What's your favorite Video Game? - Part 2

This is a continued discussion. Part 1 can be found here.

Final Fantasy VIII, Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy X (yes, in that order. And FFIX was terrible)
Both Deus Ex games (1 and 2)
Might and Magic VI, VII, VIII and IX

Oh. And Goldeneye, that game was awesome…

That’s all I can think of for now, though I have played like 1000 games that I don’t remember any more :neutral:

edit: I really liked Morrowind III a lot. Until I figured out all the tricks and cheats you can pull of in the game, it made the game boring.

Don’t play much anymore, but I like Silent Hill 1,2 (and probably 3 when I get to play it), Final Fantasy series (especially 6,7), Simon the Sorcerer 1,2, Money Island series and all the other old Lucas Arts adventure games, NFS: Porsche, Gran Turismo series.

need 4 speed underground is deff the best.

Jak II is pretty good, little too much like GTA, but its still great!

Lately I’ve been spoiled with an X-box :grin: , its not even mine, and I have 5 games already too. There not mine either :happy: , its great. The games I’ve been playing are SSX3, Freedom Fighters, Vice City GTA, Soul Calibur, and Halo(ofcourse :wink: ) Now for my question for all the GTA freaks. I wanted to know if the game had any cheats, if so give me some details. :help:

im yet to play gta for xbox but
www.gamefaqs.com should have more cheats than youll ever need

Great! Thanks, i need a good game cheat site, i could never find a good one :wink:

Either ‘Master of Orion’ or the original ‘Wing Commander’… unless you are talking RPGs, then it would be ‘Ultima V’, the last real RPG that I’ve seen in a loooooooooong time.

Well that site worked out, it had alot of cheats. Vice City has alot to offer, this game is great, but Halo2 is right around the corner. Any thoughts :confused: ? Well, i think this game is gonna blow ever other game out of the water. I’ve watched that 9 minute preview it gave some goose bumps, you should watch it, if you havent seen it :eek: , ofcourse you have to be a Halo fan :wink: I mentioned this before on this thread, but just in case if you never passed by it or seen it click this https://gamepro.com/downloads/file_middle.cfm?file_id=4763

What are some real good games for X-Box? Its hard to tell what’s good anymore :confused: The last game i thought that looked cool was High Crime or something the streets of LA. I forgot the title, but it looked like another version of GTA :grin: , but more advance.

concel: FF3 (or 6 if you wanna be a dick about it) and crono trigger.
computer: leasure suit larry. Pick one

Yeah, I guess Halo 2 looks ok… but dude, FAR CRY! This is “where it’s at”, so to speak. If you’ve never heard of Far Cry, you should check it out. I downloaded the demo last night, and spent most of this morning marveling over it. Easily the most graphically impressive title yet announced/demonstrated this year, and the AI is fantastic.

I think I’ll go curl up in the corner until this game is finally released…

Finally someone who lists FF8 first! hearts I have the same order. Plus FFVI. ^^ And FFIX was terrible. I don’t even remember much of it. The only thing that was good about it was the music…

I don’t play many games these days. So my favorite games up to this day, excluding the Final Fantasy games, would be Dungeon Keeper, Carmageddon, Doom II, Heretic (what do you mean I’m violent? <_<), Privateer, and Commander Keen. HA. loves retro/oldschool games Oh, and then there’s Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis, Monkey Island, Kyrandia… could go on forever

Why did I stop playing pc games again? Oh right… I discovered the internet. :grin:

Actually one of my goals is to act out Final Fantasy VIII in an LD. :slight_smile:

I actually want to get Knights Of The Old Republic for the PC… but I’m poor. weeps

final fabntasy 9 was a good game.Final fantasy 7 was the greatest and then x-2,x,8 and then ff xi also ff 4 and 2

NFS3, GTA3, BF1942, COD, UT2000, AOE2, DFBHD and all other DF’s, CS, MP/MP2, SSX/SSX2.

my fav game has been and will always be CHRONO CROSS!!. god i love that game. they need to make a sequel to it…maybe i’ll make it when i get lucid :grin: .

never played chrono cross but chrono Trigger is Awsome.

Demo, Demo, Demo! or I mean Link, Link, Link! Never heard of it Atheist, what kind of game is it? You better not say RPG :tongue:

Just lately i’ve played the Demo for the new Bond game, really cool, it s hard too. The demo start with an exploding building and your jumping off of it with a link hooked up on the top, its cool, while you jump down on the side of the building, you have to kills the guys that follow you down. The explosions were cool, i kind of want to get the game after playing the demo, what a tease :cry:

They never released Chrono Cross OR Chrono Trigger in Europe. weeps

Or Xenogears for that matter. Luckily I found Xenogears at an anime shop and got my PSX modded so I could play it. I’d say without a doubt Xenogears has to be the most amazing RPG I’ve played yet. It does beat all Final Fantasies, IMO - the storyline is simply amazing. Too bad it all sort of collapses in disc 2, story-pace wise. Way too many cutscenes.

Any of the zelda Games, but the first is by far my favorite.

Nah, I’m not a big fan of RPGs. FarCry is a mostly standard first-person shooter with above-average AI, physics and graphics. It takes place on a tropical island (the entirety of which you can explore, I might add), and offers a refreshingly non-linear style of play. You can run along the intended path if you want (…to run into all manner of traps), or you can deviate and tackle the mission from another angle. Hell, you can drive a boat around the island and approach from the complete opposite side if you really want. Good way to catch the enemy off guard.

Anyway, check out some screenshots (here, and here). Just a couple of little things… the demo is 500MB and you need a pretty serious machine to run it.