Why are these here boards dead now?

Lots of cool people used to come to these forums and have interesting conversations with me and others, but lately I’ve been feeling like no one comes here anymore. Is it me or is it kinda dead in here?

I have been a bit absent myself so I can’t really tell, but it’s normal to have it’s ups and downs. Like when Inception came out, the forum exploded with new people and activity :tongue:

Inception was meh in my opinion haha I mean Chris Nolan usually does good stuff. And you make a good point, the popularity of lucidity could be very dependent on it’s portrail in mass media. Ah the dynamics of these boards are fun to consider

Been absent a lot due to several reasons, now I am in forum now and then although I rarely post nowadays :tongue:

I’m not very active these days but that doesn’t mean I’m not around ^^

The easiest way to fix that is simply to post more :cool:

Saying that, I have noticed a shift in activity from the forum towards the chat for the last few months. The chat is a lot more active now, to the point where it can sometimes be difficult for me to follow. Topics like the Lucidity Challenge encourages members to post the things they discuss in chat also on the forum.

Yea I’ve noticed. Some may have something going on irl, lost interest, or on hiatus. Some may return later but until then I guess play the cards you’re dealt.

I am so unfamiliar with this chat thing and have never used it haha. Ill have to investigate this.

I’m not an addict… I think…

… Okay… I’m an addict. IRC for life! LD4Life!!!

(but mostly IRC… :razz:)

I always use my iPhone and can’t get chat to work on it :sad:

The forum ebbs and flows, people join and people wander off for a while. It’s possible the people you were used to talking to have drifted away due to circumstances in life. There are several members who were very active when I joined who aren’t as active as they were now, but the forum is no less active in general. It’s just the members who are more active now, are newer and I don’t know them so well. It’d be a bit unfair to say it was not as interesting or cool though. You just have to get to know them is all. The members who were active a while ago often return later and become active once again too.

If flash chat doesn’t work, then you could use an IRC client to connect, I don’t know any for IPhone, but a google search should turn some up.

I haven’t been active for a long time because (once again) I’m out of the habit of practicing the art of lucid dreaming. Every once in a while I’ll lurk around real quick, but if I know I can’t devote myself to lucid dreaming at any point in my life, I don’t tend to discuss it very much.

I “leave” the forums here without much fanfare and when I do get back after a while (usually a year or so) I just start posting again as if I haven’t been gone at all.

Juggling too many hobbies has always been a problem for me, and lucid dreaming is usually the very first to suffer because it’s also the most demanding. I have to keep a very steady sleeping pattern (by far the most difficult thing to do for me). And if I’m not in the right mindset (as in: motivated) I just can’t really do it.

Same thing right now. I just felt like chipping in, but I’m not actively involved in lucid dreaming and probably won’t be for a few more months. I usually get the urge to get back into it after the summer, but not every year. I’ll have to wait and see. :razz:

Dragon, I understand what ya mean. I too am not as acquainted with the newer members. I do feel that when I joined it was “busier” than it is now though. More people would post. Just what I’ve observed though so it could be me :smile: I also understand many people have other things going on in life. I was just on a Long break from the forums and after returning I noticed that is seemed slower around here. And thanks, ill look on google And see what I can find!

And svenshinhan I can also see how your schedule and lack of lucidity could cause you to drift or lurk, I sometimes lurk as well. I just enjoy having conversations with all the awesome people here, new and old. It’s not that the conversation is less interesting now. To me it just seems that it is less frequent now. But I hope that disposition is not justifiable…

I’ve been visiting the forum since, like, 2004 on my old account. I guess interest in LD was just higher back then. Commercial Internet was still youngish, there wasn’t as much content and huge sites like Youtube and Facebook, that monopolize attention of a wide range of users.


Some people have tried convincing me to get a FB account and getting into some lucid dream group. I think they aren’t active here anymore, it’s possible that FB became more interesting for them.

I don’t know, but it stinks! I just found this forum!

We lurk. :ebil:

:eek: Queen SD is alive!

Thanks for the RC moment!

Come on QSD, help us keeping the boards alive.

Does anyone remember me?

Lets bring this board back! :smile: I used to browse these forums as a teen