Why does every one think lucid dreaming is weird?

Why? my mom and I were having conversation about weirdness when she said, that lucid dream thing is realy weird that you do, and all my friend who I tell about them thinks there extremely weird, and that only wierd people do it. although some of my friends find my lucid dreams funny( exspecialy the one where I saw the grim reaper) I was so close to getting him intrested. I think they just don’t realy think about it.

I brought up lucid dreaming very casually in conversation to a group of people, like it was nothing special. (Just to see what they would say). They asked what It was and turns out a few of them have had a lucid dream and thought nothing of it. another group had no idea what I was talking about… because they werent really listening, and the other group of people really didnt care. Over all, no one I asked was interested in the concept of lucid dreaming :bored:

Yeah, I have the same problem. When I tell them, people…
A) Are wierded out
B) Are not even slightly interested
C) Are very slightly interested in the idea, but are too lazy to try.

And there’s 5% people express a strong interest. However, If I have to go through 20 just to change that 1’s life forever think it’s worth it. After all, life’s too short to not even try LDing once.

hehe…every week, at least one of these topics is posted. but thats ok…few times it was me that posted :razz:

Anyways, yeah it deals with a mixture of people with close mindedness, people not caring about their dreams, and a huge lack of interest because of the effort that takes place. Of course there is craploads of more things that cause people to not want to be interested, but these are the main ones that I notice. Sooner or Later, you’ll realise that it doesn’t really matter if others think it’s weird or not, all that matters is if YOU like it, and YOU can enjoy it yourself. Who cares if they are missing out on the greatest experience of their lifes. Allows you to have some special power, that not many people get to obtain.

Im with bendrummin58. I think we should think of ourselves first than other person. Although we can tell them about it, we can’t insist of making them like it, is better be happy doing it YOURSELF than being telling ppl to do it constantly.

Topics like this make me realize what a haven LD4all is. A place to escape to from the outside world, which is full of naysayers and nonbelievers. An intelligent community that runs itself, with a single purpose: discussion of lucid dreaming. I have never seen flamers or trolls on the forum, because those kinds of people could not comprehend such a hidden gem in life. I love this site and I love this forum. So thanks everyone for being here! :content:

But back to the topic, yes I have brought up the idea many times when the conversation was swaying in the direction of “weird” and “unusual” things. Nobody tends to believe me, some people might have a small interest, but not enough motivation to find out more. It’s basically a lost cause unless someone really wants to know about LDing and what it can do for you. To have that, you would need a major interest in stuff like supernaturals, weird happenings, and things of that nature. That’s all I have to say on that note. :grin:

Everytime someone asks me about LDing, they think Im on some kind of hard drug or something. Thats just how people are; not enough of them are open-minded about things like this. And to tell them I can control my dreams, just makes them laugh. Just gotta keep it to your self and if you tell someone about it and they seem interested, those are the people you can relate to.

Yeah, whenever I’ve told people, they either act like I am crazy, or show the slightest of interest (but don’t really understand anything, let alone care). For the exception of one friend who I told the day after I found out about lucid dreaming (who has now given up), everyone falls into the above categories.

One interesting note that I just remembered–when my brother told me he could control his dreams a long long time ago, I think I acted like it wasn’t anything special or that he was crazy. It took me a while after finding out about lucid dreaming to make the connection that that was what he was doing.

its mey sounds to them wierd 'cuse they dont \ dont want to belive in LD…
after i told to my friends about that they were so exited and start practice RC and MILD too! :content:
but some didnt belive me its ‘happening’ really!

I wouldn’t have believe in LD’s, where it not for two things:

  1. I had expereinced one in the past
  2. I knew LD’ing has been scientificially proven (when people don’t believe me about LD’ing, I just tell them it’s been proven… simple)

I’d have given up after just a few days practice (my motivation would have run out) where it not for the fact that I’d had an LD in the past, and so I already knew just how cool they were (and that it was worth all the effort I put in).

So, I think what it mostly boils down to one thing - have they had an LD in the past?

If the answer is yes, then not only will the believe you, but they’ll be far more motivated to start practicing.

