What do you consider a "friend"?

This conversation started in the playground and I wanted to continue it on it’s own topic.

Sorry Wolf but having been picked on all my life I am a lot more cautious as to who I would call a friend.

There are friends someone I have talked to for a bit and like and trust. Someone who I can act like myself around. (Wolf, Waiting, possibly pasQuale, Quixote and Anamcara, I havn’t had enough conversation with anyone else on this forum)

And good friends are friends who I have known for a quite a while and have remained my friends for most of this time, and havn’t done anything against me. (No-one on this forum yet, as I said, I need to know them for a while.

Hmmm, I consider someone a friend who I can hang out and respect…Someone who doesn’t spend all their time on small mind topics (ie talking about other people) and I can trust not to scr*w me over to get something for themselves because I would be no less than that for them…

A friend? Someone who trusts me and would help me if needed.

A friend, eh? I wouldn’t even know what that is, since most of my ‘friends’ are dickheads. I only have a couple of good friends that I actually trust.

I like Wolf’s levels idea, but I would add in another between two and three. Let’s call it 2.5.

Level 2.5 - Somebody you know more than just a little, but who does not know you completely. (I don’t think you can just go from a little straight to completely, no way.)

Most of my friends would be in this category. We know each other well enough to go out for coffee every now and again or meet up in our spare time, but I would definitely say they do not know me completely, nor I them.

As for friends on the internet… no offence to you guys who are all great, but I find it hard to consider any of you friends when I’ve never met you in real life. Seeing somebody’s face and going out for lunch is very important to me, and I just don’t think you can really get to know someone over the internet. I mean, for all I know you could be all fat balding fifty-year-old men (though I doubt it)! :tongue: It’s just too easy to lie over the internet to really trust anybody.

A friend to me… should be someone who not onle cares about me (that’s relatively easy…) but would also really know and understand(that’s not so easy…) me.

Though there are those who would care if something bad happened to me, I never really see them as friends because they don’t even really know who I am, seeing me more of a close acquaintance. Besides, isn’t it a normal reaction to help someone in need? All the ‘friends’ that I have ever had in life are like this. They’re at level 2 but still lean dangerously close at level 1.

In fact, no one ever really made it to level 3. No one ever really tried to get there I suppose. Though I never really had a true friend for the most part of my life, I kind of made do with it and I did fine. It didn’t really impact my friendliness but I think this is part of the reason why I became such a loner and introvert.

But right now, I have this one friend online that really pursued knowing me and more than that, understand me, unlike people around me. Part of the reason maybe was that we held similar ideas on life. It was odd since I was unaccustomed to that. A part of me would try to push away because I had become a loner, but I still end up baring my soul. Though the person only knows me for a relatively short amount of time compared to others, I find that the person probably knows more about certain parts of who I am than people I’ve known my whole life.

First real friend I suppose…

Friend you say?
heh i had one or two of those once.

I think a friend is somebody who will understand and accept your shortcomings, make you happy when your sad, (and sometimes sad when you are happy, hehe) someone who would miss you if you were gone… somebody you can goto for insight advice, critique, or somebody to play fuseball with on a rainy tuesday.

i dont have many friends… one…maybe two at best.
i have to many aquaintences(sp going through the outwardly motions of beings friends. silly people.
there are a few people who are good people… i dont know how to describe it exactly, good genuine people who arent quite friends… i guess its the level two ya’ll are talking about… i’ve got a few people like that


One who’s personality reflects mine.

Following rules and laws but carefree about 1% law breaking (Emulator, MP3 download, etc.)

Does not smoke or drink alcohol, doesn’t smoke weed or crack.
Is good hearted and tries to work against evil acts. Cares about friends and helps out whenever possible. Reliable and potent (unfortunately i’m not in strategy games… :cry: ).
Has a good personality and finds joy in most or all of your interests.

Someone you can ask for help, be it advice, knowledge, anything. Are not gullible to fall for everything in life.
Intelligent and not stupid, nor chronically handicapped or anything of that crap.

Hmm dunno really how to describe it, but here is my levels system of friends!

1 - Best friends. Fun to hang out with and can talk to about most things. You know each other pretty well.
2 - Good friends. Know each other quite well but wouldnt really want to be around them all the time. Theres stuff you wouldnt talk to them about.
3 - Average friends. Dont really know each other well but still like them.
4 - Aquaintances. Don’t know at all.

I dont have many friends, but there are 3 that fall into the best friend category, which is pretty amazing considering I hardly ever leave the house! :shy:

I have one friend who’s closer to me than my sister, and we tell each other anything and everything. EVeryone is basically just a level 2.

Hmmm… took awhile to find that I had a post made about me… :razz:

I tend to think in circles for my friends. There are about 2 to 3 people who I trust completely with everything in my inner circle then about 20 odd in the next level, then 50 or so in the outer lot who are “just people I know.”

All my so-called ‘friends’ are traitors and hypocrites (and much worse).

I would assume a friend is someone who does help you out at times, you can just hang out with, doesn’t ignore you all the time. They will also accept you to some extent.

All the people of my age in my area I can’t really form a friendship with; I’m a complete pariah. But when I go to a larger city I’m told I develop friends easily :confused: .

I’m very particular of the work “friend”. There are truly only a couple of people that I would bestow that label on. I think when you’re younger you have lots of friends but as you get older and value the true meaning the amount of friends diminish and for me that’s absolutely fine. I have more acquaintances than I do “friends”

A friend to me is someone you can trust whole-heartedly, someone who can see past anything about you and still accept you for who you are, they listen and you listen as well, someone you respect, someone who will not be afraid of speaking the truth even when you don’t want to hear it. Whether they’re close by or not, my "friend(s) are true.

My definition of a friend is someone you can talk to without holding anything back, and i expect the friend to not be afraid of telling me anything, too. :cool: I don’t mean everything should be shared…i mean you never have to be afraid of a true friend’s reaction.

What do you mean with the word friend ?

Someone who I feel is a person of good quality (and who feels the same about me).

And who will be there unconditionally for me, if I need support. And I would do the same for him/her.

a friend is someone, who understands me and I understand them, they know personal and a background information about me, vice versa. They trust me and will go out of there way to help me vice versa.

a mate is someone I know or have just met, they can be friendly but don’t always and they sometimes help out. But you might never see them again and they might never want to see you again. They might only be friendly with you, cus you got a big car or you got loads of money or ur famous.

For me, a friend is pretty much all of the above :smile: