What happened in 1992?

I’m doing some personal research on crime statistics and whatnot and I noticed something bizarre. It seemed that in 1992 the United States had its highest crime rates ever. I looked at many individual states, and for most states it was the same, 1991-1992 featured the highest crime rates (violent crime it is most obvious). What happened in those years?

After I did a little research I found several European countries with similar statistics (although European statistics were closer to '91).

What turmoil had the world put itself in? Did it have anything to do with the Soviet Union collapsing?

Was the world experiencing some sort of flux in consciousness at that time?

Bill Clinton was elected in 1992.

um, ok. but that doesn’t account for the time period between 1991-92.

in fact, i’m not sure what you were asserting…

? :bored:

7.5 - 11 years cycle of Solar activity… :wink:

Bush sr. was comming to the end of a “too long” pressidency run. The everything calmed down when clinton came around hehe.

Them bushes are trouble, best start trimming. :eh:

Once the national religions of anti-communism fell apart since capitalism was officially restored, most people imagined the enemy could be anywhere. When there is no state-dictated “evil” that we all have to struggle against, the bewildered herd rapidly turns to distrust and paranoia about their own backyard. Thanks to the new wave of wars on so-called “terrorism” (read: other people’s war crimes, not our own), we’re back on track again. We owe the Republocrats a debt of gratitude for once again trying to split the world into black and white for their own personal benefit.

this is not true at all man, crime has steadily declined long before wars on terror were waged…

(well i guess after the OKC bombing maybe, but that didn’t make people TOO paranoid, it was an isolated incident by a few loners, not a vast group aimed at destruction of the US)

the thing is, CRIME perpetually gets lower, where as “crime” (smoking a J) continues to go through the roof

what we see is less and less and less violence, more and more and more peace, yet they use rapidly rising drug incarcerations (a tell tale sign that the war on drugs is bullshit) to scare us making us think crime is running rampant in the streets.

IT ISN’T… it would be like making being blonde illegal and saying “oh no my lord, crime is everywhere, think of the children” people smoke the herb, they do it more when they get more educated that it’s not evil and DARE is full of lies…

We dont’ want our kids doing it right? RIGHT… then making the stuff legal so they have to at least get A FAKE ID to get it, I mean, then we dont’ have drug dealers that specifically target kids, and if little Johnny tokes up, he doesn’ thave to risk getting shot by venturing out into the “hood” for some “dope” and dealing with gangs.

The mafia would fall to pieces… they saw a huge crime boom (including violence) when alcohol is illegal, they exist now for bootlegging stuff, mainly drugs, legalize it and voila, what happens to crime?


what happens to the police? They can worry about theft, rape, large scale dealings (i guess?), terrorism, etc… CRIME PLUMMETS MORE, OMG!! L0L!!! WOOPEEE!!!

It’s common sense 101… at the very least if cops can write you tickets for posession and MEDIUM GROWTH AND CULTIVATION of ANYTHING the dealing stops, the gang wars over drugs stop, the mafia stops (sort of), the prisons now have tons of empty space for muderers… innocent people don’t have to hide in their houses toking up in fear of the man beating their heads in and macing them down and strip searching them and degrading them and throwing them in jail.

I mean…

common sense 101.

Violent crime continues to fall, yet the prisons are never more crowded. Something is wrong.

If the country wasn’t run by religious conservative idiots (and some conservatives and religious folks are smart, I mean, I think Sharpton wanted to legalize it) it would be common sense that they are wasting tons of money and just basically chasing their tails on this.

Here’s a stat for you (you can look it up if you wish) college kids > 21 don’t drink nearly as heavily as those 18-20, yet, all college kids (except me and some friendless nerds) have access to the same booze and parties… it’s not an age deal, okay? you don’t get repsonsible at 21 so much that you are a different person than when you were 20… I mean…

Countries with liberal drug policies don’t see much teen abuse, you know? In places with legal pot kids don’t even think it’s cool to smoke…

it’s just… all the facts are there, people will be crackheads whether you beat them and jail them or not, at least use the tax money to TREAT THEM rather than PUNISH THEM for a DISEASE and if they aren’t addicts it isn’t your business unless they get high on the street and go streaking…


it’s common sense, gangs stop, organized crime stops, drug cartels stop, laced goods stop, robberies stop, murders stop, pretty much every violent crime goes down drastically if drugs are legalized, they can be gradually phased in to legalizaton, start with decrim on everything, fines for small time growing, gradually legalize weed, and some other milder drugs, leave the rest “it’s illegal but we dont’ care, if we catch you a lot we might stick you in rehab”

I mean, think of the trillions saved…

think of the kids that don’t have to worry about laced pot, and, being robbed…

of course the government profits over this, and since the governments powers are wildly unchecked, they won’t do what is best for us, but what is best for them.

