what to do when you become lucid

What are the coolest things and the best things to do when you become lucid- what is your favorite?

Anything you want apparently!

I’ve only had 1 very short LD, and I just thought “whoa im doing it! now what” and I remembered reading (i had just learnt about ld’s that night) that people often enjoy flying, sounded cool so I tried it, but everything was very black, I could feel and hear the wind which was cool.

If I get another one I’m going to try flying again for sure

Check this for more info on that

hi Tris and mdjr :welcome:

Alot of people would say that they like to fly in LDs but i like to go swimming under the ocean because you always see something very cool there, that is why when i WILD i always try and keep swimming on the mind, plus you can breath underwater :cool_laugh:


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