Why I'm trying to ld (trapped in multiple FAs)

added (trapped in multiple FAs) to the title :moogle:

In the last two days , I have had…

  1. Sleep Paralysis
  2. A werid semi Ld

I woke up in my bed , and held my nose and realised i could breath and arfter many adventures , i thought i had woke up ; I hadn’t.I kept waking up in my own bed but i was still trapped within the dream - this frightened me.( i screamed to wake up) but to no avail , this happened about 5 times.

It just made me realize how powerful the mind is .

Has this sort of dream happened to anyone else? and how did you wake up?

This false awakening experience is talked about in The BIG FA topic - Part II
but I’ll leave this topic here for people to post about how they managed to break the continuous FAs

Just try opening your eyes, like open them as far as they can go. Seems simple but its never failed me in getting out of dreams. Used to do it all the time when I was a kid to get out of nightmares.