What did you do in your First LD?

Yeah, I didn’t really see this anywhere. Just asking what you have done in your first LD. Not those 5 seconds LD - they don’t count. I’m talking about LDs which actually give you the chance to do something. :tongue:

So… for me it would be yelling to everybody that it was a dream (in the dream I mean) and trying to make them feel sad by the sole reason of their non-existance . People generally didn’t care that much for me… but whatever. :nodnodwinkwink:

Also, sorry if this is already done or isn’t in the right section.

That’s a pretty popular prank, for some reason DC’s become upset when their existence is questioned, though. :lol:

Well, in my first lucid dreams I dreamed that I woke up (in other words, a False Awakening) and everytime I tried to reach my front door and get out of the house, but the lucid dreams would always end when I stepped outside the door for some reason - so my first serious goal was to actually get out of the house. XD

Then I got a more interesting dream where I went out through a mysterious back door and looked at my wristwatch several times, and it always changed time and even started spinning around when I stared at it. :good:

In my last LD this last night I stole my neighbour’s car and attempted to take a ride, but I woke up right when I was about to drive out on the streets.
I guess I’m slowly getting better. :peek:

lol my first ld was my favorite. When I became lucid I was in a weird train thing and it was raining outside. The first thing I did was try to fly and it was so vivid I was scared (and i’m not even scared of heights.) Then I felt the need to become warm so I go to a beach, because I live in minnesota where it’s freezing. I then hung out around there. It was so vivid that it was the most amazing experience of my life.

:happy: Clearly remember my first LD years ago…became lucid in a middle of a small town…looked like the small town I grew up in as a child. Only a few people out and about on what looked like a Sunday morning or something. Became lucid and began marching around, intermittently looking at my hands, announcing over and over again “I’m dreaming! I’m dreaming! I’m dreaming! I’m dreaming!” Was soooo excited and simultaneously afraid I would lose my lucidity. LOL! Everyone one who came close to me, yelling like a maniac, looked very nervous…a couple families actually kind of shielded their kids from me as if I was a mouth-frothing madman. I noticed this and decided to have mercy, convinced I was stable enough in the dream to quietly move on. Took a side street with no one on it and attempted my first flight…and, amazingly, it went very smoothly. Held my arms out like a bird and, instantaneously, these huge plastic-looking paddle-like wings grew out of the back of my arms. I then lifted into the air and proceeded to fly, to my great delight, skimming over the trees, utterly amazed at the exquisite detail I could in the world below me…every leaf, branch, bird, feature on the ground. I even remember marveling at the details I saw in the buildings I was walking by previously…I could see every millimeter of the rough detail of each and every brick…and the purity and clarity of the detail was absolutely incredible! Beyond anything I could have imagined, in anticipating a lucid dream. I landed in a school yard behind what looked similar to my old middle school…walked around for a bit and then woke up shortly after that. I was so stoked afterwards, I got up and started jumping up and down on the bed, whooping like a 5-year-old. :grin: LOL…good times!

(Not sure I had a first LD yet, but let’s count that fancy “half-LD” I hyped up about for now.)

Hmm . . . well, the first thing I did aside from derping about was almost face the Slenderman while the Now that We’re Men Song played in the background.

. . . It wasn’t actually that dramatic, since I basicaly chickened out and drifted off again after I almost walked out the door.

Yeah, I didn’t really have my wits about me then, so yeah . . . :meh:

You mean the “Now That We’re Men” from the Sponge Bob Movie? LOL! My kids have forced me to see that one so many times, I’ve practically memorized it. I shudder to think it could show up in LDing. Oh jeez…you see what I just did, there? I may have planted a seed. NOOOOOOOoooooooooooo!


Yeah but…I can. Which is precisely the problem! :bored: :smile:
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I flew and made myself look like a corpse :tongue:

After becoming lucid, I thought to myself,“What would happen if I went to sleep in a dream? Will I be in another dream?” I laid down and after a little bit, i was “sleep”. Only to wake up in real like. So I didn’t really do anything in my first ld except for sleeping…

My very very first one was when I was three, I just jumped off a cliff cause I thought it was cool. Didnt know about LDing back then though.

My first one was actually kind of wierd, i was at the base of a hill, a very wide hill with trees all over it, but when i tried to get to the top of the hill, my dream started fading. When i looked out at what was past the hill, i woke up, and couldnt remember what it was i had seen :neutral:

Holy crap! Now I realize I forgot something! Before I learned about LDs I had a dream where I was questioning the reality of the weird happenings, my conclusion was that it had to be a dream, I just was like “have to enjoy it for now it lasts. :smile:

Now I think about it, that dream was the reason that I decided to investigate the ability to control your dreams.

The beginning of the LD was weird everything went white and after a while i saw my body from the outside and slowly merged with it thus starting the LD

But i didn’t do that much for starters everything was blurry so i put on some glasses and it got clearer (Which is weird because i don’t wear glasses) i looked around a bit walked around, opened a window, considered flying out the window but decided not to in case i wasn’t dreaming, tried to teleport to somewhere else and then woke up.

In my very first LD that I remember I did just that! Firs 30 seconds of the video. It was awesome and btw I was inspired by this movie that’s why I drempt that scene…

I remember being happy like a child. I started jumping around and through windows and shouted to father in my dream: “Look! Isn’t this TOTALLY WEIRD or what!?” while I was jumping on top of a shed. He wasn’t impressed. :tongue:

My first lucid dream was when is was four so that would be nine years ago. I was running from a monster down my hallway and as I remember I was a lot older in my dream. I tried to cover my hands with my eyes but I could still see through them even if I closed my eyes. I realized that this wasn’t even possible and I knew at that moment that I was dreaming. I ran and hid behind a cabinet in the living room and hummed, attempting to wake myself up (I thought that if I willed it hard enough, my physical body would hear it.) After a few moments of trying I woke up.

I woke up, looked at the clock, and went back to sleep. I said to myself, “i want to fly!” And when i did immideately i was dreaming about flying over a beautiful mountain landscape, i was SO excited i don’t even know how i didn’t wake myself up. the dream felt so real, with the wind rushing through my hair and my stomach turning like it does when you’re on a roller coaster. The landscape was so bright and vivid. It was the most vivid dream i ever had. I then landed on the hills, and the grass felt extreemly soft, like aplaca fur. I layed on my side and felt the warmth of the bright sun, and lost conciousness.

My first LD was actually the only LD that i had FA in… odd
But i started spawning a few of my friends and crashing on those bag holders in hotels :razz:

At school, in the cafeteria. looks at hand OMG I’M…

wakes up

In all seriousness, my first LD I actually got to do something in, I was in my house and was able to change the color of the walls by touching them. Then some odd ferret dragon was in my room, and I made it disappear. Pretty short dream sadly. And this was probably my 4th LD too. Darn those first 3 being so short!