What Type Of Music Do You Like?

I like so many things. heres a few; swing, jazz, classic rock, folk, rock, grunge, bubble gum pop, classical gas, classical guitar, viking rock, blues, alternitive, ect… really all I don’t like is rap, boy bands(backstreet boy type), really hard metal, and punk( used to be one, now I hate it)

Shinta: will check them out, thanks for the tip.

LucidIntelligence: fair enough, you did name 3 of the best mainstream artists so I have to agree with you there. Eminem just scares me sometimes, how good he can be, gotta believe him when he says “I’m not a real person, I’m a ghost trapped in the beat”. Jay-Z and Nas’s battle was great, I’d always side with Nas in that one though (I feel Jay-Z is a bit misguided, although gotta respect what he’s done in a way). So yeah, I don’t really have a problem with quality mainstream… but to me, most mainstream acts sound corny. All this thug bullshit… as Insight says, the TRUE “thugs” pulling off the biggest hustle are the record company execs, the ‘rappers’ are just fake thugs selling what he calls a “negative black experience”.

Check out “Lets Get Serious” by Party Fun Action Committee. It’s a concept album that kinda parodies the mainstream (and a bit of the underground). The tracks are all listened to by two record company execs.

But y’know, its all a part of it. In Kanye West I see an artist who is mainstream but admitting the problems mainstream rap has and, via that, hip hop can only grow. Good music transcends any category like ‘mainstream’ or ‘underground’ so its all good.

Damn you. You are over shadowing my favorite bands post. Heh, oh well. Like most people will say, I like a lot of things. I don’t know how true it is compaired to others. I listen to jazz, classic rock, modern rock, progressive, latin, techno, just about everything…except rap and hip-hop. R&B is alright as long as it is really R&B.

Hah Shinta I checked out the lyrics to Immortal Technique… I’ll check it out but it doesnt sound like my kind of style… very violent “death rap”, right? You into Ill Bill and the others on Psycho-Logical? I’m more into the abstract style, or something which balances the positive with the negative, as opposed to all out mutilation and massacre. I can listen to Eminem because he has some self-awareness with what he’s doing, but I don’t listen to even someone as talented as him too much because of the content. Ill Bil has great delivery too but jeez, how much violence do these people have in their minds?! :bored:

As Big Juss says: “If you murder up in the ghetto you murder in a temple”

yeah i do like violence and hatred toward man kind but its kewl i was just seeign if u had heard em. and its kewl thta u like balanced music harmony is awesome. well sorry for off topic

Psychotrance, or anything that sounds “trippy” :cool:
or anything that I think have good lyrics…

I like music I can dream away to, such as Moby, Enya and various music from films. Dark, melodious music is very good too, especially when I am in a certain mood. :cool:

Rock, electronic, Pop…

Mainly goatrance, psy, chillout, ambient, dark ambient, new age (especially Enigma and Sacred Spirit) and meditative soundscapes. Also classical, mainstream trance, hiphop, some rock, ethnic/tribal music, opera, funeral/drone doom, ambient, gabberhouse, etc… But no heavy metal or alike…

break beats.

My favorites are Punk/alternative (christian), techno, dance, and whatever Simon and Garfunkel are. My favorite band of all time is definatley Reliant K. Clever lyrics and great music, particularly guitars.

If your into hip-hop, try some of the “underground hip-hop” like “Del the Funkee Homosapein or Deltron”, “Grouch”, and “Atmosphere”. That is if you haven’t already…

rock. and some weird stuff.

I listen to everything (minus country). I especially like rock (metal), some rap, and world music which is mostly rap, metal, and a little accoustic.

Relient K is the freaking best

cannibal corpse and decrit birth also deeds of flesha sn well dimmu borgir

and i reiterate…

argh, music… i play mad crazy tech metal guitar, so i have quite the picky taste in music…

metalcore (Between the Buried and Me, theBled, Fear Before the March of Flames,Anah Aevia, As Hope Dies, Converge, PsyOpus, Fall of Troy, Hot Cross)

Indie-Emo ( Elliott Smith, Bright Eyes, Damien Rice, Pinback, 3 mile pilot, built to spill, THE MARS VOLTA!!!, at the drive in, death cab for cutie)

HipHop (noah23, aesRock, Saul Williams, Sole, Alias, DoseOne, Eyedea, Phlegm, Orko, StapleMouth, Sage Francis)

edit: anyone have similar tastes?


Well. I guess I mainly like Metal and alternative metal, and some rock, plus a few things here and there of random stuff. Never rap though, and never anything that is too popular. Tool is a favorite of mine. I also like kind of classical orchestral string music, the kind you might here in a fast paced movie or video game. I don’t really have too much music.

Hey all.

I was wondering what kind of music you like. I expect that everyone’s tastes here are going to be pretty diverse :tongue:
Some of you must know that I play music. I play the guitar, and I used to perform quite a bit. I’d like to start up another band someday when I’m in college and see where it goes.
I like rock in general, especially the classic stuff, Jimi Hendrix, AC/DC, that sort of thing. I’m a huge fan of instrumental music, like Steve Vai and Joe Satriani, or Eric Johnson. I also like alot of progressive stuff, like Rush or Dream Theater. Classical and jazz are great to, I love Pagannini and John Coltrane. I also like the sounds of a lot of those Indian Ragas that I hear on the Discovery Channel sometimes.
So what about you guys and gals? What do you like to listen to, or play on an instrument?

My music tastes vary wildly. I like just about anythign that isn’t rap.

I’m a major 70’s and 80’s rock fan. I’ve seen in concert:

Bryan Adams (twice)
REO Speedwagon
.38 Special
Head East
Def Leppard
Lynard Skynard
Journey (twice)
Van Halen (Sammy Hagar AND David Lee Roth in the SAME concert!)
Phil Collins (Final Farewell Tour - Was Awesome)

Besides those, I also love…

Black Crowes
ZZ Top
Mr. Big
Bon Jovi
Tom Petty
Billy Idol
Billy Joel
John Melencamp

and many more i can’t think of :content:

Finally, I like some of the newer stuff comign out, which surprises me since I’ve always been one to love the old stuff.

Audioslave has some good stuff
Shinedown is awesome
Finger Eleven is pretty cool
3 Doors Down isn’t bad
Maroon 5 is good.

So, that about covers my tastes :content: