What can I do for fun when lucid?

Ok. Now I have lucid dreams a few times a week, but the thing is I want to know what other interesting things I could do while lucid. When I was younger I used to just run around telling everybody that they were in my dream. In the past year, I noticed that I have been flying a lot in my regular dreams and also when I’m lucid (that’s always fun). But now, I don’t know what else to do especially now that I know how to stay lucid longer. Last night (well this morning) I became lucid and I couldn’t think of anything to do, so I started asking everybody their names, what year it was, and if they were alive. It was kinda weird. Everyone I asked had a full name that I have never heard of, and they all would give me a different year, like 1981, 61, 96 and 43. Those are some of the years I remember. Most of them said that they were still living, and some weren’t.
So what other things could I do when I’m lucid? Any suggestions?

There is already a “BIG Fav things to do” topic, you’ll find some good ideas there.

dont bother going to that topic. the obvious answer is sex.

https://community.ld4all.com/t/the-big-fav-thing-to-do-in-a-ld-part-ii/8166 :wave:

Ok. Thanks!

I guess it would really depends on what you consider fun. Try and think of something you want to do and plan your LD before you go to sleep.

One time in a lucid dream, I punched a guy in the face and he turned into a girl. Why I punched him, I don’t know. Low level, I guess.