What's Your Favorite Videogame?

OH! My favorite PC Game has got to be Arkanoid, oldest version. Its so great, but now I can’t find it anywhere… All these stupid new Arkanoid 4000s and whatnot. I dont want fancy graphics, I want the game! Javanoid 2 is pretty close though…

I think that my favorite game of all time is one that I can play for hours on end and never get tired of it. So it would have to be GOLDENEYE 007 for N64. My friends don’t want to play me because they never win. those punks. I’m going to go play it right now.

I have the same problem, but i cant play Golden eye anymore, its to slow, retro, and just out of date. Im used to all these new games and all i own is a playstation. Its weird though, whenver i play Tommorrow Never dies or Halo i just win. I dont like to play multiplayer, b/c i dont even have a challenge anymore. My friends that went off to college are to sick at the game, they play so much, they have a game that you can only shoot people in the head to win.

I guess Bond was the Basics, and it evolved me to Halo :happy:

Goldeneye used to be a family favorite in my house a few years ago. It was a fun game that provided a lot of memorable experiences.

Yeah, i played that game so much, i figured out every secret, glitch, and created new ways of playing just to re-invent the fun. That game does spark alot of great memories.

When was the last time you tried to play it? You’ll notice the difference from everyhting else :wink:

Final Fantasy Rules!

Except when you get totally wiped out by Evrae (or whatever the “cheating dragon’s” name is …in FF X just before Breville) everytime you have nearly won the fight! I have lost count how many times my team has been slaughtered this week!
Evrae is dead…I finally got to the end of the fight this morning! :happy:

Actually I played goldeneye just the other day.

Yes I must agree with you there Moogle. FInal Fantasy is pretty much the ultimate gaming series. Also were you stuck on Evrae because I am trying to see if it was just me who was stuck on him or if many people have been. ALso I think it would be pretty funny to watch Evrae do 100 damage to my characters now.

Ftrgot to mention FF7 is definatly my favorite followed by 10,8,2,1,9

Also Zelda series isn’t far behind

Ape Escape for PlayStation One. The graphics aren’t that good by today’s standards, and the gameplay isnt really anything new, but it’s addictive finding and catchin those monkeys with gadgets like the personal helicopter, RC car, super hula hoop lol

I’d play it anytime :happy:

Yes. It took me a week, everytime I nearly killed it, the dragon wiped me out…it was all a matter of getting the timing right. It was nearly as bad as the undersea weapon on FF7 and the Ozma on FF9 (that was nasty aswell). I think some of the programmers are sadists! :tongue:

So many good games out there that i could mention.
Monkey Island I-II, fantastic humour and they still kick ass!
Star Control II, game that made me love electronical music. Was way ahead its time when released in early 90s.
Civilization I-III played this serie so much that its already scary.
Ufo:Enemy Unknown (X-Com) really nice playability in this turn based tactical fighting game. Aliens that didnt come in peace.
Jagged Alliance I-II similar to Ufo but this time its mercenaries waging war in banana republic.
Dune II, grand daddy of Command & Conquer, was situated in Frank Herbert’s Dune trilogy. Spice, sandworms, sardaukar and of course Fremens with glowing blue eyes.
Day of Defeat, Halflife mod about WWII, intense streetfighting and deadly weapons.

Right now my favourite games are Combat Mission 2:Barbarossa to Berlin and Silent Storm. Both are strategy games about WWII. Silent Storm is Jagged Alliance like game with nice 3D graphics and with terrain where everything can be broken, you can blow up whole buildings when fighting with your commando unit behind enemy lines. Combat Mission 2 tries to be as accurate to real war as it can get. You control squads and tanks in eastern front, Finland also included! Panzer Marsch!

If anyone is intersted in a Final Fanatsy 7 challenge try this:

Beat the game with just cloud, buster sword and no materia. If you feel really good try taking on Emerald Weapon (undersea weapon).

I have beaten this challenge and the weapon

You don’t mean beating Emerald weapon with just cloud, buster sword and no materia? :eek:

Actually, I do. Use the Lucky 7’s trick. Also his lethal Aire Tam storm shouldn’t hurt you because you have no materia.

I might try it. But not yet as I’m still doing FF X for the first time. :content:

lets see back in the day lol Goldeneye was my favorite game and is still on my top 5 list, but i find it very linear and rather boring now as whatever you do it’s always the same gaurds are always where you expect them to be and after a few completed attempts you know just where to find them and the best way to get to them.

Though completing the game on it’s hardest setting was the most satisfying moment of my gaming life.

Now i play Gran Turismo 3 A-Spec, normally i don’t complete all the game, but i have done all the races in arcade. And i am determined to do all the races on GT mode.

Smackdown: here comes the pain - i’m a wrestling fan what can i say.

And one of my fave games for relieving frustration GTA: Vice City - one day i will complete this game 100%, i will, i will, i will.

Ape escape for psone was fun. I played that game for a long time. My friends use to make fun of me for it saying it was a crappy game. Screw them they don’t know what a good game is if it bit them in the a$$.

I know what you mean Insane_goth about gta vice city. I worked for along time and finally got 100%. You do get infinite ammo, double health for cars, and three body guards for hire but the best is the hunter that appears in down town.
I was pissed though because after beating it there is nothing to do. You eventually get bored with it and stop playing as much.

pro evolution soccer 3 is my favourite at the moment
also playing need for speed underground

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