eye and looking at your nose RC, how does that one work?

anyway, so much for flying at a wall head first and believing i’d go through it, let’s just say if it weren’t a dream, i’d have a huge bump on my head right now… 3 actually, i’m kinda stubborn :neutral:

but after those failed attempts, i tried like DM7 suggested and tried to walk through the brick wall that was beating me up slowly by sinking through it, i don’t think i really used the water visualization, or maybe i’m just not that good at it (there were no ripples), but i think i went through the wall (it’s weird that i don’t remember, i remember sinking into it at least)

this one needs to practice for many more moons :yinyang:

At least it might be working for you. :wink: Try it again and REMEMBER this time. :wink:

Well in theory, you’re not supposed to see your nose in a dream when you close one of your eyes. But that RC failed me in that particular dream, so I wouldn’t put too much stock in it. I like other RC’s better, like jumping up and seeing if you stay in the air longer than you should.

so i had an LD this morning and was feeling pretty confident. flew headlong through 2 walls and a glass window with no problems before i woke up

one of them was even brick, my arch nemesis, i just didn’t think about it and launched myself at it

Good advice Monitor199a :good: - I’ll try this next time.

What does that feel like?

I tried walking through my parents bedroom wall in an LD. I used my hands and in each attempt they wouldn’t go through. It felt sort of fuzzy but still solid.

Like most things in LDs it all comes down to confidence. You just have to decide that the wall be nothing more then air. When I walk through a wall it feels no diffrent then just walking. Think of the wall as… a hologram, but not the kinda holograms from star trek who could pick up things and stuff… they were weird.