Weird timing in dreams

Hi i’m new here because of some experiences i’d like some thoughts about :

i’ve experienced some weird things in dreams, especially considering “timing”.

for instance, just this morning :

i was in a room, nothing special was happening and all of a sudden, someone stood up, walked to a readio and turned it on and at that EXACT time, i woke up and heard my cellphone’s alarm going off from the first note.
is that like a biological clock telling you to wake up or something?

that would make sense, but yesterday, an ‘even’ weirder thing happened.
in my dream, i walked to a parked car, which was mine in my dream, and i ‘clicked’ my keys as a remote to open the car and again, at that exact time, i was woken by the sms-signal of my cellphone (which is a simple and single ‘klak klak’).
That can’t possibly be a biological clock…
And i wake up just half a second before the cellphone goes off. I am awake (or think i’m awake) just BEFORE the thing makes a sound.

I know that f.i. when in your dream your leg is lying in a bad position, your dream wil “incorporate” that signal and when you wake up, your leg is sore and you think “wauw… just like in my dream”, but it’s the other way around, you dream is just like reality.

Anyway, this scenario seems not to be the case now, it almost looks like very short precognition or something.

Anyone experienced this as well?
It’s pretty cool actually :cool:

Well, i don’t know if you notice but this happens to everyone who uses an alarm clock. For example, I’m dreaming that i am playing a computer game. The computer game rings and rings, i wake up and realise the alarm clock is ringing. I don’t know if this is similair to your case but i think it is.

yes, i’ve had that before too, but in this case, the dreams stops like half a second before the alarm goes off, and just at the end of the dream, something leads to a sound going off.

like with the car. i click the key, wake up and hear my cell going ‘beep beep’. it wasn’t in the dream anymore, but the dream gave a lead to my cell going off.

same with the radio. someone almost turns it on, i wake up, and my alarm STARTS going off (instead of playing already for a few seconds).

on another forum, someone suggested that one is confused with the chronology of things when just waking up, but i’m not sure if that is the case here too.

Stuff like this happens to me too… My mother wakes me up every morning, but many times, I wake up seconds before she even gets into the room. It’s not like I hear her, too, which makes it even weirder.

this is a crazy experience i have, i’ll never forget this one.

i used to have a radio alarm clock, which would go off at 6:00. Now i am also a big fan of cameron diaz :content: . anyways at 6 i slept through my alarm, dreaming, and all of a sudden i woke up on the split second that i hear ‘…meron diaz’ i mean, i didn’t wake up a few seconds after, i somehow predicted that they were gonna say cameron diaz, it turned out to be an interview. It was 6:15 when i woke up, so i didn’t get woken up by the radio, if the interview with cameron wasn’t on, i probably would have still been asleep :tongue: its weird i guess that your mind works in mysterious ways. :cool:

Things in real life often come through into dreams. For example, I know from experience that if I start dreaming about needing to go to the toilet, it’s time for me to wake up and go in real life because my bladder’s protesting. And so on.

you can sometimes see it also in movies where a charecter is dreaming and someone calls their name and grab them and then they wake up to see a friend is trying to wake them up

its kinda cool and weird when it happens to you :content:

I started a thread on this topic a couple of months ago, cos i get the same thing:

Usually I hear the phone in my dream and I wake up and the phone is ringing , its really weird…

MadeDCMA, I take it you have seen Vanilla Sky? It would be cool to have “Open your eyes” as a wake-up call.

“Daaa-vid, open your eyes”

An alarm clock wich you have set to a particular time is one thing but the SMS sounds. Those are unexpected. Although usually with cellphones there is a disturbance in the ether before they make a sound wich affects speakers. Perhaps one picks up on this in time to incorporate it into the dream.
This whole thing got me thinking about the movie “what the bleep” where they are talking about some experiement with pricking a finger and the corresponding place in the brain to produce the same sensation. Wich lead the scientist to conclude that the brain was sending the information it recieved from the prick of the finger backwards in time. I like that explanation because then you can hear the sounds but the brain sends it backwards in time to be incorporated into the dream.

hey huggkruka, yep i have seen vanilla sky, thats a great movie, its weird that’s what i was thinking :content: but what would be great as well would be to get cameron diaz herself to record that message on my alarm clock :tongue: