WILD without WBTB

Is it possible to do WILD without WBTB because I tried it and I think I got somewhere but Im not sure.

I’ve only just started learning about LD’s so i wouldn’t know but i would assume you can. It would just be harder. To truely find out you would have to try more than once

I’ve tried twice lolol

Okay twice :tongue:
hopefully a person who has had a ld or tried the technique will anwser

I would say so. I do it without WILD, and although i’ve never had a full lucid dream i’ve gotten very far and was so close.

I said WILD without WBTB not WBTB without WILD

Well, I’ve had a few experiences with WILD without WBTB.
It’s really difficult, but it is possible.
You’ll have to try more then two times to succeed.

The bad part -
It’s really difficult in the first few times.
Actually, in my first attempt to WILD, It took me an hour to reach the part in which my hands are numb.
In the second time - it worked well, but I woke up with a terrible headache.
Oh, and this hypnagogic state can freak the shit out of you.

The fun part -
When you get used to it, you have a really easy time with WILDing, and you do it quickly and smoothly, without any problems.
Actually, it’s my favorite method, and I really recommend you putting some effort to it.

Edited language…

Yea Im gonna try for an hour when ging to bed tonight and when Im counting Im gonna go

1 Im lucid 2 Im lucid and so on so that if I fall asleep its sorta like a MILD then i’ll wake up in the middle of the night and do WILD

That might be a way.
Yet, you can do more stuff to keep you concentrated and your rational thinking active.

Personally, I combine three methods:
I’m counting (just like you said - “1 I’m lucid, 2 I’m lucid”) alongside with concentrating on my breath.
It goes like: inhale-“1 I’m lucid”-exhale-inhale-“2 I’m lucid”-exhale… and so forth.
If I’m really tired and if I’m having a rough time with remaining concentrated, I imagine myself walk down an infinite stairway to lucidity.
Then it goes like that: inhale-“1 I’m lucid”-step-exhale…

Some people use an analog-clock and concentrate on it’s ticking. I actually find that quite disturbing, but maybe it’ll fit you.

good luck :smile:

I found out that if you notice that you’re “drifting away” and you start thinking abstract thoughts (what means that you’re a bit less concentrated then needed to have a good WILD), doing simple arithmetics can do some magic, and bring your focus back.
Just do some really simple calculus, such as 2*3=6, 5+6=11, 8-3=5, etc…

I haven’t heard that one before. Seems like an interesting idea, but I find listening to analog clocks extremely annoying. Plus, I have no analog clocks.

Ahem. I normally wouldn’t be complaining about this. But that example was not calculus. That was arithmetic. And it annoys the… well… stuffing out of me. Sorry. That was just my… nerdy side coming out. Meh.

Ah yes, I actually meant I do it without WBTB, i’ve done WILD infact when I was perfectly awake and get pretty far. I’m sorry, sometimes I get mixed up with my acronyms.

I Tried it Last night
didn’t work. Can’t Remeber any part of My dream last night.
I definetly didn’t get to the HH conciously.
Might try again tonight .

I’ve heard people say that without sleeping first you take a long time to get into a dream, because the first 5 or so hours are pretty empty of dreams. I can’t even do normal WILDs yet, but doing it without sleeping beforehand would be much more reliable, cause I find it hard to wake up at like 5am >_<

Not 5 though, but you do need a lot of patience.
I’ve already had a lot op practice with it, and sometimes it still taking me 2-2.5 hours until something actually happens.
And, well, staying focused without “drifting off” for such a long time.

I tried WILD yesterday for an hour. It took me quite some time to get that feeling that my hands are not mine. Quite funny, because I know I was able to do this really fast (even when driving a car!) Whenever I felt like something might be coming my heart raced wildly (pun not intended). In the end our cat came to my bed and interfered.

Beginnings are hards.


Actually WILD without WBTB is the way i had my first ld, (that was last night by the way) i just woke up, heard some lacrimosa inside my bed for about 10 min, and then i just focused on creating the dream while falling back to sleep, it was a boring dream, i could only fly but at least i didnt woke up inmediatly, it was my first one so i guess it was ok. :smile:

It is very possible without WBTB but it is hard. I have trouble reaching HI within an hour. I havent actually done it but I’ve gotten very close. The hardest part after you get relaxed is (for me at least) breaking away from your physical body and concentrating on your dream “body”. i personally can’t do it and end up twitching my real arm instead of moving my dream arm causing me to wake up and have trouble getting back to bed.

I think WILD is easier in the afternoon, right after you’ve eaten… Your mind is more relaxed then because it’s occupied with digesting the food you just ate! :content:

I tried it again. I didn’t stay awake but i had a DILD. Yay my first LD, Mind you it only lasted for like 5 seconds, I thought i better talk to that DC to become lucid (i know doesn’t make sense) but it worked. Everything went brighter and colorful, then the familar area i was in changed color to glowing purple and violet and other colors like them. I had a force push like ability, Then i went to a completly different place and it turned to a ND and i had no Control and couldn’t remember that i was in a dream

Argh! Dammit!
Usually I succeed doing WILD, and when I don’t - I just remain too concentrated to fall asleep, so I just give up and go to sleep normally.
Yesterday, for the first time, I actually “tuned off”, lost my concentration, and fell asleep. I got to the point in which I was hearing loud music playing in my ears, although it wasn’t real, and I started to tune into the dream, and somewhere around there I lost it. It’s god damn frustrating!