What I Want to Dream about Tonight

Tonight, I want to dream about something really interesting and remember it(I have a problem remembering my dreams)… I want to dream about me being the “god” of the dream, even if it won’t be a lucid dream.

Tonight, I want to lucid dream and actually make it out the door of my house, get outside, look up at the sky, and try to fly! That’d be a great start.

(I’ve only had 2 other LD’s before, both extremely short and ended before I could even get out of my house)

Zombies and running organs
Lucid dreamby Autosuggestion
I am on beach, just relaxing. I’m alone there. I enjoy Then someone came, a shadow was falling on my eyes. I opened my eyes - then I see a horrible zombie. UGH ! I jumped up, and stared to run. But there are more zombies. I looked back - there are even more of them ![LD] My dreams are sometimes so predicable… :no: … it’s obvious that I’m dreaming. I was surrounded by zombies now. One of them was biting my hand - so I did same thing. Soon I ate myself, and I have no body now. I look from above on talking zombies: “S***, we totally failed. He ate himself, now we have nothing to do.” “…” “Anyone wants play scrabble?” No I’ll not let zombies play their bloody ritual game. I bite one of them - it tasted ugly. I noticed I have body now, but I’m floating in air. I felt some move around my stomach. I put my hand on it and shock - there is nothing in there. My stomach is lying down on sand. I touched town, and tried to put in back, but then it jumped and yelled at me “I can’t take that job anymore ! Find another idiot for it. I retire !”… I stared at my stomach going out on little legs.

I came on lane of green after a beach, and took off a seed I had in pocket, even from another dream. I plant it, noting is happening. I put a gardener’s hat on my head and taked watering can. When I watered place with seed, there was a tree that started to grow. Earthquake that followed a sudden grow made me fell down. When it stopped, I looked at tree made of gold, with a portal inside. With no much thiking, I flied straightly into it.

I ended up in totally blank viod. I cannot do anything, I lost control. Then I heard a voice, laughing. It was my real SG. There was nothing funny in it for me, I throught Sg was laughinig at it or at me. But SG was just suprized that I finally able to make that meet . I asked some question, and even got answers. Firstly I asked SG for name, and is he real, and could give any proofs. Then we just started to talk, about life, happenings, and him/her.[/LD]

When I think about what I want to dream about I like to mostly set up the conditions. But I thought of this.
I want to dream about nature. So I would like to be in a forest, with many trees of various sizes and species. Green stuff everywhere. Surrounding me and so thick that you can’t see very far. Everything you do see is either close or high up. Animals of all sorts go by, some stay, some follow me or run away. The forest is mixed. Some places are like the forest here in sweden, some places are jungle. many types of forest are there and the animals are in suitable places unless there is some reason for them to be in the wrong type of forest. There are also different tribes around wich I can visit and such. If I go far enough I get to more modern places but not only as modern as like, most fantasy stories go. I can go around as some sort of warrior of fighter and fight goblins and zombies in caves and old ruins underground, probably some necromancers too.

I’m ready for Round 2 with my subconscious in another epic battle for the Fight for Dreamscape Control :sly: I’ll admit, I was pretty frustrated at first (even to the point of regretting ever learning about LDing), but now I’m feeling pretty lucky :content: I think I can beat him next time–and I will :grin:

It’s gonna be BIGGER than the first fight! It’s gonna be like clash of the titans! I’m gonna totally DESTROY him and ALL the DCs he throws my way :ebil:

Tonight, i want to dream that i am a soldier in Huey’s army, helping him overthrow the oppressive system :wink:


Same there.

Cool :happy: I have backup :plotting:

The Evil Hubey SC Tyranny will go down in flames, flash, and pizzaz :ebil:

After I dream about Victoria Principal :cloud9:

Hey, I just like older women, okay :eh:

[03/07/07] The Doors

Tomorrow I will wake up knowing a lot more about myself. When I begin to dream I will be in a dark room. A voice will boom through some speakers and say, “Behind these doors is a seperate copy of you except it will represent a different idea or emotion. You will learn from them and understand your inner workings.” So basically, in this dream after becoming lucid I will open each door and see a different part of myself. Afterwards I’ll eat some cookies! ( :smile: )

And yes I will become lucid. So will you! :wink:

Unreal Dream(not real dream)

I wander around in a military base. I walk in front of the barracks, and figure out it is a GDI (from Command & Conquer) base. I quickly realize i’m dreaming! I calm down, look around, see a commando. I see a helipad, with an orca on it. I steal the orca, shout out the window at the angry commando, and fly to sky island. I first grab the sword of dreams, and pierce the dream, leaving a gaping hole in all dreams for the next 24 hours. Then I race towards the summoning chamber, and summon all the chroniclers. I wander for about a month (Dream time) doing whatever appeals to me. Then I wake up, by stabbing myself with the sword of dreams (for incredible lucidity.)

Dream will happen tonight.

I wanna dream of Sky Island. I plan on going there by using the running lightning fast teleporting technique I discovered in another dream.
It’ll be awesome.

wolves. I want some wolves

Dream I want:

I will be in my room, when tonight’s autosuggestion kicks in. I will use this small spark of lucidity to create the SCCS, which I described in BenDrummin58’s thread. It will then create my space station dreamscape. After elongating time and exploring the station, I will attempt to reach Sky Island through my transporter room. I will arrive there, and meet any other Chroniclers who are dreaming at the same time as me

sorry to go off topic, but what exactly is sky island?

This night, I’ll finally go to my dream land. Check my DJ for details about it :smile:

Chrishiro, Sky island is the meeting place of the chroniclers. Clicky my sig.

Also I want that dream tonight.
EDIT: I really want that dream tonight.

[04/07/07] My Book Signing!!!
I will be signing books and will become lucid. All my fans will hand me a copy and when they do I’ll recognize them as close family and friends! And then my crush will fall in love with me because of my excellently constructed prose and fall into my arms accidentally unearthing: 5 million dollars!! :smile:
okay… if i don’t become lucid by the time my crush falls in love with me i’ll catch it when we unearth the 5 mil…
lol well you asked me what i wanted to dream and i responded… arrogantly but still… it counts hahaha

You know, money is worthless in dreams. You can do whatever you want anyway! :cool_laugh:

Tonight, I don’t care what I dream about as long as it’s not mundane stuff like I normally dream about. The most surreal dream I’ve ever had was like, in an attic. So I’ll LD, make a mirror, and go through it.

I want to dream of the cave location again … but this time I will become lucid :grin:
When I see any DCs (human or stuffy) I will talk to them …I will ask them their name and if they have anything they want to tell me.
Eventually i will find myself in the labyrinth proper. Then I will summon hippo, fix, fear and siiw :grouphug: