What I Want to Dream about Tonight

:content: I thought this topic could act as an aid to incubating dreams. Please do full paragraphs … no one liners or single words :tongue:

I want to dream about the greek gods tonight :grin:. Ares (though I should be careful not to anger this DC :tongue: ) Hera Zeus. It would be good to enter their mythological world and explore.

failing that

I would love to dream about stuffys … live stuffed toys that can interact with me. W e could talk and laugh and explore the labyrinth together :yay:

Today, I want to have a lucid dream where I face the darkness that haunts me. I will create the darkness if it does not exist, “talk” to it and ask what it represents in my dream. I also want to ask it why I am scared of it. :peek:

Well, this night I want to go to the Yoge Mountains and finally find out once and for all the “Guardian Spirit” who I was told I should meet. Even if the whole thing was all giberrish from my brain, I think it will be… revealing. :smile:

Tonight I’d like to raise an army of insurgent DCs and lead the assault into my evil subconscious’s dark fortress! Then I’ll shove him into some obscure bureaucratic position and officially take control of my dreamworld! (If I had that dream, it should be easier to have LDs from then on. What do you think of my plan?)

Tonight I want to Be lucid and meet my SG I will talk to him the entire dream and we will think of ways to increase my recall so I can :uh:Have better recall this will allow me to increase the chance of a DILD.

I want to have an LD, in which I can ask my subconscious, or a representation thereof, how to notice and recognize the dream state easier.

I think that should fit in my structured brain. :content:

Tonight, I want to meet with Blaez, me SG, on my floating island :colgate:

I want to visit my “place-after-death” place(my dream-self calls it nirvana) tonight.

:peek: I think it would be cool if everyone that posts here, will edit the post with a link to your DJ if you actually succeeded in having the dream.

/me doesn’t have any special wishes for her dreams tonight so she’ll refrain from posting here.

Good idea, but didn’t you just do the oposite of what you wrote? =P

I want to become lucid and learn about myself what I really want and explore my mind.I want to know more about me. Learn what I like and what I dont.

I want to dream about an island. I’m not fussy about what kind of island, but I love the ocean, and I love the beach. Anything with ocean views would be nice.

I want to dream about something peaceful e stress relieving, like talking to a nice dc, walking on a beautiful garden or maybe even some flying around =]

I want to dream about a past life. I want to help my past life in a situation, but I don’t think anyone will be able to see me. I’ll kinda be working behind the scenes, but kinda still be there, similar to Zelda: Twilight Princess.

I want to use the “Healing Touch” (Trauma Center) to slow down time and help my concentration. The idea is that lucidity will be higher (because of concentration) and I’ll be in the dream for a longer amount of time (the slowing down time part).

I want to visit Wyvern and ask her what the deal was when she didn’t want me to find her. That was weird. :smile:

And tonight I’ll do whichever comes to mind first.

Well, I almost made it. I got Lucid and tried, but couldn’t phase through the window. :tongue: I’ll post that dream later.

*moogle got deja vu and merges it into this topic
“I thought this topic could act as an aid to incubating dreams. Please do full paragraphs … no one liners or single words”

I’ve got a crazy idea. Let’s use this topic to write down what we want to dream this night. But write it down with details, and just like the way you do with your DJ! Maybe it will really help! Maybe you’ll dream with something you wrote?

But also, please, if you’re going to write, do so properly. I mean, it’s in the playground, but don’t make it a big joke. (In fact, if any mod feels it’s better to do so, move the topic, please :grin:)

Use your creativity, but also try to let your mind loose and write what comes to mind.

So, I’ll start:

December 1st-2nd - ND - Shopping Mall returns!
[ND] In this dream I find myself in my old school once again. Some people from college are around, and we are looking for a teacher of ours to get some test grades. We look around (The place is kinda different…) but can’t seem to find them.

Later, I’m in a shopping mall with mom. It’s the same mall I’ve dreamt about before, but not the one that’s completely closed, but the one with the big arcade, next to the slum-ish part of the city.

Actually, if you read back my DJ there are two shopping malls that have showed up in my dreams more than once. Once of them is mostly closed and sometimes a bit dark. It has long corridors and a very tall ceiling. The second one (this night’s) is more normal, and it has a big arcade with a Naruto arcade game. There’s also a shop I worked at in a dream. Outside, it has a strange structure, and right in front of it is a slum-like part of town. It consists of dark, dirty-looking houses with narrow streets. To the other side is a larger area.

