what happened to me??

i tried to do a WILD technique, first time.didnt go lucid but crazy things happened when i tried the WILD. i had read on a site that the words “it will feel a little uncomfortable, to some people, it may feel as though you are dieing or chocking, but its safe”. i didnt really believe it until pain started setting in. on my right hand pinky finger, this was while there was pain already there, it shifted to a feeling of INTENSE pain. i have never felt so much pain before and it started spreading to the other fingers. then i was like “aw crap, maybe something bit me, they say there are brs’s(brown recluse spiders) in lousiana…crap crap crap crap”.

so i lifted my hand and started rubbing it against the mattress and “looking” for the culprit that did this. funny thing was, when i lifted my hand, the pain started to go away quite quickly. i layed back and started again, pain came back quickly also. was just as intense, but then subsided in short time leaving a weird, soothing sensation all over my body. (the pain was only in my hands) afterwards,it felt like the top half of my bed just gave way and my lower half of my body was on the bed and the upper on the floor. still connected to my lower body but as though i was inclined. it felt as though i was upside-down, like i was falling from a great height, head twards the ground(head first that is). then i kinda flipped over or something in “mid air” and still felt like i was falling.

i suddenly stoped, i started to think about “moving my dream arm”. i dont know if i was supposed to open my eyes but did anyways. guess it didnt work because when i brought up my hand, i exited that state, but i dont think totally because the other hand and the one i raised was real heavy.at first it was real heavy then that sensation went away. i was feeling hungry, so, i got up to go around my bed to get a hotdog and the view was different. it was as though it wasnt me doing all the stuff. as though i had i video camera strapped to my head and was viewing what i was doing. didnt feel natural. well i started walking over, and then stopped because it was so weird. i kept thinking it was a dream. so i did several reality checks but the end result was i passed them all.

-overview- this was quite strange because i enacted another “WILD” and the results were quite different, no pain, and heard sounds, which went away as a sat up. this was on a different night

Hey Night’s Light.

Your experience with WILD has a lot of similarities with what typically can happen during a WILD, the only weird thing I guess is the pain you felt (might even have nothing to do with your WILD attempt, but perhaps others have had similar problems). However the falling sensations etc are quite normal. Moving your arm around is usually a good idea but opening your eyes isnt. If you are deep enough into the WILD (mind awake, body asleep) you should start moving around your dreambody in stead of your real body, which is a way to enter into a LD. Good luck with your future attempts!

Oh and by the way I moved this to Quest for Lucidity since it doesnt have anything to do with Beyond Dreaming.