WILD or not WILD? Did I do it?

(Hope I’m posting in the right section. With so many moved threads, I’m a bit weary)
I never really attempted to do a WILD before, but recently, I’ve had a high determination for LDs, and because I usually lack sleep during weekdays, my sleep till late mornings during weekends have much more REM sleep than usual, so its a perfect chance for LD.

The thing is that for past 4 weeks, I’ve been encountering roughly the same way of getting lucid. I’ll wake about 7am, and still tired enough to go to sleep, I’ll turn around and try to sleep back, but in my head, I’m usually imagining a location where I am walking about (usually taken from the previous dream just before I woke), and I’d think very strongly about becomming lucid.

Then suddenly, I’d realise that I’m already dreaming, and I get an LD I don’t notice the point where I fall asleep though…

So is it WILD? because I didn’t lose consciousness throughout, but neither did I experience the HI, SP, or those stuff… it’s like instant.

There are no steps in WILD, so you don’t need to experience HI - And SP is something you are NOT supposed to experience while WILDing.

So, this was a successfull WILD attempt.

y arent u suppose to expeirence SP during WILD?

It is perfectly normal to experience SP while you do WILD. I have had both the smooth WILD that you describe here, and some more uncomfortable WILDs where i could feel my body falling asleep and be paralysed. Those have happened when i have been sleepy enough to WILD from the beginning of the night. Imagining a previous dream can be a very powerful WILD tool. :cool: If you read a little around on the forum, there is for example a BIG WILD topic in this forum, you will find many examples of both types. I wonder if the starting dream images maybe distracts us from feeling the SP?

I think that was more of a MILD, WILD takes a couple steps. including relaxing, HI, among other things. MILD, you just think about LD’ing and then you realize your dreaming.

When You WILD you have the feeling of falling really fast through your bed.

SoS, the WILD process, like many other thing that involves the mind, is very different from person to person. It can also be very different from time to time. Even if it feels like falling through the bed for you, it doesn’t necessarily for everybody.

When you use MILD, you train yourself to recognise a dream as a dream. It involves not-conscious sleep before you get lucid. With WILD, on the other hand, you are lucid as soon as you fall asleep. There is nothing in this post that makes it sound like anything else than a WILD to me. :cool:

Hey regarding that, I can’t seem to find it. I was looking all over for it before I decided to post. Maybe you can link me?

sure :cool: there is this old topic https://community.ld4all.com/t/the-big-wild-topic-part-xviii/23649

and this newer Q&A topic [The First Steps to WILD (for all basic WILD related Q&A))

Isn’t this a lot like the “chaining” technique? You wake up for just long enough to become concious, but not long enough to actually wake up completely, so it makes it much easier to enter a dream. It’s a version of WILD that isn’t too well-known.

Nope not WILD It is MILD. Its happend to me, I was trying to WILD next thing i know im in a dream. Checked the time when I awoke (2 sec of lucidity that time) not WILD, MILD.

But the thing is that I felt like the dream was just at first merely a thought, then the images become more vivid, and the images take up the whole vision, not just the centre (that means I can start to look left and right), then followed by the feeling of “being there”. And usually this is the point where I know that I am dreaming.

I sometimes make a mistake of arousing my “conscious dream mind” a bit too early (as in during the first few stages which I just described) and then I wake up, or the dream fades, and I must wait for it to happen again.

If it’s MILD I should actually fall unconscious first, then during the dream realise that I’m dreaming. But I did this at the start of the dream. Anybody experienced enough to clarify this?

I’ve never had a successful WILD attempt myself, i usually am not tired enough and have problems falling asleep, so I’m not an expert or even a novice. But I have read alot about it on the forum and it seems to me like a WILD. You never actually lost your train of thought, you just kind of entered your thoughts consciously, which is what WILD is all about. From my understanding of LD’ing, you have to go to bed with the intention of becoming lucid, so every technique is going to have some kind of auto suggestion, but that doesn’t make every technique a MILD. But I can’t say either way.