We're back! but posts lost due to server malfuction :(

Hi guys and girls,

Well I woke up and everything was down. I talked to tech support and they informed me that there had been a serious hardware malfunction on the server and they had to put yesterday’s backups on all accounts :neutral:

So that means everything you posted yesterday was ALL A DREAM!

that’s right, it was a dream. Better RC.

I hope everybody still has backups from dreams that have been posted and other long posts.

believe me, i feel your pain. Yesterday I spent an hour posting the new Quest. Well, that was a rehersal then :razz:

i will post it up again later today :smile:


…damn…i really should have backed my stuff up

So THAT’S where it went. I was beginning to question my sanity for a moment there…

Same with me…i RC at least 10 times! :wow:

It looks like everything from the weekend is gone…the latest posts are from (edit)oops…i meant saturday 27.may!

I have the link to one of your creations in the garden if you lost it. I can give it to you (due to pure luck. I’m planning to react on it, and I saved it somewhere)

I’m currently at another computer and I hoped it was due to that fact. I first got all déja vu, because old posts were marked as not read and I knew I read them before. Was that then a dream? I looked at the date and I hoped it was good at home. But it wasn’t…

You need to check that back up date. The posts in my garden thread date back to Mon 22 May

That was last monday.

yes, but when have you last posted in there? anything before may 27 is gone :sad:

the latest post date i have here (my time) is Sat May 27, 2006 7:10 pm

I could have sworn someone posted in there on thurs/fri. Maybe it was the weekend then.

is confused

i really think it is about time you think about switching host… It is pretty obvious that these guys cannot deliver what you are paying for. Not only is overloaded, but is not the first time posts have been lost due to this either.

An example is last time you made an significant upgrade to your server, but still there was no noticable responsetime improvement, which proves that their server is overbooked and that they are selling more speed than they can sell.

It dosent matter if you upgrade to double of the current speed, if they let you stay on same server which already is overloaded due too many clients.

tomas, you are a mind reader, check my latest post in the lounge :wink:

oh :smile:

I still am… :confused: :bored:

edit: #There seems to be little motivation to go back and reply to the different threads again…at least for me. A continual sense of deja-vu

I just realised PMs are lost too, and I don’t know if the other person already got the message :cry:

I know what you mean ferks.

I’m glad I at least had my dream backed up on SeaLife and computer too :content:

:eek: Noooo! You’re right, they are lost. :sigh:


I’ve noticed that last night, and I was sure everything would be back up by the time you were up. :content: What I didn’t expect was that I would time travel back a couple of days when I returned.

Great; and now I have to retype the entire Art contest for June!

Oh great; do I have to resend any PMs that I may have sent yesterday in that case? I had a little present for someone. :bruno:

well you dont have to, but anything done yesterday has been lost… :cry:

:bambi: ohno!!!this is the worst timing ever for this to happen!! :cry: Yes, pm’s are lost…no backups…

Profiles changed back as well.

Everything changed back due to the old backup.

Posts, profiles, PMs and even those members that registered between the forum returning and saturday will be lost.