wild and obe difference?

what is the difference between a wild and an obe?

A WILD is when you go from awake directly into the dream world, usually entering the world lucid.

An OBE is an experience where you feel a sensation of leaving your body behind, and seperating your “astral body” from your real body. I don’t beleive in astral bodys, however it is the best way to describe this.

More more information you should look at the guide PasQuale made :content:

OBE usually refers to an etheric projection, which is the projection of the etheric, energetic body, into the energetic plane, this plane is an almost exact copy of the physical one, so in reality, you can travel in what appears to be the physical plane in real time without the limitations of a physical body. Ever wanted to explore the stars ? ^^
or maybe go to a friend when he´s sleeping :lol:
But actually an OBE is an out of body experience, meaning any experience that takes place outside of your body, so that should include NDE s , AP s, Dreams and more…
in that case, a WILD is one type of an OBE. But I think my first answer is the one you looked for.