WTF... was this?!

Can sumone explain what this was? I’ll try to describe it. I was sitting around 2nd period during school trying to absorb everthing I was seeing and then thinking about what I was seeing. Then I had an urge to WILD during class. So I sat up and put my hair in my eyes so my teacher couldn’t see that I was sleeping. I closed my eyes and started to think real hard, try real real hard, straining my brain to focus on sumthing and visualise it. Slowly a book started to appear in front of my eyes. Every page in the book was covered with the text “I am dreaming”. I began to read the book. I can’t say that I was visualising reading it because I wasn’t. I was actually reading it for about 10 seconds. While reading it for some reason I started to think “I am dreaming, which means you are dreaming, but if I am dreaming then I must be your dream which means your my dream”. While I was thinking this I started to feel sumthing powerful building up in my head. My eyes started to twitch, moving around as if I was in REM sleep. They were darting left and right moving up and down. It was semi-painful because my eyelid was squinched shut real real tight but I wasn’t doing that. It happened involuntarily. Out of the blue I thought, “This is ok. It is normal. It happens every night.” This was odd to think because i was wide awake and fully conscious and it was like 11am. The entire time this was occuring the powerful feeling kept building up and kept getting stronger. All of a sudden the feeling exploded in my head and it sent waves of warmth flowing over my body. It was similar to the experience you have when you orgasm, cept without the orgasm. I regained control of my eyes and opened them. I was lightheaded for about 2 minutes after that and I was really giddy. Soon after though the feeling started to fade.
Does anyone have any clue what I managed to do and what happened to me?

Maybe you were having a side effect of the bad pot you smoked earlier… :tongue:

No seriously, i don’t know what happened to you dude, seems funny… and not haha funny… :wink:

Well… you’re no help. Anyone else? I really wanna know what happened to me.

That sounds pretty intense man, how hard were you concentrating? sounds like youve burst a nueron group in your head :eh:

Or maybe your mind slipped into WILD too quickly and couldnt handle it, so your mind was flung across space, to distances of x5000 our present solar system, gathering an amazing amount of energy on its journey, then landed back in your head and diffused out into earth for the energy to be recycled…
In short, you may be just a vessel for your mind…

By the way, where can i get some of this…bad pot???

I’d have to say that was the hardest i’ve ever focused in my life. It’s extrememly hard for me to do it again. I have to be relaxed 1st.

What does that mean? Is that bad? Dangerous?

I don’t know where you can get bad pot cause I don’t smoke. Ask Julian D. Iron. Maybe he/she knows.

Don’t take it the wrong way my friend,that was just silly french humor… :shy:

Seriously, your experience is very interesting, maybe you have the ability to go into REM sleep anytime you concentrate enough, which would make you a very good WILDer… :content:

PS : by the way, i’m a “he”… :tongue:

Same. My comment was just American humor… although I guess it wasn’t very funny, and I wasn’t sure if you were he or she cause when I wrote this I didn’t check to see what sex you were. When you are typing your post it doesn’t allow you to do that.

Anyone else have any other ideas as to what I did to myself during class?

Hi girby!
Don’t you think you have narcolepsy? It’s very curious to fall asleep so quickly in a classroom… :eh:

Nope. I’m sure about that. I can fall asleep easily in class cause I’ve learned to tune out people voices.

I’m think maybe you found a way to open your chakras and release some kind of energy. People who do certain types of meditation strive to have those types of experiences.

What are chakras and where can I find out about them?

Hes lucky if he can do that
You can just do a search on google to find out about them

Ya. That would be cool if that was it. Anyone got any other ideas? I’ve still no clue what it was.

I can do something like that, just that its like right before you said it felt like it exploded in your head. Thats never happened to me. I just get a weird feeling that goes down to my feet, and then a part of my body usually twitches or shakes a little then it stops.

Sounds to me like your subconscious or even /superconscious/ mind gave you breif control over a tremendous amount of mental energy. Next time you do that, try to move something (a physical something) with your mind, :spinning:.

Aside from what little opinion I have on the matter, I think I’m experienced something like this, maybe. Way less intense, and produce from a strange rock that I placed on my forehead and tried to concentrate on. (Do that, by the way. Take a rock that looks out of the ordinary and place it on your forehead, then concentrate on your forehead. I’ve gotten a few different effects).

I’m speachless.

I’ve been trying to replicate the experience. I can get to where it starts to build up, but I can’t get the power to peak and overflow.

girby, you said yours eyes started to twich. Did you also get a weird feeling like that in your stomach?

I don’t remember any strangle feelings in my stomach, no…

:bambi: :sigh: i guess its not the same thing…

That’s kinda what I did, cept I didn’t scream. I just had very very intense thoughts. Is it possible that’s what I did? I got the quote from the mental scream technique post.