What huge dreamsign have you missed lately Part V

Taking a shower with some random girl… :peek:

…no, I didn’t look. :tongue:

That was a while ago, though.

well…one of my usual dreamsigns is subways and last night i missed it :bambi:

i couldnt find paper to write my dream on…

well, i was drawning and tried anything to save myself… since nothing worked i just waited to run out of oxygen but that never actually happened…! i guess i was breathing under water or didn’t [have to] breathe at all!! lol

A norwegian border outside a friends house :ding:

I cant believe I missed this DS :cry:

My girlfriend was trying to quit smoking.
(she doesn’t smoke)

Seeing a Giant Turkey/Chicken Monster picking flowers and talking to his human son.

The world ended in a rain of gigantic tornados that were spat out from a giant crack in the sky. I get lots of end of the world dreams. One of these times I’ll clue in.

The Las Vegas strip was miniaturized and on a golden man made island.

:panic: Being back in school…I know it’s a dream sign but I never catch it, SOOO frustrating! :angry:

I’m always caught back in school too!

THis entire week…

that and my school being designed like a supermarket.

Diving in a lake for about 10 minutes without breathing arghgh

Watching someone shoot fire out of their eyes at me, and I don’t feel any pain. I suck at noticing dreamsigns.

Get this FA : I wake up with my dogs messing my bedroom up, even though the door is locked tight. A trapdoor on the floor explains they found a hidden entrance. I say to them they’re smart pets, get them out through the trapdoor’s stair and go back to sleep.

Detail: I live in the 2ND FLOOR! No way there could be a trapdoor here! And I won’t even start about MY DOGS finding a trapdoor in the MIDDLE of my bedroom.

And yes, I missed it.

a mans face was melting off his skull in one if my dreams

I miss loads! I dreamt that I went around to my friend’s house, and that doesn’t sound odd in itself but she’s an exchange student and has been home back in Macau for a month :tongue: I also had a dream where our house alarm was going haywire and nothing we did would stop it, and all these police and fire engines arrived at our house. Electrical items going wrong-hello! Classic dreamsign. Doh!

2 nights ago, I dreamed I was about to walk into my room, but I didn’t want to go in, becuase the lights where off… When I went to turn on the lights, the lights turned on, but the room itself didn’t get any brighter… then I thought “Like a dream” and walked in, I never became lucid during that one dream. (Nose-pinch is the oly one that really makes me completly lucid.)

Good ol’ Search bar. I was gonna start a new topic. Now I don’t have to!

I’ve come to a point where almost anything odd in a dream will make me consider whether or not I’m dreaming ,so getting LD’s frequently isn’t a problem.
Well, last night my subconscious proved that even I have my facepalm moments.

Last night I dreamed I was at my grandparents’ house where I came across some weird kind of green glowing worm thing on the floor in the basement. I thought I was imagining it because that’s pretty strange; I did a double take and it was gone. I must have been seeing things.
At night I went to bed (in my dream still) and when I woke up, I went to turn on the light. It flashed then wouldn’t turn on. I tried again and the same thing only the flash became dimmer and dimmer until it wouldn’t even work at all. I left the room thinking that something went wrong with the outlet or light. Yeah, lights don’t usually work in dreams, but I had a logical reason in mind. I went to the hallway light to turn that on because it was still dark and the exact same thing happened. What the hell…?
I went to the bathroom and the same thing. The living room the same thing. The dining room the same thing. Only then did I notice I was covered in these glowing green worms that I had seen earlier in my dream. Apparently they absorbed electricity and were very “contagious” like lice. I wasn’t to touch anyone.
Every light in my house in my dream didn’t work and I didn’t even do a RC!! :ack:

In all fairness, this is the first time any light in my dream hasn’t worked. :tongue: But still… all I could think of when I woke up was this smiley: :dingding:

…I repeated “I’m dreaming, I’m dreaming…” over and over again. :ding: And I even looked at my hands (7 fingers on one hand? HELLO?!) and did I get Lucid? No, of course not, becouse the only one stupid enough to miss a dream sign that… obvious is ME! Why, why me?! :wallhit:

oh no! :cry: I know that sucks sooo much, but don’t worry it happens to many people. FLD’s suck :sad:

The other night I stopped and looked around my front yard “hmm, things look so… different…” (I never think that, even if things are very different) but I didn’t do a RC…