Where do you want to go in a Lucid Dream?

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Hello guys!

Like the topic says, where would you want to go in a Lucid Dream?

personally , I’d really like to visit this place: personal-development.info/images/Lucid1.jpg

(I found it on google while browsing for some lucid related topics :smile: )

i would wanna fly around the whole world!!!..maybe i would wanna go to hawwaii or someplace lol

I go with extraterrestrials in their ships, to space stations, to saunas, steamrooms, underwater, deep outer space, innerspace, amusement parks, caves, mazelike haunted attractions, fantasy castles, etc. I could go on forever about all the fun places to go to.

Everywhere!!! I wanna see everything. I like nature, so I wanna go to different types of natural terrains with no humans. I’d be the only human there, unless I’d transform into an animal. Gotta learn how to do that.
I like culture, so I wanan go to all the famous landmarks, and I’d travel in time too so they would be in their prime. I’d also go to different small villages with cool peoples.
I like mythology so I’d go to different mythological places I’ve heard of. And spiritual realms and that sort of thing.
I’d go to space.
Well. Like I said I wanna go everywhere, can’t list it all.
Obviously I’d like to just make up places to go to as well.

:wow: That’s beautiful.

I’d like to visit some other planets or moons.

Also, any of Edward Hoppers Cape Cod paintings :content:

I want to go to the Dreamworld I’ve created to use with the Paradiso LDing program.

Yeah, I always love places like other planets, and mysterious but beautiful areas in space. I find it really motivates me to have a LD :smile:.

I would go to Greyhawk, one of the campaign worlds for 2E AD&D. One of the stories I wrote takes place there. Another place I’d like to visit would be the land of frolicking naked nymphs. A bit of Baldur’s Gate humor.

I’m going to Paris.
Maybe, I can talk in French with “real” French people lol

To some of the star wars planets!
(I’m still a noob dreamer, but I hope someday I could do this :grin:

An impressionist painting.

i want to go EVERYWHERE!

but especially i want to go to the dreamworlds i have thought of, like 6-7 of em!

the medieval one
the space one
the modern time in the near future one
and so on!

I want to just go to some random forest and explore with a friend. Also, I want to go to my school, stay there overnight with friends and play hide and seek! It would be so creepy… but totally awesome!

the strangest, most surreal dreamscapes possible i guess.
also space and some badass ancient/medaeval stuff would be good

las vegas baby

Well, ultimately through a door which leads into my mind, not categorized as conscious and subconscious or anything. Just my plain, chaotic mind. Until I gather my strength (and skill) to do that, I want to drink with buccaneers, fight with soldiers, talk to ancient philosophers and to creatures or people I create.
Also this:

Would be worth experiencing.
Not to forget:

Space. That’s for sure, I’d like to go to space :smile:

And, of course, the Yoge Mountains. That’s a place a DC once told me I had to go to find my Guardian Spirit. It’s a snowy mountain and apparently a really cocky boy lives there.

Quite a lot of us want to go into space. That’s cool :happy: /me is kind of obsessed with it

I suddenly thought of whirlpool. I’d be interested to explore one of those(prefrably while dreaming :wink: ) as i’ve never really learned much about them.

I’ll say Sky Island. :wink:

I’d like to go to someplace I’ve never been before, either a RL place or something my dream put together.