Welcome to LD4all 2020!

Welcome to the new forum! We have just moved to this place so we are also getting used to everything, just like you.

So, consider this topic a work in progress, which will be updated with input from you :slight_smile:

Here some instructions and getting around for old and new members.

Quick start

  • Start with doing @Lucidus tutorial. When you sign up, you get a message from him. If you click that you can start the tutorial.

Navigating categories

  • We have subcategories now!
  • By default, each main category shows topics of that category and of all subcategories.(Eg in Lucid Lobby you will see posts in Lucid Lobby, Helpdesk, Welcome Wagon and Feedback all mixed together).
  • If you want to see topics from only the main category, you need to select ‘none’ from the dropdown box next to the category title.


  • Instead of signatures we now have profile cards. When you click on someones avatar you will see a popup with short info. Click on it again and you get the extended profile.
  • If you already were a member on the “old” (phpbb based) LD4all your account is still here, you need to request a new password once, and then you can login!
  • You will need to set a new avatar. Unfortunately your avatar could not be moved so you will have to set it again. If you used one of the old LD4all gallery avatars, you will need to find a new one, since there is no way to have a gallery of avatars on this forum.


We now have something a lot of members have been asking for but was never possible on the old forum due to tech restrictions. Badges!
Previously, the only award or badge you could earn were for the Quest (wings above your avatar). Now, badges can be earned for a lot of other things, to see them all check the bages page.

  • Some are cumulative, which means when you complete multiple Quests for example, you get for each one a new badge.
  • Quest badges now earn “feathers” instead of a wing, if you have completed 10 of them you will get a Wing badge (which is so new it hasn’t even been designed yet!)
  • if you meet the requirements for a LD4all specific reward from your activities on the old forum (Eg won a LC) you will get a badge retroactively. Be patient though, this is a manual effort and can take a while, but you will receive it!
  • The other new badges can’t be earned retroactively, no matter how active you were in the past, since they are based on inbuilt rules in the new forum.

Trust levels, ranks and titles

  • we now have “trust levels”, I made a separate post explaining them in depth.
  • these replace the old “ranks” we had that were based on postcount only. It weren’t ranks perse, just a sign to show you had posted a lot and thus be a long time member.
  • now ranks are based on more things, not only amount of posts, also visiting days, likes you have received and given, etc.
  • members who have been with us for a long time already still start out here as New Member, this is because with the migration there was of course only data available on post count and read posts and signup date, but not on likes and recurring visits. Hopefully this means when you start liking some posts and be liked, you will transition to Member or even Regular faster.
  • you can set a custom title in your profile. In addition, some badges and groups (if you are a member) give the ability to set it as a title. For some groups, this also adds an icon to your avatar.


You might notice words in caps, like WILD. These are acronyms that have to do with lucid dreaming. If you hover your cursor over these, you will see the meaning behind it. (Sorry, doesn’t work on touch screen devices)
Here is a list of all of them.
Please note that it’s not case sensitive (anymore) so you might have words transformed into acronyms without wanting to.


We have 2 themes, a Classic LD4all one, to make the transition to the new forum feel like the LD4all you are used to, and a dark theme. You can switch themes in your user profile, go to Preferences > Interface and select your preferred theme from the drop down menu.


I can’t edit my old DJs anymore, why? :cry:

Sorry about that, for the new forum you still appear to be a new member with limited editing rights. When you bump up to Member, which will be very fast since you already have made posts, read topics etc (see this post )you will be able to edit them again. In the mean time, please ask a mod for assistance :slight_smile: Sorry for the inconvenience, thank you for your understanding!

More to be added