WILD experience

Thought I’d share this to help other newbs getting their first WILD, and I have a few questions. This was my second successful WILD experience ever, and I felt it went extremely well as I am a beginner at LD’ing. So I went to bed at normal time and woke up at normal time, which was way too early because it was weekend. So I stayed up for about an hour until I was fully awake (in my previous attempts I have only stayed up like 10 mins because I though I had to be a little tired to be able to fall asleep, I was obviously wrong). I didn’t intend to try WILD until I was falling asleep, I suddenly though: hey, why don’t I try WILD now? After a short time I suddenly felt a strange feeling, it was like my body was crawling into itself. I embraced this feeling, and suddenly I felt like I was falling slowly into nothing. It was actually incredibly real, I had completely forgot about my real body in the bed, I was really falling now. I also heard strange sounds including a child’s voice during the falling (was this SP?). After a while I stopped falling. Then I opened my eyes, and did an RC. I was planning to look at my fingers, but I couldn’t, because my hand was gone :confused:. So it was a LD. It was very blurry and short though, I slipped out of it after about 20 seconds. The only thing that was frightinly real was the sound. I heard several times people coming into the house, I heard the door slamming shut, it was so real that I feared it really was, and that I heard it in my sleep, but no, I was home alone and I knew nobody was coming inside the house. I also had a false awakening after that because I remember writing the experience in my DJ, but when I really woke up it was gone (annoying as hell :razz:).

So yeah, that’s my story. Now to my questions:

  1. As I asked before, was the falling sensation SP? If yes, it was completely different than I had imagined
  2. How can I make WILD’s longer and more vivid?

wish i could have wild ld(still trying).

Well, the child’s voice was HH; and you can do a WILD without feeling any SP, it depends on the (a)synchronization between body falling asleep/mind falling asleep.
For the second question, get used more to the idea of being in a dream first :smile: And there are very nice guides to keep a dream stable, from Sandra’s on this forum to Waggoner’s on the LDE site.