What real life locations appear in your dreams frequently?

Just wodnering. For me two common places are the food 4 less/food max I usually go to when my dad goes shopping and also the old railroad sqaure (I live in Santa Rosa).

:wave: Heya Hammerhead.

House, school, familiar places. Every once in a while I get my wonderful pale pink house where everything is always perfect… :love:

/me day dreams… :dream:

For some reason, most of my dreams take place in or around my parents’ house, especially lucid dreams.

The “glasshouse” in the centre of my town usually appear in the “singing” dreams.

It is also interesting how the dream versions of IRL places are different from their IRL versions. The difference is usually the same in every dream. For example, there is sometimes an underground part of the town near my parents’ house.

How about your classroom dreams Siw? You have those fairly often, don’t you? :smile:

That isn’t a real location, it is a dream interpretation of the #ld4all chatroom!

Ah, that’s right. Ignore me then. :content:

My LD’s from the OBE roll stuff tech always happen in my sleeping room (since this is what your brain expects to happen)… but otherwise LD’s happen at the most random places. So do the majority of my ND’s btw.

I usually appear in my childhood home.

Anyone thinks that the place you appear most correspond to the environment where the mind identifies with you-ness the most?

Hi hammerHead and welcome,

I mostly dream about buildings and houses that are not really there IRL.
The Places I do dream about that are there IRL is my grandparents house out in West, Va.

School, house, streets nearby, the store, the mall, etc. I always dream alot about strange new rooms or buildings in the areas near my house.

I dream that I am trying to sleep in my bed a lot, sometimes I realise that. What annoys me is that if I have a LD in my bed, I am very sleepy, I stand up and do something and in a couple of minutes I find myself again in bed dreaming until I wake up for real

It’s rare for me to dream about anywhere more than once. I’ve only had dreams of real places a few times. All my other ones are fantasy and even then I don’t often revisit them.

I once dreamt I was in a local town. During the dream I travelled across the town but gaps were left where I traveled over great distances, like I was fast forwarding to the good bits. (Great distances is a slight exageration. Large areas would have been more accurate. :tongue: )
I also hada false awakening recently, for the first time ever. It didn’t feel like waking life but it was a dream in which I woke up in my room. Not very vivid. The image of my entire room had been distorted oddly.

Many of my dreams actually take place on stage in a theater, or at my work. The theater dreams pretty much always show me failing somehow, be it not remembering what i should do, instruments not being on stage when i need them, or the crowd being so loud that i can’t make myself heard at all.

I think the reason work comes in a lot is because i talk to a lot of different people there (since i’m behind a public desk). It gives very interesting dreams too though :smile:

I hardly ever dream of real places. I do remember having a few that featured something vaguely similar to university, and also my old house, but neither of these were accurate - they were only slightly based off the real locations.

School here too.Somehow makes me think- so many people say school is often present in their dreams.Can this be another hint from our subconciousness? As to show dreams purpose to be training grounds,something that we can learn from?
Just a speculation.

Mostly I dream of school when it’s vacation… (Then you don’t have school IRL so it comes back in you dream. Just like stopping trying to LD, and then get a LD)

I dream about my home, but mostly I dream of places I create or a combination. I dream lately a lot about vacation too. The places are a little bit from real life and a little bit imagened.

I almost always dream of my parent’s house. I’m usually either inside or in the driveway…

When I dream about real-life locations, they’re almost never the way they are IRL. Usually a few places are combined, or fictional elements are added, or a combination of the two. For example, I once dreamed that I ran from my school, through a little suburban neighborhood that doesn’t really exist, and came out of the woods behind my house. In another one I ran into the woods behind a school and found a waterfall and a hospital, then when I ran back out I found myself at a farm fair. Most of my school-related dreams take place in what I call the Dream Composite School, which is basically every school I’ve ever been in mushed into one big chaotic school.

Last night I had a FA So I’ll say my bedroom.