Welcome to the Dreamspell! [read this first]

Welcome to the Dreamspell!

This forum is for all discussions related to the mayan 13 moon calendar.

It is also known as the dreamspell, wavespell, or tzolkin

The year is divided into 13 even moons with 28 days each, and one Day out of Time>. Every day is composed of a color, a tone and a seal. These combine to the galactic signature, or kin, of every day.

So every day has it’s own specific energy. Do you also have your good days and bad days? Or days where everything just seems to flow into place? That is because every day is different. Every day has it’s own unique energy. So do you. To tune into these energies and flow with the rythm of the universe, that is what the tzolkin teaches.

To learn more about the calendar and the energies of each day I invite you to:

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