What have you SEEN while in SP?

I know there are other SP threads, but this is a little bit different. So mods please dont merge it unless you think it is absolutely nessecary. I also believe I have put this in the right forum for discussion.

I am curious as to what you people have seen/heard while SP. I had my first ever SP dream last night. It felt like I was glued to the bed. I was still able to raise one of my hands with a lot of effort and concentration but it was still such a struggle.

The thing is, everytime I raised my arm, I suddenly heard friends of mine as if they were standing outside my window, all laughing taunting and yelling stuff at me all at once. This was almost more scary than the SP because I wasnt expecting it at all, I was raising my hand to do an RC and all of a sudden I hear yelling and laughing. They were laughing at me because I was “stuck to my bed”.

I eventually was able to get out of my bed, and walk through the wall and meet my mates and talk to them with full lucidity, but then I had a FA, woke up in my bed again and it was more SP. Once again everytime I raised my hand I could hear laughing and yelling, 7-10 people all at once.

So my question is, what have you seen/experienced while in SP. The reason I’m asking this is after experiencing it for myself for the first time, and after hearing a lot of alien abduction stories, I’m formulating an idea. I’m thinking that almost 99% of alien abduction stories would be just SP. Because it always starts out as “I wake up in my bed, and I cant move at all. And then a light starts coming in and somethings standing over my bed…”

Wouldnt SP explain that EXACTLY? I wouldnt have thought so until I experienced it, and it had noises and people in the SP. When it happened, I knew what was happening. If someone didnt know what was happening, and they thought in their head “I’m under some alien paralysis ray and they are comin to get me” then maybe they would see aliens in their dream while paralysed?

Sorry for the long post, but I would like everyone to tell me what they have seen and heard in SP, or were they just stuck to the bed with nothing else going on at all.

Once or twice while trying to WILD, I heard voice call my name :wave:

And then one time I heard a bear growling :cool_laugh:

Was this during SP?

Im only really asking because after seeing a show on alien abductions, and experiencing an SP for the first time myself, Im almost 100% convinced that all those people experienced were SP with a dream attatched to it, possibly their worst paranoid fear about aliens comin down and doing stuff to them.

So I’m just curious to what you people have seen while in SP, or where you just stuck to your bed and didnt see anything at all.

Please share experiences.


I heard the Gorillaz singing “White Light” without music. I’ve also heard my name, and I’ve seen Pixelated stuff, and Lights, and Fireworks…

Yes, in SP.

Never had Sleep Paralysis, but I do agree with you on your alien abduction theory. Sometimes I hear reports that can make me wonder, but I think pretty much all abduction stories out of your bed is due to SP.

Feeling glued to the bed is very common(and going through barrier,fog,getting through etc.).And also it is common to discover that in time one learns to overcome it using various,mainly intuitive methods(including simple forcing yourself through).
And abductions…yes,even sciencists reported its propably due to SP.
Good luck.

Did i tell you about the DOOM3 player who did a WILD after finishing the game, and saw a demon with blood seeping out of his mouth while in SP? :scared: He said that next time, he’ll try something less WILD and a little more MILD. :lol:

My mom but she was a demon :happy: She hadn´t got a face and she was really looking like a deamon in a white dressing gown. Allthough that is not far from wath she is IRL.

a plastic dude and a rabid fan

great, I’m gonna be known as the “fan lady” pretty soon.

(not really)

Never saw a plastic dude, as Fan Lady did ( :tongue: ) but I saw one of my teddy bear ( :grin: ) on my chest and barking at me…

I once saw giant spider crawling on my walls…

A couples times I saw a man with a black mask trying to strangle me. ( Now THIS was frightening ).

I saw a weird robot who told me quote " This is the last time I come here…" :eh:

That’s for the visual hallucinations I had. I have much more auditive ones, basically most of the time a voice thretaening me to kill me or such or simply a groar ( very realistic :scared: )

I don’t usually see much while experiencing SP. However, I did have one singularly frightening auditory experience. I was awakening from a dream that involved a female announcer on a loud speaker. As I awoke, I continued to hear her voice, seemingly booming from a school down the street. She said, “Please remain calm. We are having a difficult time.” (I took this last sentence to mean “We are having technical difficulties.”) Suddenly, my whole body seized up and that last sentence began repeating over and over again like a broken record. I knew I was experiencing SP and that there was little to be afraid of. But an involuntary sense of irrational horror flooded my whole body and I couldn’t even scream. That shook me up a little. :happy:

I agree with what you say about alien abductions. I have had quite a few SP experiences myself and i also think there is a remarkable similarity to the alien abduction cases.
I think that your beleif system will greatly affect your SP experience/hallucinations or the following dream.

What i have heard during SP is this: wind blowing in my ears"happens in the beginning of most of my experiences", changing radio static, laughing, screams, music"usually very beautiful" and sometimes even voices. It is rare that i see anything with my eyes open, but i saw my old cat jumping at me, a small boy standing next to my bed and some random smaller visual disturbances.

I also think that oobe experiences is also all in your mind and that it is also a direct cause of SP as the alien abductions. I have had SP where i was laying bed and then suddently i floated up from my bed, which meant that i was now in a lucid dream.

If i was religious and believed in the occult, then i guess i would have an experience similar to the old hag.

The most common SP hallucination for me was always the “black shadow”. It looked like a standing shadow in my room, and it would come slowly closer and closer, while I couldn’t move! It has been a long time since that hallucination has appeared, fortunately.

Lately, a more common one has been just the sound of somebody approaching my bed. The feeling or sound of a cat in my bed is also common, especially if it is after a lucid dream.

When I was a child, I would sometimes wake up in SP, and my room would look differently! For example, the door could be missing or the lamp would only make a weak, brownish light.

Ok, I had an interesting SP since I wasn’t in bed, yet standing up. I was in my kitchen and I back up to bump into someone behind me, I think its my friend, but I turn around, and its some guy with an angry face, teeth showing, a buzz cut and an orange shirt. :help: I froze, I couldn’t move, I couldn’t scream. He grabbed me and started to take me outside to my back yard. I woke up still with the feeling of SP wich slowly faded away.

Maybe this isn’t a form of SP, if not, I would like to know what happened :smile:

Answers appreciated!

I saw my room turn blue once (I usually hear things rather than see them).

Mmmm Omega that would be kinda wierd to see. Infact everyones SP visions/audio hallucinations are kinda creepy.

Well I’ve only had SP once and I hope I never had it again. It seems like a common trend to hear/see scary/uncomfortable things and in a paralysed state of mind its not good at all.

Sweet dreams.

I have had some quite enjoyable SPs as well. Infact most of my SP’s now are great, since i now know exactly what they are and thus arent afraid anymore. SP is a very suggestive state, so if you expect something to happen, then it will most likely happen.

Well, I must not have been expecting anything to happen because, well, nothing happened, besides not being able to move and nearly “choking” to death. I feel like such a boring person when I read about all these SP things with space demons and god knows what.

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I’ve been reading through this site, and people seem to do well with SP. I’ve had SP for ever since I can remember and It has always terrified me! I just try and scream and I can’t. I try to crawl out of bed to get to someone and I can’t. I freak out and when I wake up, I’m shaking and breathing hard.

Can anyone tell me why I have such a bad experience with SP? What benifits are there to this condition?