WILD Variations & Their Success Rates

Hey everybody! I’m just curious, how many different versions of the WILD technique are there and how successful each version is. So if you could all help me in choosing which technique I’d like to focus on, reply using the form below, but first read through all the posted techs to make sure you don’t double post.

Thanks to everyone who helps!

Hmmm… it may take a while for me to go through all of my LD’s to figure out which ones are WILD variations. Give me a day or two and I’ll try to get back to you

Thanks, Rhewin. Just trying to figure out which one’s would be good to try out over spring break.

There was a ‘chakra technique’ mentioned on the forum, which I followed fairly accurately and had a lucid dream. It was like… BAM. O.o If I find the topic, I’ll link you on here.

[ Edit: here it is ----> https://community.ld4all.com/t/chakra-technique-very-effective/34516 ]

The only two WILD variations I use are WILD and VILD. So:

WILD= 20/104= ~19% of total LD’s. I’m successful with this maybe twice a month or so.

VILD= 6/104 = ~6% of total LD’s. This one only seems to work at certain times when I feel it’s right. The closer I am to falling asleep the more effective.

Other big techs for me:

DILD ~38%
RCILD ~30%

As you can see, my main techs have to do with actually being aware in the dream rather than artificially creating one.

Thanks guys. I’m currently trying another one I’ve heard about recently called Stop, Drop, Roll, but I’ll give a swing by these if I can.

@ aQuiche I’ve actually read that post a while back and you do a similar thing in SDR as an exit technique from SP into a dream (or OBE, or etc.).

I think I should read up on Stop Drop Roll. How has your experience been with it, if any?

I’ve had plenty of SP experiences (several a night), but I’m still pushing to go from SP to OBE or LD, but you can guarantee an update when I succeed. (And I will! :devil:)