[WBTB] Getting lucid everynight, how come so fast?

Hello everyone,

Well, I started to practice lucidity about a month ago and the last few days very strange things have happened. I have incredible recall on certain dreams, remember every single dream everynight but foremost, I can LD whenever I want, just knowing before I go to bed that I will have an LD. For example, today I went to bed and I became lucid, tried to do some things I wanted but the strange thing is, whenever I am dreaming I automaticly know I’m dreaming. It’s like I don’t say “Hey, I’m dreaming!” in a dream, more like already when entering a dream I know I’m dreaming. It feels kind of scary and unatural.

Why can I get this kind of result so quickly? Have I had luck or am I a natural? I used to have a lot of LD’s in my childhood…

Thanks for any answers.

If you want I can write down the exact technique I use to achieve this kind of lucidity.

…aaaaand this is a bad thing? :tongue:
No really, I doubt there’s anything wrong at all, just a natural, that’s my guess.
And yeah, I’d love to see you method, please :mrgreen:

it would be nice to read about your technics! So plz post them! :smile:

there are many people that have this happen to them as well, some were natural lders in childhood and just gave it up later in life, some find it a natural thing to do, to become aware when one is dreaming, for others the exictment of lucid dreaming sparks an intense hit of lucidity and recall but seems to wear off after a few weeks and then a dry spell hits.

why not ask your dream self why this is happening and post the answer. What better place to find out about your self, then in your own mind

Best of luck

I wouldn’t say it’s unnatural. I have the same thing as well–the immediate knowing that you’re dreaming and the perfect dream recall; I have never really needed to use a Reality Check in my dreams, and I can still remember lucid dreams as far back as when I was 5.
But I’m guessing that perhaps not everyone has the same level of dream awareness development. But it’s nothing unnatural, I would say. We’re still human aren’t we? :tongue:

From my personal experiences, and from reading topics on ld4all, I’d say you’re a natural, but considering how many(or few, I dunno) people are such naturals, you may be lucky to be the kind of natural you are, hehe.

But there’s one difference I see in how You achieve this lucidity and recall and how I achieve it… You use a technique…
By technique do you mean that you prepare yourself to reach immediate lucidity and dream recall? You don’t just go to bed and LD?
I just go to sleep, LD through the night and wake up with full recall.
But still, even with a technique, it’s still a remarkable thing, I think, to being able to do this.
I’m glad to have found this topic and am glad to hear that you are able to achieve such lucidity and dream recall :content:

I went through a similiar phase where I was able to just do it naturally, and I think I still can, but my problem is lately I’ve been trying too hard. I’ve been doing MILD & a hemi-sync CD. Tonight I am going to quit doing these stupid techniques and go back to the natural lucidity I had in the first place. See my “Willing yourself to do it” thread in this same section of the forums.

Thank you all for your answers. For those who want to know, this is the ultimate technique that almost always seem to work for me.

  1. Go to bed pretty late and set your alarm clock on the other side of the room and about 6 hours after you would fall asleep.
  2. See if you can listen to some relaxing / induction relaxing CD, I have the trance in the night CD to make me feel WILD-ish and relaxed that goes in 20 minutes.
  3. Unplug and fall asleep.
  4. When you wake up from the alarm clock, turn it off, get up and make some quick notes on your dream if you remember it.
  5. Read some comic books or watch TV for 30 minutes.
  6. Go to sleep again, listening to the lucid remix CD until it ends, unplug and really start to sleep.

If this technique works for you, please tell in this topic! :yay:

Lucid remix CD?

Darkxide, I think Python Angel is talking about a lucid audio file, like “LucidRemix.mp3” that has been linked from this forum a couple of times. Its ambient sound with a voice saying things like “You ARE going to realize that you are dreaming” etc.

Oh, thanx. :smile:

I naturally lucid dream maybe twice a year. I used to do it a lot more when I was a kid and nightmares made mt realize I was dreaming. I think watching a scary movie before bed will give you nightmares that make it obvious you’re dreaming.

I don’t know where that came from. Hmm. It sounds like you’re just natural.

Where could I find this link? Is it a small enough file to put on a PSP?