WILD Attempt, Need Advice

I tried to WILD last night but failed, So i need a bit of advice.

  • Should i be in complete silence or is it ok to have a bit of sound in the background?

  • Will if work If im using a blanket? I was using a blanket last night but i still kinda felt warm and sometimes very much like stone while attempting to WILD.

  • At the moment i feel ready, What do i do? Reach out and grab?

  • Does an increasing heart beat mean im closer to my goal?

Do i have to lay straight?

Also this last question, A bit off topic but i find my throat very dry and swallowing always throws me off, How can i keep my throat hydrated?

Thanks in advance.

Hello HeroSandwich, it’s nice to meet you :content:

  1. It actually helps some people to have a bit of music in the background. As long as you are able to fall asleep and maintain concentration, noise is fine.

  2. Yep, blanket is perfectly fine.

  3. The normal answer is “let yourself fall into the dream.” I’ve heard that a million times, and it hasn’t helped me once :tongue: . What has happend to me is my mind usually begins to wander with different images popping up in my head. After a while of passively observing, I begin to realize that I’m inside my own daydreams. From there it’s only a matter of time before I get control of my dream body.

  4. Not really. The only clear sign is if you find yourself beginning to go numb. But in the end all you really have to do is ignore your body. Thinking about the way it feels has the unfortunate side effect of breaking your concentration.

  5. Lay however you feel comfortable. Just make sure however you lay doesn’t cut off circulation.

  6. Swallowing won’t actually ruin your attempt. Thinking about swallowing can be a problem, but as long as you let your body act natural it will be fine. A

The best advice I can give, and I’ve given it a million times, is to wake up 5-6 hours after first going to sleep. You will fall asleep much faster at that point, which helps a lot at keeping your concentration. Best of luck, and let me know if I need to clarify anything.

Nice to meet you too, Thank you for the advice. Good to know i can do this with the way i sleep naturally.

I will also set my clock back so i can try the WBTB method. :grin:

I hope this advice helps:

I’m probably going to say this quite a bit, but it’s best to do it the way you find works best for you.

Again, use the way that works best for you.

There are several techniques to induce a WILD. I personally do mine in the morning, as it often yields the best results. Like early early (I woke up once at 5:30 AM to go to the bathroom, get some milk and go back to sleep. That induced a spontaneous WILD.).
If you want more specific advice, I said this in one of my earlier posts, and I’ll say it again:

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Your heartbeat tends to go faster when you are excited. When you get excited, sometimes you can lose the lucid dream. I’d say no.

You lay in whatever position works best for you. As long as you’re comfortable with it, you can use it.

Keep your throat hydrated by drinking lots of fluids. I often find that drinking milk and eating apples/bananas at bed time or very early in the morning will help boost my odds of lucid dreaming.

Good luck!

Sometimes it’s worked for me when it’s completely silent, other times it’s worked for me when it was noisy but I could ignore the noise, still other times it’s even helped to have some noise from the waking world to remind my dreaming mind that there was a waking world, and other times it’s felt like a distraction like dry mouth.

Again, I say it’ll work, and it’ll help, and it’ll distract and ruin… depends on the person, the mood, and (now, I guess) the weather :wink:

I’d let the images, textures, whatever of the dream-- just let it form and swamp you. It might help to use active imagination, to feel yourself walking through the dreamscape.

Not necessarily, but why not?

Nope, back when combining WILD with WBTB, rolling over seemed to help signal for the dream to come back.

You brush your teeth before sleeping, right? Do you also brush your tongue, all the way to the back? I think some food particles on the tongue might dry out faster. If the dryness is way at the back of the throat, I suppose taking a lozenge can’t hurt.

Hope this helps!

That’s probably why i haven’t been successful in my WILD’s. I have been to focused on my HI that i forget to let my mind wander :meh:

The fast heartbeat is a common phenomena that happens when you are getting closer to a WILD. I believe it’s just an illusion, your heart is beating normally… I usually get this together with harder breathing and vibrations. It varies though and is not necessary at all. :wink:

I know this is not helpful but in order to be helpful… what is WILD?

—> WILD <— Mouse over.