Why is Area51 called "Dreamland"

Hello dreamers :smile:

I’m sure we are all familar with the area known as “Area51.”
It is a top secret complex east of Las Vegas Nevada. Some years ago 89,000 acres of public land was “stolen” from public domain, and later was presented to congress why they took the land. Their answer “we can’t tell you.”
It’s protected by deadly force … so if you plan to visit prepare to be met with either a bullet or unfriendly guards in white trucks.

Some of you may have heard of this place referred to as “dreamland.”

I have heard recently of a bizarre claim that this “area” has machines that induce lucid dreams. These altered states offer the potential to “time travel” or reach realms beyond what we are familar with.

Now understand it’s hard to find resources online about such a subject. There are many pages about “Area51” or “dreamland” … and not everyone refer to conscious dreams as “lucid dreams.”

I did however come across this skeptical(ofcourse) quote:

As I find more information I will post it here. I was a bit thrilled(and scared) of the possiblities that the government could be interested in AND USING lucid dreams … and perhaps for even military purposes. :meh:

Sounds sooooo “out there”! :grin: I love it! :cool:
I find it a bit hilarious that “big foot” is linked to aliens, and alien abuctions is explained off as sleep paralysis … and now lucid dreams are directly related to these BiZaRe claims and conspiracies. It seems every “hard to believe” idea becomes somehow linked to each other!

Now understand that I do not adopt this belief. I’m simply passing along what I have heard recently. :content:

So, why do you think Area51 is called “dreamland?” :lmao:

Maybe it’s called that, cos the whole alien thing was dreamed up by somone :wink:.

Asuming that this whole lucid dreaming thig is true of coarse, that would mean the could somehow find a way to access Are 51 through our LD’s and find out the truth. But if it’s not the truth, then we can’t. So if we could, we would confirm it as the truth. Nifty, no?

what if they could detect us? :lol:
what if they could follow us back?! :eh:

If they posses “alien” technology … check out this “apparent” alien abduction method!!

MIND CONTROL!! :yes: :wow:
they can influence our dreams with technology! :panic:
Science fiction has becomes reality … again! :crazy:

… but hmmm :dream: , maybe I’ll go take a peek :peek: I’ll report my findings to the lab. :obe:

Hm, aliens LD too then :cool:.

But why would they seriously want to affect our dreams? Most people don’t take them seriously (unless, it’s precog in someway), so all they’d is give us boring dreams :/.

Where are you getting all this from, DA? Any particular source? It’s interssting to read ^_^.

to put ads in them.

(sorry, couldn’t resist) I thought i saw that in a movie once.

for me area51, i thought it was the phpbb development forum area :tongue:
I knew about some secret area in the US but never knew it was called area51. I guess a lot of rumors are spreaded about it.

now you have made me all curious :cry: I think you have to be president of the US to get to know what is going on there.

actually the president doesn’t even really know what is going on there.

…Bush doesn’t know a lot of things.

Surely whoever’s doing stuff in there would know.

Well yeah, that’s obvious…

As for the president not knowing - that’s taken from Independance Day, right? For all we know, he might have access to everything in there…

A US President is not in total power. There are many “top secret” aspects of government that is kept from the president. It’s not taken from a movie. It’s fact.

but yeah, for all we know he might have been created, hatched, cloned or genetically altered in there! :smile:

:rofl: haha. i’d sure believe it.
There are lots of good books you can find on area51. there are a lot of good ones at my library. check out some books on amazon. it is really pretty interesting I think. But i think area51 has actual alien crafts that they are studying and trying to reproduce. I think it is where they took the dead alien bodies and the crashed space craft from roswell and other UFO crash sites.

To advertise products in your dream :smile: Just like in futurama :wink:

I just watched a documentary of “Area 51” It was about this guy that’s in heeps of trouble for publishing all sorts of stuff about them.

His most recent trouble was because he reported to the public that the government has placed radars and sensors on public land beyond the gated area so that they can keep better track of who’s coming in close. He was saying that they can also hear everything you say as you approach it.

Why it’s called dreamland is beyond me. My only guess is that they are coming close or have already achieved what they have been wanting to do and that is make crazy scifi-like flying machines.

And Nic is right. The president doesn’t know. If they have the right to shoot you without notice for trespassing than there aren’t too many people that know the whole truth.

DA: where are you reading this stuff from I’d like to read it too.

Area 51 is a test complex for aircraft and aircraft systems as far as i know. It has a long landing strip of several kilometers, which can be seen on satelite photos. So if they have any aircraft that needs to roll long before takeoff or after landing they probably test them at area 51. Like aircraft built for space flight or hypersonic speed. Or planes that just have very bad brakes :smile:

:content: lol

I’ve heard of alien research in Area51, but lucid dreams? Sounds even more conspiration theory-like :smile:

Isn’t air base Right Paterson Ohio, where aliens are conatained?

Area 51 is then dreamland only

Because for years the base located at Area 51 (Groomlake, Nevada) was denied to exsist by the government.

Therefore suggesting the base is a figment of everyone’s imagination, there for people started calling it “Dreamland”

that’s my theory. :smile:

DREAMLAND= Data Repository Establishment And Maintenace Land

Hmm maybe one of the live aliens from the Roswell crash showed them that more is possible when dreaming and they are using it for remote viewing etc… Wow. Or its a data repository establishment and research land. That’s a good one too… I’ve read quite a few stories from people exposing them since they “used to work there” but my fave was the guy who had escaped and was working in security who told everyone all teh entry points and exit points and explained what happens on each floor… the experiments involved working with the reptilian aliens that live inder the north pole who are actually from Earth and also the Grey’s from space and learning to utilize the technology of the two races and also take people down to the horrible floors to do mutation experiments on them! :happy:

Cheese anyone?

I think it stands for

Dimensionally Reactivated Ethereal Amplification Methods - Land.