What is the most anoying thing that happened while lucid?

For me it was this…
Sometimes I have dreams that I do something wrong and people are after me and I run from them. Well I had A dream that for what ever reason I missed a day of school and then I was in my room trying to call some of my friends (Genkai) for the work I missed. They did not know what I was talking about so I assumed that me missing school was just a dream :grrr: !!! I mean I was thinking about dreaming in a dream without realizing I was dreaming!! That would be a great time for a RC !

Has to be Losing Lucidity because of having an FA and trying to WILD from it :tongue: actually now I think about it it is quite funny… trying to WILD in an LD… ugh maybe next time I’ll reality check before I try WILD in the morning :bored:

First ever proper LD I had I decided I had to fly, but the only way I could do it was to turn into a vampire (don’t ask) and the DC’s cottoned on pretty quick and started shooting at me!

Naturally my backstabbing SC had given them anti-aircraft guns.

That reminds me that in one of my earliest LD I tried to make this girl appear but my SC made my mom appear! :grrr:

Trying to travel somewhere and the dream scenery morphs just as I get close… happens quite a bit.

Also, in a ND, I tried to become lucid by rolling down a hill (?) and felt disappointed when it had seemingly failed. I ‘woke up’ and went back to bed (on hindsight, I realized that this was a false awakening - very annoying)

The really annoying dreams for me is when someone fights me and I can’t fight back. You know… when you try to punch, and the punches you throw are very slow-motion like. Or just in general when you can’t defend yourself.

DreamerWolf i know what you are talking about. I don’t really fight much in dreams. But the symptom is the same.
I try to run or walk and sometimes I just move in slowmotion, or get stuck… Or sometimes even become too weak. can’t muster the strenght to move my legs. It’s annoying because I haven’t learned how to teleport. And I don’t fly real good. In normal dreams it is useful as a dream sign. but in lucid dreams it’s just a waste of time.

Something else that’s annoying is when I’m trying to have some fun with the ladies and they turn into a cat. It’s not even the annoying wake up syndrome yet. but transformation. Ofcourse this has not happened for a long time.

Not so much experience yet, but I know a DC annoyed me in a LD once, I remember throwing a book at her and calling her “names”. Then I went back to my fun. BUT there was one good side to that; I called her a DC and so reinforced my lucidity in a way.


the most annoying thing ever while lucid is NOT having a CLEAR ENOUGH MIND TO DO ANYTHING! :wallhit: oh it’s so bad.


When I was flying once and wanted to land i couldn’t I would just sway and float and tilt… :sad:

Also I hate waking up as soon as I’m Lucid! :sad:

I didn’t just do that to bring it back to life :peek:

Once I had awoken from my bed only to find out that I was dreaming. I would get up from my bed with my pillow on my face and then wake up again, realize I was dreaming and try to head towards my bedroom door, and I never made it following this sequence 2 or 3 times after that it was messed up.

The most annoying that that has ever happened to me while lucid was I tried to fly…took off really fast from the ground… and hit a tree… i was stuck in it the whole dream which didn’t last long.

I enjoy lucid dreaming, but have had many annoying experiences:

-waking up as soon as I become lucid

-getting pulled around when flying and smashing into things such as a brick wall

-getting stuck in window when trying to phase through glass

-going through a mirror and ending up right back where I started

-trying to make solids unsolid, I wanted to fly through a wooden shed, but I crashed into it, and the DC’s with me laughed at me! :grin:

Fear, you are one of the luckier ones. My first attempt at flight in a LD, I figured I’d try to burst through the ceiling Superhero-style. I got a dream concussion, my head exploded and I woke up. ^%@#! :eek:

I always always have eye problems when I am lucid. Never fails that I get them.

Usually no matter how hard I try I can’t open my eyes or everything is blurry.

This guy in a topic near this one was trying to have sex when a large man came into the room. :clap:

As for me, my biggest problem is still keeping lucidity.

Pulling the trigger of a loaded gun in a tight situation, only for the trigger to do nothing at all, usually getting you killed :sad:

for me its the fact I know i’m dreaming but i dont’ realise it. Its Like when you know what year it is you just don’t think about it, it kinda goes withoust saying.

Probably my memorable ‘groundhog day’ dream.

I’d wake up, in a false awakening in bed. But every five minutes or so, the dream would fade out, and then I’d wake back up to the exact same false awakening. After a while, I figured this out and got lucid with an RC right when I woke up.

But… I had no control. I knew it was a dream, but I couldn’t do anything(out of the ordinary) and every five minutes I would wake up… in the exact same position… in the exact same dream.