Where did you first hear about lucid dreaming?

Did you hear it from a friend? Did you accidentally stumble across it on the internet? Did you have a lucid dream without knowing what it was and decided to look it up?

The way I heard about it was I was at a video game website’s (IGN) message board where you just talked about anything, and some guy posted about how to induce sleep parlysis. So in the thread a couple people suggested lucid dreaming so I just looked it up and got really interested, eventually found this website and these forums.

So here I am now, still trying to have lucid dreams.

What about you?

It was during the summer. . .

I was a bright eyed teenager awakening in the late morning with a vivid dream still lingering in my mind. I was bored so I went on the internet. I was surfing the web. Clicking links till I came across one for dreams. Thinking of my dream I checked it out. A sub category was lucid dreams. What is that? I thought to myself. Then a long journey of fun and self discovery began.

I eventually found this site. I lurked for a while and then finally decided to sign up.

I stumbled across lucid dreaming on the internet. I was searching for a new wallpaper to put on my computer because I was tired of the default windows ones. I think the site I came across was www.cognitivedistortion.com While there, I saw a link to a forum. I wondered what people could really talk about a wallpaper forum so I clicked on it. One of the categories was lucid dreaming. I had never heard of it so I did a search on it and came across the lucidity institutes website. Became very interested and have been trying ever since.

One day I was on the forum, www.astralprojection.com . And somebody posted a bunch of good information sites about the astral plane and that, and one of them was this one. I was hugely exited by the time I finished reading the first paragraph, though I’d never had a lucid dream in my life, I could think of about a million reasons I wanted to try this. I am SO glad he posted that link, otherwise I may have never found out about lucid dreaming. :content:

ok this is really stupid but…
ok it was like 2 years ago and i heard that u can control your dreams on sum stupid hair spray comericial lol (i thought it was weird too scince it didnt have to do w/ hair) anyways i thoght it would be SO cool if u could do that so like 1.6 years later I remembered it and did a search on google and eventually found lucid dreaming

Hmmm thats a very interesting question.

One day I had a lucid dream, very short but I knew I was dreaming. Then I woke up and was mad cause I woke up, but I was still excited.

I think I was looking at books on amazon.com and read something about lucid dreaming. Then I did a search on msn.groups and found a site with a link for here. And Im still working on getting lucid dreams every night.

I read an article in a university magazine, and thought, “yeah right. If that was possible wouldn’t more pople know about it? Someone’s just trying to fill in a bit of space.” Months later, I had a false awakening in a dream, and a couple of days later saw ‘Waking Life’ at a film festival. I went back and read the article again, took it seriously this time, and eventually ended up at this site. I’ve often wondered how big an influence ‘Waking Life’ has had - did it play a part for many others here?

when i was little I would know i was dreaming…normally during mightmare and wake myself up. Then in the 8th grade a i did a report on dreams and found out about lucid dreaming…but i didnt do anything else. Then last may I had started a disscussion on a forum about dreams, someone talk about lucid dreams, I did a search, found this site…and been hooked ever since…

well, one day I was sleeping and had realy weird dream, I was in a bar, siting at the table and then I looked at the wall, it was full of colours all mixing up, mooving… And then I realised that I am dreaming. I went to the closest person, laughingh, and startet to convince him that I am dreaming… He didnt belive me, he just laghed and went away… Then I woke up, I was so surprised… then I fell asleep again and woke up in the same bar lucid again, and then I started to convince eveyone… still no one believes me… then I woke up again and fell asleep again and once again in the same bar…
well, later I told the whole story to my friend and he said he heard about it and recomended the book of Carlos Castaneda - the art of dreaming… that book realy helped me to continue with LDing… :alien:

wow all of these are great storys! and they are all better than mine :blush: :crying:

i found out about it when some guy posted a link to a site on the gamefaqs paranormal/conspiracy board

It was very late at night, about 3:00am I think. I don’t know why, but I searched on google for “how long can somebody stay awake” or something like that. Well, I found a site in the results, some kind of a FAQ-Collection, and there I read about lucid dreaming. First, I could not believe what I read, controlling your dreams and stuff like that. “Too good to be true” I thought to myself. But I could not forget it. After a while I decided to buy a book about it, and, it was the best decision I ever made :smile:

The first time I read about LDs was in an article in some new age magazine. A month later I saw a book about LDs in the library and remembered the article. It was Malcolm Godwin - The Lucid Dreamer. So I borrowed it. This is still the BEST book I’ve ever read about LDs.

When I was in high school my friend was telling me about these glasses that a friend of his had that just had blinking LED lights on the inside. He was wearing them and listening to some music and while he was awake began having hypnogogic imagery… he said that the colors began to swirl and then next thing he new he was standing in a street filled with people and somehow he knew that he was having a dream or a vision.

I didn’t know the term lucid dreaming at the time. I found out about that later but thats the first time I had ever heard of the possibility.

i always sort of new i could control my dreams, even though i never have, and i thought it would be cool so i just looked up in yahoo, controlling your dreams, and voila, here i am, a lucid dreamer!

I found about this ‘stuff’ from a friend of mine yesterday actually. He encouraged me to look around the site and if i liked it, i should sign up. So i did. I think this site is interesting. I like reading about all the people that have had lucid dreams b4 and what they experience in them. I haven’t had ONE yet…but i will try & see if it actually works. :content:

hmm…I actually don’t remember :mrgreen_hat:

wow u lucky prick lol no offence.

This is gonna sound strange but i kinda just new about it same with my bro. i told he that he told me about it and he says that i told him bout it.

Whatever happened i knew for a while about it but couldnt do it all the time . See quote lol. I have an abilty for just senseing and knowing things. I get it from my mum any 1 know what it is called?

Paul Did you like the book catcher in the rye? I noticed your quote was from it …

long ass time agao, probly about 4, this might sound stupid but i was into that black magic voodoo stuff and i had an ouji bored and i belive a ghost was stalking me so it said something about obes, so i looked more into it and it said something about lucid dreaming and then i looked more into that and i found this site, it has help me alot