50ish% of prisoners are nonviolent drug offendors… yet some idiot baptists want to make meth manufacturing considered a VIOLENT CRIME… (the bill died I think)


the most motivated you ever see a pothead is when he’s on a message board talking about the gov’ment takin’ his herb…

I’m talking about VIOLENT crime. I’m not really talking about the drug statistics. that sun spots thing is pretty interesting, especially since the second spike occurs in 2001 (what happened around that time y’all?)…

If you think sunspots are responsible for any kind of crime, you shouldn’t be calling anyone else a pothead…


you’re preaching to the converted. I think all drugs should be legal, not just marijuana. Over half of the people in jails are there for nonviolent crimes–which is a nice way of saying they’re political prisoners. The U.S. has the highest percentage of prisoners, per capita, in the world, and has for about 25 years. Marijuana has been proven again and again to not be harmful. It is not a matter of people holding on to their misconceptions. The system itself is at fault, because it’s basically reducible to class warfare. Kind of reminiscent of England back when gin was illegal but not whiskey (because poor people drank gin and rich people drink whiskey).

You can talk until you’re blue in the face about how tobaco and cigarettes cause half a million deaths each year, and marijuana has never caused one; or how so-called hard drugs only cause about 3000 deaths each year; or how the drug war has increased the drug “problem”; or any other statistics. None of it matters, because the people who will believe you already know it’s true. It’s a simple matter of one class versus another, and the rich class has more resources to spread their propaganda.

Marijuana was originally made illegal because poor Mexican immigrants used it. They even blamed communists for marijuana during the '50s.

The drug war has always been used to control and intimidate a “dangerous” (read: free-thinking) minority, and that’s how it always will be. That’s why big-time drug dealers are rarely taken down. Cops are supposed to aim for the little guys on the street buying marijuana, not the people who control the cocaine plants. The drug war is a cheap way of making money while intimidating the working class, and that’s all it is. It’s not a genuine concern with anyone’s safety, health, or anything else (as the statistics will clearly demonstrate…).

Violent crimes raise because of bad economies and things of that nature. You can’t discuss violent crimes through the same scope as nonviolent crimes, because nonviolent crimes in capitalist countries never amount to anything but class warfare.

Didn’t the stock market go down in the early 90’s also?

I can’t remember anything else that happened around that time. The Gulf War, maybe.

Think harder. I can’t believe no-one has mentioned the obvious yet!

Try this on google: “Los Angeles” + riots + 1992…

[i]On April 29, 1992, twelve jurors in Sylmar, California rendered their verdicts in a controversial case involving the 1991 beating of Rodney King by four LAPD officers. The case had received heavy media coverage dating from before it even went to trial, when a video of the beating hit the national airwaves. It came as a surprise then, as the verdicts were read: One of the officers was found guilty of excessive force; the other officers were cleared of all charges.
The verdicts were broadcast live, and word spread quickly throughout Los Angeles. At various points throughout the city that afternoon, people began rioting. For the next three days the violence and mayhem continued. Mayor Tom Bradley imposed a curfew, schools and businesses were closed. Governor Pete Wilson dispatched 4,000 National Guard troops to patrol the streets. People stayed home, watching on TV with the rest of the country as live TV coverage showed fires raging throughout the city, innocent bystanders being assaulted and looters sacking businesses.

On Monday, May 4, schools and businesses reopened and life returned to some semblance of normality. The toll from the worst civil unrest LA had experienced since 1965 was devastating: more than 50 killed, over 4 thousand injured, 12,000 people arrested, and $1 billion in property damage.[/i]

First of all, I wasn’t supporting that sun spots have a direct effect on human behavior, all I said was that it was “interesting.”

Secondly, I realize there was riots, I realize there was an election, I realize there was an economic slump, I realize (before anyone else says it) grunge music, post modernism, and alternative art became popular…

My question is (I am opening this thread to random jecture and brainstorming) what theories do you have to explain why this time period (1991-1992) was so turbulent in so many different realms in so many parts of the world?

Plus I also leave open the possibility that I am overanalyzing this. I am not afraid to admit that.