We’re checking out some books in a bookstore. I find a book about Cleopatra, similar to one I’ve been reading IRL. Mom shows me a book with a yellow cover and black text, but I don’t remember what’s written on it. We follow to somewhere else, some place with plants (some sort of inside garden, I think). There’s a pond here. Some of those round plants (Vitória Régia) are floating on the water. There’s something about a plastic toy(?) frog nearby.

Something vague about police-like plastic yellow/black tape. Something happened in the parking lot. Ronaldinho Gaucho, for some reason, is around, talking to a policeman.[/ND]

A fake dream journal entry? I’ll try that later, but it might have to be a shortened version of the real entries.

Here’s the dream in my DJ

Finally found it, :whew: was afraid I was going to find it. :tongue:

Well, first of, I would want to dream about Wissam, giving him a present and then finding my own present.

Other goals is to meet my SG, meet the storyteller of my dreams and meet myself.

I hope the dream will be something like this;

I imagine the storyteller to be an old man who lives by himself in a cave, he has several shelves of books that contains all my dreams.
He is sitting down in the light of candles writing down my dreams with a feather on the parchment he also likes to read to others what he has written.
I will go the path that leads to his cave in the mountain, then I’ll go in in the cave, see him sitting there writing down this very dream. I’ll go forward to him and look down at the parchment where I’ll see him writing that I’m looking down at the parchment. I’m going to ask him to take a break with he he’s happy to do, but the feather still continues to write. I’m going to ask him to read one of my old dreams for me, which one? he will ask and I’ll answer “one that I don’t remember” So he will go to the shelves look through them until he finds the right parchment and he will ask me to sit down, which I ofcourse does and then he begin to read for me with his perfect storytelling voice.
And during the time I listen I’ll remember the dream.
When he has finished telling me, I’ll thank him and ask him what he want’s in return and if it’s possible he’ll get it.
I’m also going to ask him, what I should do to see him again and how you could remember your dreams better.
I’m hoping for an answer.
I’m leaving the cave but at the entrance is a person I recognise even though it takes awhile to realise it’s myself.
I became happy and have an interesting conversation with myself.
I or we decide to go to Koperna so we fly to the city and knock on a dorr and it’s Koperna that opens, and that’s fun since it was a long time a talked to her.
Then all of us three/two decides to find my SG and that will become a real adventure through my SC and we will bump into a lot of things from my SC like childhoodmemories, feelings and similar and Koperna loves to point out all these things and tells us about where she has messed around :wink:
After a pretty long adventure we will end up infront of a gate and behind that gate is my SG.
I have two questions for him/her
1What is your name?
2 What can I do to contact you again?
Last I’m going to thank my SC for tgus fantastic dream and hope that I’ll get a chance to write the whole dream down.

I hope this post don’t counts as chatspeak :tongue:

I will do it as a dream post this time…

Dream Engine
I enter a room. It is dome shaped, the walls and ceiling curve. Embedded in the right wall is the working parts of the dream engine, it is only small … an 18 inch cube. All that is visible apart from the metallic surface is one small indicator light it is a bright red colour.
There is a bed with covers in the centre of the room. I approach it and lie down. Next to the bed is a small table on it is a flexible cap and a small remote which only has one button. I become lucid when I realise this is THE DREAM ENGINE! :yay:
I place the cap on my head and press the button in the direction of the machine … the light turns green.
I think < I want to enter the dragon dreams! >
Lights start to flicker across the ceiling and on the walls. Steadily the scene forms… It is oh so familiar. The wizard at the top, myself on a golden dragon at the bottom, all the blue lines intertwined together and the mysterious corner at the far right.
I am led along the lines by fix and approach the corner.
Now I enter the dream within the dream :boogie:
FEAR’s dream.
ooo this is strange I am fear now. And just the blue lines are there. I summon a golden dragon, it looks a little fierce but I look it in the eyes and it knows who is boss. I wish for stars and they appear. The wizard is missing from this variation of the dream. I want to fly higher on the lines nd beccause I am lucid I do go higher but still keep to the route.
As I approach the corner, there is a noise and the bricks on the left side fall down! but i was expecting it :smile:
I continue … I am going to find out what is beyond the wall!
Oh the expectation! :hyper:
I lean forward as I get closer and see a teddy stuffy with dust in his fur! He had been mining a new tunnel for the labyrinth. When I get nearer … he jumps up and gives me an hug!
:yay: I found out what was in the corner and now i can carry on and explore the labyrinth :smile: