What are you wearing in your LD's?

I havent had my first LD yet, but I was wondering. Have any of you noticed what you’re wearing in your LD’s? Is it clothes you actually own, or something “generic” or what?

Sometimes I’m wearing something simple like a pair of jeans and a hoody–pretty much most of the time–I dunno, makes the dream feel more authentic, I guess–but sometimes I’ll be wearing something exotic like Final Fantasy-fashion or something cool like a Wild West-style…I really just let my dream put the clothes on me :yes:

I usually don’t pay any attention to my clothes in dreams. I did notice what I was wearing in one ND and one LD - both times, I was wearing clothes that I actually own.

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Part of the current lucid quest is to see what you’re wearing in your LDs, so you might also want to look there if you haven’t already. :smile:

usually i don’t notice the things i wear in my dreams, but there was one that i wore a wedding dress… but i could not notice that… it was my wedding… what kind of fiancee would i be if i didn’t noticed my own wedding dress, right? :tongue:

it was beautiful too, all white and silver…

Its not too often i see what i wear in lds.¨

I do remember wearing my normal clothes though.

Both times I noticed what I was wearing, I was wearing satin pyjamas - out in public, too, which is really quite embarrassing, especially when I was wearing the hot pink ones. They were all clothes I own in real life.

In dreams I usually just wear my normal clothes. It’s only when they get really epic (like video games) that I change my clothes to fit the surroundings. Though a few nights ago I started a dream in a Santa Claus outfit. :eh: I was at school as well…

I usually wear my favorite real-life outfits in my dreams…which is basically just a pair of jeans and a black t-shirt :content:

I never notice what I wear. I never notice my hair either. Like in WL it keeps getting in my face and I can SEE my bangs and hair, but in a dream I don’t. Though I’m not bald in dreams. :razz:

Usually when I fly then I notice “oops I’m in my nightgown”.
And when I have dreams(ND) that I’m naked, nobody thinks it’s weird or unusual. I’m the only one who feels uncomfortable.

I did the LD quest to focus on myself. And I was dressed oddly.

Usually I don’t notice. When i do, it’s always a nightie. My mind is often too involved with what’s happening outside of the dream -sleeping at home in my nightie… which also explains why so many of my ld’s start off there.

I hadn’t thought of that. No, i never notice my hair in dreams either. But in rl i’m always getting irritated by it. I get wisps of new hair going in my eyes all the time, feels just like having a cobweb on your face :grrr:

Usually I don’t notice what I’m wearing, but if I notice it often changes later in the dream.

I’ve worn things I have in waking life, but also combinations of things I have in waking life or things I would like to have. One time I stole clothes from a shop that doesn’t exist in waking life. The clothres were too expensive to buy in my dream, so I stole them. (They were like 400 euro each)

Another time I was also searching for the perfect clothes IWL and off course I find them in my dream. I tried it on and it fitted perfectly, but when I wake up it appears to be a dream and I had to search futher in waking life.

I remeber I dresses as ihor (sp?) from Winny the Pooh once.

A few times I was swimming in the water with my clothes on.

Also one time I was wearing something weird, with red and black things. (It’s a bit vague) Everyone was actually supposed to wear this, but later I found we didn’t have to.

mostly I am wearing normal clothes.

If dream is set at work, I wear dress clothes, otherwise normal clothes.

In a WILD I had no clothes :cool_laugh: and made myself get dressed.

Another dream I took off my shirt, and then I was cold so I was looking for a coat. Then I noticed a black t-shirt had appeared, this made me realize I was dreaming. :happy:

I usually don’t care what I wear. But it’s always something I’d usually wear. And since so many of my LDs have been jst getting out of the house, often at night. I wear what i actually wear, wich is just underwear. It’s a dream so I don’t bother getting dressed. It has happened that I start off wearing underwear and just later on have other clothes on. I think it’s feels good to go around in underwear outside. but sometimes it creates the idea that I shoud get cold. I have had shades on sometimes but it looks fake and they are in the way. It’s made me stop wearing shades IRL actually. I prefer to see colors.

Interesting, I actually have no idea, the only thing I remember was my shoes from my last LD. My white (yet dirty) Converse :tongue:. I never took thought into what I was wearing, I will put this on my list of things to do while Lucid, look at my clothing :happy:

I hardly ever notice what I’m wearing in LDs unless something happens to make me notice, and even then it’s usually pretty generic. For example, I remember noticing that I was wearing jeans when I took something out of my pocket, and once I noticed that I was wearing a completely fictional orange shirt, because I had crawled out a window and the shirt had gotten all wet.

It’s odd for me, half the time I’m all foggy/blurry so it is difficult to determine what I’m wearing. However, whenever I have an ‘epic’ dream where I take on a role, then I can clearly percieve what I have on (in a war setting for example, it could be a BDU or a suit of armor depending on the time period).