Ways to defeat dream monsters

What do you do when you’re being chased and/or frightened in other ways by something very dreadful? I mean what do you do in your nightmares?
Also, what would be the best way to stop something terrifying? I’ve been told it’s ignoring that being. I’m not sure how effective would that be against your subconscious though (it’s way hard as well, when you’re being constantly attacked, I guess).

A few times I tried to levitate and fly up towards the Light, while sort of creating a shield around me so that the evil being in my dream couldn’t hurt me. :content:

I sometimes stop time, which enables me to do as I please while the monster cannot move (Usually running away)

A very interesting topic, thanks for starting this one, eta.aquarii :smile:

What I have done to defeat my enemies is usually to turn around, which already makes them harmless most of the time. I have hugged dreammonsters, i have defeated them with a sword. Now, there are no dream monsters left since I took care of them all :ebil:

Nowadays if something really scares me, but that is - when it happens, it is rarely - in a SP situation, I surround myself with the whitest light I can imagine and tell it to go away.

I’m really glad I found this subject!
I’ve been looking for the right place to get help with this problem. About every three weeks I have several nights of extremely scary dreams where I am lucid for a little while, then am attacked by an invisible presence that does not allow me to fight back in any way, and then I usually faint back into a regular dream. These attacks are really scary and I can’t really do anything about them because all of my control is sucked away by these awful things. Is there any way at all to get rid of them? :scared:

I always use the light trick. But it depends how your subconscious is wired. In western culture we’ve been programmed to believe that darkness is associated with evil, and that light being the opposite of dark must therefore counteract the effects of evil.

It’s always worked for me, imagining/conjuring an aura of bright light.

I don’t consider these kinds of dreams nightmares - I consider them adventures! What I do depends on the situation, anyway. Usually my strategy is to evade them. Evade, evade, evade. In others words, running (or often flying, or walking through a wall, hehe) and hiding. Often I’m attacking them at the same time as running, to buy myself some more time to, well, run. Let’s see… I can remember hiding in a cave, flying away on a broomstick, hiding under bushes, scaling up cliffs, trying to outrow them in a boat, hiding in bushes, challenging them to a bet to let me escape, making timely use of secret passages, pretending to convert to the ‘dark side’ to distract them… then running, taking complicated twists and turns to throw them off, travelling back in time to a time before they knew they were hunting me, etc etc etc. I could go on for ages.

Occasionally evasion doesn’t work, and I have to face them. When this happens I either A.) Win, and they go away, B.) Lose and start running again, or C.) Find out I actually have something in common with the monster and become friends with it. Oh, and there have been a few timely interventions and near escapes where other characters helped me unexpectedly. I may have full control over my own actions, but I can’t control or predict anything else, and that’s the way I like it. :smile:

Hmm. Evasion is what I do, but it’s not really effective at stopping them. I find the best way is to try talking to them, because often I find out something surprising about them (or at the very least, it’s a good stalling tactic) that I can use. Really the most effective way is to fight back, but I don’t like doing that because it almost always exhausts me a lot, and I’m also a pacifist, so it makes me feel very guilty if I hurt anyone, even the bad guys. Fighting back gets rid of them, but I always wake up tired and grumpy afterwards.

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if you are semi-lucid and can’t fight back may be talking to them and asking what they represent would work. or being assertive and saying it is your dream and they should go away (and mean it)

often when i see something in the distance that I don’t want to tackle … i just make a quick getaway by back-tracking (I’m a coward :scared: )

in a couple of dreams, I have called on God’s help for protection which is a variation on the white light technique :content:

This is what i try to do as well, but alot of the time I am not even alowed to speak without terrible pain!

I hardly ever encounter aggressive people or creatures in LDs. Only once one that scared me. Otherwise it is my own actions that distrub me. In NDs I encounter them but I do not feel fear. I usually fight them, and usually I win. But I think I always start out trying to avoid them. Actually, when it comes to bears, I do feel fear, and I never fight them.
The last LD in which I encountered a tiger, I started playing with it like a kitten. It shrank. It’s about taking control I think. Then whatever you do will work.

I tend to beat all the monsters in my dreams quite easily and afterwards I give them a kiss on their dead little head to show my respect. :meh:

I’m weird in my dreams.

I once dreamed I was being chased by a group a vicious dogs and as I ran for my life I jumped into the air and took off flying instead… that was pretty cool. I also usually stop my dreams and rewind them so that there’s a different outcome, that’s pretty useful.

I know a few fun ways to defeat dream monsters:

  • stab their hart with a silver longsword;
  • let them vaporize with acid bombs;
  • summon strongly mutated flesh eating parasites within them;
  • teleport them thousands of feets in the air, then let them drop;
  • give them a hug.

I once dreamt I was Robin hood, and there was a monster in a busy market place, resembling some sort of small rhinocerous. I attempted to fire an arrow at it, but instead of an arrow it turned out I had fired a wooden spoon, which hit it between the eyes and bounced off as it charged me. I picked up the spoon and beat the monster unconscious with it. I don’t often get monsters in my dreams. My fears don’t manifest in that way.

ask it to go to hell:)

Every dream I can remember has been slightly disturbing (running away, being locked up etc) Is there any way to have nice dreams?

If your recall isn’t very good, you will be more likely to remember this type of dream.
We have quite a few topics that discuss dream incubation … just click the search then use incubation for the key word and then the Stuff Dreams are made of… for the forum. i got 16 topics :thumbs:

thanks :happy:

I dreamed i was being chased by cobras,i didn’t remember how i got there tho…i was aware that it was just a dream,but i still kept running…:happy:

they say these monsters are only parts of your ego that you’ve repressed, and kinda avenging themselves for not being embraced. they say you should meet them with love and embrace them and they turn out to be non threating parts of your own self you’ve deemed unworthy. if you embrace them you’ll move towards completeness. says Stephen Leberge.

Plus i kinda been reading the Tibetan book of the dead and have this theory that these monsters are only the wrathful appearance of the peaceful Deity they represent whom are all compassionate and are only testing you, constantly prodding you to move toward liberation trying to tell you something important and KNOW THIS!

Usually I have fun with it, normally some sort of magic or something interesting, if it is a recurring dream monster then I will usually treat it with love which typically makes it go away. If I have some that just won’t be defeated by the above methods I just “will” its atoms apart and it ceases to exist.

There is one exception to the above where I had a dream nemesis and literally it could counter anything I tried to do to it. I eventually got super frustrated and ended up “sealing” it away like they describe in fantasy series.