Lastly, no one is attacking or condemning the use of marijuana. Go ahead and start a “Legalize it” thread so we can keep the half-assed activism to a minimum in this thread. I would be happy to provide my opinions on a treatment-based system and how it applies to marijuana if you were to do so.

Count Sweden out of the “crime wave”. There was a slight decrease in general crime. The murder rate was up a little with 174 murders (i think 150 is “normal”).

When communism fell, the countries in Eastern Europe started from scratch. There was not much money left for schools, police etc. I imagine crime was way up too.

Wowwee! Where to begin?

Well, everyones theories sound pretty fair.

First of all, I’d like to quote an awesome comedian in reguards to politics-
“There’s only one thing worse than a republican or a democrat- and that’s getting those two *****s to work together!.. the republicans are a party of bad ideas, and the democrat’s are a party of no ideas!.. This is how it works in congress- the republican stands up and says “I’ve got a *****y idea!”, and the democrat stands up and says “And I can make it *****ier!””-end quote- Louis Black.

That was in response to the politics.

As the the Marijuana debates, I’ve seen no proof that it is harmless, but as a general rule, I’ll stay off it. As for you guys, do whatever the f you want. ^,^ Should it be legalized? I think there should be further analysis of it’s effects on the human body as well as the possible social outcomes before we make a verdict. Alcohol is amongst the most dangerous drugs I know of, as many violent crimes can be linked to it- there’s happy drunk, and pissed-off-violent drunk. Y’know?

As for my theories to what happened in 1991-1992?

-We have Rodney King beatings- Definitely a rise in ethnic violent crimes
-The sunspots? That’s kinda like the Full moon- when there are lots of sun spots, records show a rise in violent crime. Just like on nights of a full moon, there seem to be more violent crimes then usual. (and there are records to show that.) But I’m not sure on the verdict of that.
-People do not tend to become violent in america during election time (not that I know of), so I don’t think it’s the Bush-Clinton transfer of power. (I hate George W. BUSH! HE’s SCREWED US OVER ROYALLY!), So I don’t think it was the elections.
-Maybe we’re looking at this too logically, and overanalyzing. Maybe It’s just coincidence. We might need more statistics.
-The fall of the U.S.S.R. would account for some violence in Eurasia. Easily.
-The OKC Bombing was in 1995 I think, so that don’t count.
-Were there olympics in 1992? Barcelona anyone? Did anything happen?
-Gulf War, Government screwing us somehow…
-The economy is down now… what are the crime statistics? Thanks to little Bush, the economies at an all time low.
-Isaac Asamov and Benny Hill Died…
-Big Bush vomitted on the Japanese Prime Minister
-“March 13 - In eastern Turkey, an earthquake registering 6.8 on the Richter scale kills over 500.”
-"May 20 - Amy Fisher, the so-called “Long Island Lolita,” is arrested for shooting Mary Jo Buttafuoco on the front porch of her Massapequa, New York home. "

That’s all I got for now. I gotta go cook. ^,^
My conclusion- it was a result of all of these things. But WTF happened to make all of these things cause violence?

okay here goes in 91-92 people were just full of hate and the aapacalypse was close but there was not enough people dying ,so the little problem demon things that caused the mess died because of clinton coming and stupid bush leaving.also wasnt a war or something going on at that time?people at war time go crazy(if there was one going on).The gulf war screwed us all over and then like stars and stuff were in a wierd formation too.and well alot of black people smoking weed and marijuana and eating there fried chicken.stupid black people.Thugs were big at that time bloods crips you know.Okay and umm some other things tooo.but once we had em all killed or sent to war everything calmed down.

Actually, the moon (full, half, or otherwise) has never caused any kind of erratic behavior in humans or animals that any scientist is aware of:

Note that this is just one site. Type in “moon behavior myth” in google for thousands of sites.

This is a good site that everyone should visit:

A. Shinta, you spelled “Their” wrong while talking about how stupid black people were.

B. I always heard that nights of the full moon cause a small increase in violent crimes.


Good point about his mistake. I stopped reading half way through his post because it was too incoherent.

Yeah, I had heard that too. I’d also heard hospitals reported more dog bites and so on during full moons, but it actually isn’t so. To be fair, I didn’t discover this on my own. A book I read (Logic and Rhetoric) had to point out my misconception for me. :tongue:

Yea, Shinta is quite a bright boy, but he doesn’t use punctuation if it’s not necessary. Allow me to translate for you all-

But that is just my take on what he said.

What do ya’ll think?

Ah, that was helpful actually. Still a tad strained, but it helps. :tongue: