Hey :happy: I was wondering if there are any wiccan members :smile: How about we all use this topic to discuss the subject?

(I’m not properly a wiccan, but I’m Wicca-curious :happy: So I’d like help/advice from anyone who’s willing to offer)

Wicca-curious? That’ll be the first time I heard that phrase…

Wicca is an interesting spiritual system to me because it poses as something ancient, when in reality it is a very young belief system. But I am not a wiccan myself. One of my favorite bands, though, is heavilly connected with a certain occult organization. :smile:


I believe in spells being real, but I’m not so sure I’m a wiccan

Hey, I’m wiccan!

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Hey, I’m a witch here who just discovered Lucided Dreaming. Are there any other wiccans here who know of a spell I can use to have a lucid dream? I’m having some trouble becoming lucid! :sad: I haven’t even succeeded yet! And all of my friends have… :cry: HELP!!! :help:

Yay another witch!

I don’t know any spells specifically for LDing, but I know some wishing spells that could work. https://www.magickaschool.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=312

If you have much experience with Wicca though I’d suggest writing your own spell, I’m told they work better. Oh and another thing, (sorry if I’m going over stuff you know, but I’m not sure how much experience you have in the craft) spells help, they don’t do, you’ll still have to work at it.

Good luck, and Blessed Be!

Merry Meet!

I’m Wiccan, discovered the religion early this year, still under the heel of my Christian parents though so my involvement is limited. I love this religion, makes so much more sense to me than my old one (Christianity) and I feel much more in control of my life now. I look forward to discussing it with you all.

P.S. :welcome: to thestarkat, you might want to introduce yourself in this topic

P.P.S. Have any of you heard of Inkubus Sukkubus, they’re the greatest Pagan band ever.

Wiccan beliefs are part of who I am. While I subcribe to no religion per se I do have my own set of beliefs that have been built through other belief systems including wicca.

Maybe one day I will post in the Personal Spiritual Beliefs thread. :tongue:

Wicca is a very beautiful belief system as are many of the agéd ones. It was something I enjoyed looking into while I was studying it.

I dont really call myself wiccan, nor do i call myself Christian. Come to think about it, I dont know what you call me. I have some “Christian” beliefs, a lot of “Wiccan” beliefs and a lot of “Buddhist” beliefs. So what would you call that? I guess I have a complicated belief system :content:
Maybe I should establish my own church :tongue:
joke by the way

I used to be a wiccan. The spirituality and all that was what drew me in. I’m pretty atheist these days… But I’m not gonna get into my beliefs in fear that I go insanely off topic and bore ya’ll to death. xP

It’s a good religion, I think you should study it. There’s a lot of misconceptions and BS ideas about it but it’s really harmless and interesting.

The problem is you’ll meet a lot of middle school/high school wiccans and THAT’S just annoying. Don’t even get me started. It’s the people that say they’re wiccan just because they wear black and wanna be hardcore. It’s rediculous. But ANYWAY.

Gentle breezes. <3

Too true April.

They bug me too, say they are wiccan to look “cool”. To try and be different then the fake wicca catches on and everyone is doing it.

Yet ask anyone of them something about the belief system and they stare blankly like you asked them to strip naked in a field and perform a ritual culminating with an orgy. They just have no clue.

I’m into Wicca too! :seer: Awesome! I didn’t know there were other Wiccans here too. Lame this thread hasn’t been active since 2006…

At the moment, I wouldn’t exactly say that I’m a “practicing” Wiccan. I don’t pay any attention to the moon phases, cast spells, perform rituals, or observe the Sabbats. The reason I don’t practice yet though, is that I left a rather fundamentalist take on Christianity. I’m talking 6000-yr-old earth, fire n’ brimstone, & all that jazz. I understand that this forum has a no-bashing policy, so I won’t go into how I realized that Evangelical Christianity is a brainwashing cult or that the biblical Yahweh is a raving lunatic (oh wait…) Anyhow, after my transformation of belief I became a lot more rational. I want to learn astral projection first, so that I can finally have first-hand proof of the afterlife & metaphysical energies.

After I’ve looked down from the ceiling at my body still sitting in a chair, I’ll then start practicing the more religious aspects of Wicca. I hope to create an astral temple where I could do my ritual work, cast spells, observe the Sabbats, and meet the gods & goddesses. At present, I do adhere to a Neopagan cosmology, and love reading about Wicca and other paranormal/occult topics. I have a ton of books by all sorts of authors: Scott Cunningham, Raymond Buckland, Raven Grimassi, Thea Sabin, Konstantinos, Michelle Belanger, Christopher Penczak, and even a little of Silver Ravenwolf. :read:

Although I have no hands-on experience in the Craft, I have enough book knowledge to answer a question & would be happy do so in any future topic.

Ditto on that PhoenixMaenad! Look up “Thought Reform” on Wikipedia. Eerie parallels to the 700 Club. :scared:

And yes, Inkubus Sukkubus = amazing. If you’re into bardic music, I’d also strongly recommend Damh the Bard (look him up on YouTube.) Loreena McKennitt is awesome too.

P.S. – snickers “Wicca-curious.” That’s great.

soetimes i look at all the things we can do think say make create and idenitfy with as , which chakras would they come out of ?

fear and violence and military conquest and hatred and war are all the solar lexus, for ex,

wiccans seem to want to go into the third eye , work with magic, work with stores, fables, lore, ( throat chakra ) , etc,

sometimes i look at things this way ,

i do not personally see a lot of light in wicca but what do i know ? i don’t think about it or learn about it much, i see the “pagan” rituals as being very good , if they are love oriented of course, and very wholesome , dancing and music and such, and cookies, as opposed to more like santa claus type stuff

i do know crystals are our friends if we have good intentions with them,

“Solar” means it’s like the sun, right? I think that means it can bring sunburn, drought, and bushfires of war and destruction… but it can also light and warm the world, coax plants to raise their leaf-buds out of the ground and bring the earth to life, and balance the dance of the planets. There’s a flip side to everything. :wink:

To keep on topic, when I got into OBE’s, I checked my experiences against all sorts of different angles-- neurological, psychological, and occult (through friends of my family, one of who was Wiccan, though dream magick isn’t his forte. I believe him at my peril, because I’m of the belief that every belief system is a trap-- if one we must get into to get anything said or done --but I reject his viewpoint at my peril too because I believe everything “comes from” somewhere true, and has real effects in any case.)

I was Wiccan for a while (in middle school and high school, with many apologies to the Pagan community,) but then the Chaotes began to make more sense (?! yeah, sense :tongue: ) to me. I suppose that leaves me with an undefined philosophy.

And, I don’t know, even after having initiated OBE’s, I’m not convinced of the existence of guides, gods, or the Summerlands. :neutral:

Yay! Nice to see this topic rise from the ashes! :content:

Hmm… Interesting. What would convince you of things of that nature? For me, being able to soar over the trees & observe a particular detail across town that a physical visit would later confirm, that would be enough to convince me that I am more than just my body. :thumbs:

I’ve also read that people have used astral projection to visit various afterlife realms & talk to deceased loved ones face to face. :hugs: And I’ve read that astral invocations yield a high chance of meeting a deity in the same manner. Robert Bruce, a highly respected author on OBE, even recounts an experience of catching a glimpse of the Summerland in one of his books.

A little more consistency, maybe. All the experiences I’ve had of encountering characters I’d hoped were guides just tend to be ambiguous and… flaky. :neutral: And I haven’t been able to confirm as much from a physical visit of OBE’d sights/sites, though the OBE’s always begin in my room… I already knew what my room looked like, so it probably doesn’t count. :tongue:

:wow: How come no one told me there was a Witch’s topic :tongue:

Well truth is, I’m not really a Wiccan. I’ve personally found what I consider a few flaws with that religion. But I am Pagan nonetheless and consider myself a “witch” (well actually I prefer mage…It just sounds cooler :tongue:). My family still thinks I’m Christian, even though I’m “moved out” I still have to keep a little secrecy about it. I try to celebrate the Sabats as best I can, and do occasionally do spells here and there.
[size=42]Hmmm…would it be cheating to use a spell to find the wolves in WG? :tongue: [/size]

Not too long ago, I found out my mentor/coven leader/close friend was lying about certain things and so now I can’t help but disbelieve anything they say that I don’t see first hand.
Unfortunately I have only 2 (RL) friends to actually practice with. One is in the same boat as me, just lost a trusted mentor, the other moved about an hour away from here (and was going to be taught by my mentor). So it’s been kind of rough for me, trying to learn…and now re-learn many things.

As for consistent proof, I’ve found mine. From minor, but highly consistent things (like weather “mysteriously” changing because I wanted to go for a hike but not in the downpour rain) to undeniable, but fleeting sights (like what I thought was an unnaturally large moth, until I realized its wings were flapping horizontally, not vertically, yet it was rising straight up :uh: “Laws of physics? Stop sleeping on the job!”)

I’ll cut my post short here, but suffice it to say, I have plenty of stories I could share about (otherwise) unexplainable things happening to me. I always try to get proof (because I’m a huge skeptic after all and a very “logically dictated” person), and now carry a camera in my car at all times, but some things are just really hard to photograph. (Like sounds…you have to have some major skill to photograph those!) :tongue:

Like a Phoenix…haha never going to die!

Ah, yes. If that’s all you’ve ever observed during astral travel, then your extra layer of skepticism makes sense. I’d be doubting just how much more than mere dreaming OBE was too if that were all I got. :huh:

I’ve seen that in a few books though – characters gone to for help only being able to give Captain Obvious level advice. The explanation seems to be that these characters are not real spirits, but artificial beings created by one’s own subconscious (basically an astral DC) because they were pondering what they’d be taken to. Apparently, you have to keep your mind crystal clear of any stray thoughts, even expectations, otherwise you’ll just be thrown into a mentally-created virtual world. Raising more energy before projecting should also help.

Nonetheless, there are still tons of stories of astral travelers contacting real guides or accurately describing physical locations. So the notion is not beyond question. Plus, you got your whole life for something validative. Maybe a little more exploration or a new technique is all it’ll take. :ok:

Nah, that was a typo on POL’s part. He’s talking about the solar plexus chakra, which has a whole host of associations…

I like “wizard.” :wizard:

Hoo I know; same here. My mother’s a born again Christian. She doesn’t take us to church anymore or even read the Bible regularly, but I still catch that irrational attitude of disapproval towards the occult/witchcraft. I’ll explain Wicca to her & dispel the lies at the right moment. I have logic & reason on my side, and I don’t think my mom’s brain will allow her to run from those two any longer. :look:

Until then, I’m chilling in the broom closet. :peek:

I have ZERO friends in RL to practice with. That’s why I want to make an astral temple – it would allow me to rendevous with internet buddies no matter where they live (assuming they learn AP too). :beer:

YES! There’s a scientist! You are my kinda guy Ysim! Please, do tell! I love stories of the paranormal / unexplained!