Right on Panik100 :cool_laugh:

Anyway about the topic:

Whenever I try to tell people about it, they usally look at me like I’m crazy. They tell me it’s impossible. I try to explain it, but it seems they are too inept to learn anything that contradicts their thought patterns. Other times, they do believe me, but think it’s so unusual and that “only weirdos do that”. They think that everything that doesn’t happen much is weird. Or they become interested, but are unwilling to put in any effort.

It’s amazing how many people fit into those three groups, I never relised how rare it actually is to like lucid dreaming, and I have had about 30 lucid dreams before I relised what they where, I mostly just tryied to wake up, because they scared me for some reason. my older brother actually was the one that first showed me how to have one, I used to have them all the time from 5 years old too about 9 or 10. I probly had a thousand lucid dreams in my life, he also told me that you dream every night a lot, he might have told me at one time but I think he might have known what a lucid dream was, but that was a long time ago I’m 15 and my brothers, about 22 or 23.

I only bother telling my good friends about it because most people dont find it to weird they just dont believe it and are really closed minded and say things like “i just wanna sleep” how ignorant they are. Or one of my friends found it very interesting but he didnt have the drive to even research it any further.

My old psychology teacher wants me to do a presentation about LDing to her class, because right now, they are studing dreams. I’m just going to try to give them clue that if you pursue it, the possiblities are endless. And then throw in some basic info. It aught to be interesting…

The people I speak to about my dreams usually don’t remember them, so most think LDing is really strange, while others think it’s cool. A few of my friends are very interested and want to find out how they can do it, others are kind of jelous. My dad says it reminds him of ‘Blue Mountain’, my mom believes me and wants to nuture the trait.

Oh gosh! I know what you are all talking about! Either they think it’s weird, impossible, or cool but have not enough intent to pursue it. I also have noticed one category that hasn’t been mentioned yet… that is they think it’s evil. I live in a family of staunch christians that believe in a hell. Yes, they think it is sorcery to practice lucid dreaming and they think I might go there for doing it. However, last year I gave a report on it in my english class and it was the only subject that caught the sleepy 1st period classes’ attention. It REALLY woke them up! Not a single kid in this class of high school sophomores was not interested! Their hands shot up like fireworks on the fourth of july and boy did I feel special! Many of them were saying stuff like, “So it’s like the training program from Matrix”! It even turns out one of my friends had a lucid dream that very night! The next day he was really happy to see me!

So, TaffelHota, good luck giving your report in psychology class! I hope you have a good experience with that.

I became insterested in LD’s when I found a book called “The Lucid Dreamer” on clearance at a local bookstore.

I had never experienced a LD or even heard of them before. I am also a VERY skeptical person, but somehow LDing seemed to me to be something that could be possible.

Never having experienced a LD and having no interest at all in anything supernatural I read the book and worked on my dream recall (I never remembered my dreams before I worked at it and used to wonder if it was possible that I didn’t dream at all.) That was several years ago and since then I have had several very short LD’s that were over almost as soon as they started. Of course I haven’t really worked at it as hard as many of you people have but I tink it goes to show that anyone can experience a LD, but they have to have a strong desire and much patience to do so (unless they are lucky enough to have them automatically.)

everyone who i tell him about LD’s thinks i do drugs


So far, the only people I’ve told about it seem to find it interesting. Then again, I’ve only told people who know me pretty well, and know that I’m not prone to flights of fancy and don’t state things as fact unless I’m pretty damn sure about them.

Hi Randi !
I understand that you’re a “VERY skeptical person”, as you choose this nickname ! :grin: So sad that LDing has nothing to do with supernatural, otherwise I would have one-million dollars now. :sad:

Element: I don’t understand why people have so much difficulties when they talk about LDing. :confused: As for me, I always give immediatly the definition of a lucid dream, that is “a dream where you know you’re dreaming”. About 1 person per six have had this experience once naturally. If it is not the case of the person I’m speaking to, I just have to say it has been scientifically prooven by Pr Stephen Laberge in the 70’s at the Stanford University dream laboratory, since LDers can signal they are dreaming through eyes movements. Whether people is interested in or not is another problem ! :happy: