What English Sounds Like To Non-English Speakers

I recently stumbled upon this very interesting video on youtube. Link.

It’s an old Italian comedy sketch, in which they poke fun at the American-English accent.

The crazy thing is that it is from the early 70’s, it sounds very modern in my opinion. It’s easily one of my favorite videos I’ve seen.

English always sounded a bit like barking to me! :tongue:

I like the language, though. :smile:

Priesencolineinsiniencusol (spelling?) has always been a favorite to me.

OLL RITE! Such a cool song.

“Sorry, teacher” “Yes, what is it?” “Why did you write a song with strange words that don’t mean anything?”

Gotta love Celentano :content: And yes, this video is completely true, at least for Italians :lol:. If I wasn’t paying attention to the words, I could easily think it was English. Some singers mangle their words even beyond this level, so it’s comprehensible :tongue:

It’s so addictive. You think you’re so close to understanding it, but it’s 100% gibberish. The song’s catchy too, there’s a certain “oddness” about it.

that’s creepy. even as a native English speaker, it sounds flawless. i keep trying to understand what they’re saying, even knowing it’s gibberish.

what does the girl say at the beginning?

I could be wrong but I think foxyChor translated the intro.



i under stand it perfectly.

chin a coal mine stare on priesencolineinsinincusal: OLL RITE!

what’s not to get?


Also, it’s only 98% gibberish, he gets the OLL RAIGHT right! :tongue:

Yes of course, it makes so much sense now! :neutral:

It has its own (English) wiki page.


it sounds more like german than english to me i am not seeing that it seems english

the music video part of it is brilliant. i love the black & white and the mirrors.

Wow, that’s cool. :happy:

I agree, where’s the creativity and originality in today’s music industry?! In the past, singers/musicians were one of a kind. Now, anybody can be made into a fabricated star, that is to be worshipped by the masses (Lady Gaga).

OLL RAIGHT![/center]

i kinda like Lady Gaga actually. she’s pretty original and different, and from what i’ve read about her in interviews she’s not the kind of pop star you would ever see in rehab.

What’s original about her?

most everything. i don’t know of anybody like her. some of what she does might have been inspired by glam rock, David Bowie, Madonna, Queen etc., but she’s still original as she does it differently.

So, she’s original, in the same way that everybody is original.

I just don’t like the way she sprung up seemingly out of thin air. And emediatly had a billion hits on youtube, when as far as I’m concerned, she has nothing new to bring to the table.

I remember hearing one of her “songs”, and thinking to myself “What the f#%$ is this?!”, and it’s so popular! David Bowie did it in the 70’s!

Music has become stagnant. RIP Popular music.

oh please.

So long as Colin Meloy is still performing, music isn’t dead. In my opinion at least.