What is so wrong about it??!!

Im 15 years old, and every day, im am picked of beacouse i like video games… i mean, whats sospecial about it… everytime i start talking about games with one of my pals, everyone near make funny faces, and call us babys, just couse we play videogames… i mean what is wrong about playing ps2 games with my age…
post your thoughs please…

Stereotypes. People are all so insecure that they use anybody or anything as an outlet for expressing that insecurity. It isn’t really like playing or being interested in video games is stupid, it’s just that a majority of people might hold this view which causes others to jump on the bandwagon. I know I could say “don’t let it get to you” but that’s all you really can do. Take solace in the fact that you have something you’re interested in and they are so dull that they can only take interest in making fun of others. These people are like a plague; they only spread their negativity. There is nothing wrong about what you do. And in a world where playing video games seems to be incredibly popular, I don’t see why they even hold the views they do. Don’t give them the satisfaction of making you upset.

show them what you have learned in playing videogames and smash their faces in. It seems to be the only way to get respect in this world. :grrr:

maybe they just can’t afford one so they are all jealous.

i play many games i’m 22.

anyone has a problem with that i can show them what GTA: VC taught me.

Maybe i should teach them what Manhunt thought me…

There’s nothing wrong with it at all. Video games is for any age in my oppinion. It’s only entertainment. They must be boring people if they’re that desperate to make fun of someone.

i know a 46yr old that plays video games.

my dad also plays video games

My dad is playing manhunt right now as i type :content:
I play games,And many of you buddys do to.

What kind of people are these? I don’t know where you live, but here no one cares if you play videogames, more people do then don’t. I bet you don’t like in the states though. I wonder if we play videogames more then japanese people. :eh: Maybe I’ll ask one, anyone live in japan? Anyway, blow them off, anyone that can actually somehow find playing videogames(one of the most fun ways to pass time in the teenage years…well almost) to be something bad that can be made fun of, that person needs to get there head out of there behind and get with the times. :cool:

Where I live, you are considered odd if you don’t play computer games.

Ampout, LOl, my friends and Myself are all in our thirties and we still like games…isnt that great, having a little part inside of you that still likes to play! My advise is if someone says something about it then say "yup, you got the right to c it that way…then just smile and let it go :wink:

Being agrown up is not that you cant play but is more taking an overview about your life and take responsibility for it…playing keeps you young of spirit and thats a good thing. So be who you are no matter what others say about it.
But be with respect and responsibility.

Even when iam 80 i still gonne play :happy:
if thats possible then, free spirit so free so free :wink:


heh where i live ppl ask me for help on games . even preps weird huh? guess i’m just lucky. and i play ALOT! of games :happy: and final fantasys …99+ hours. hehe i’m a game addict

You also know a 47 year old who plays video games … me! :wiske:

I’m not sure if it’s where I live, or just who I talk to, but nobody ever makes fun of my interests. Well, except my parents, but I’m hoping they’ll grow to accept it. :wink:

Given that the video game industry now turns over more annually than the film industry (yep, that’s right) - it’s about time it was taken seriously.

Like everybody said in this thread:

Do whatever makes you happy.

If they can’t accept it, they are not worth your time

where me and ampout live we’re considered odd if we play videogames. Most of the gammers are (unerversally) 22, 23, 24 years old

Maybe, theyre the odd ones dead :smile:

:eek: Wow. Over here people call you sad for not owning enough video games, or having an xbox instead of a ps2 concle, or vice versa.

LOL! TechnoDreamer :wink:


You’d fit in with my friends well. A lot of times I find myself out of conversations because my friends are talking about video games, which I have little to no interest in.