XBL Gamers? Guitar Heroes?

Does anyone here play on Xbox Live? As far as I know, I’m the only one here who does. If you do, send me a friend request. My gamertag is st1ckman7 and I mostly play Crackdown, Boom Boom Rocket, and Worms.

And does anyone play Guitar Hero at all? I play on Expert on the PS2 in both games. I’m currently trying to get the log guitar, which is 5-star every song on Expert.

If i had an xbox, i would both be a guitar hero and a XBL gamer

i don’t have the money to buy one, and i really don’t want one , though.


I only play Rainbow Six Vegas, as it is the only game I have on it, besides GRAW.

Did you hear that Halo 3 is coming out in September? I somewhat dispise Halo for the amount of hours stolen from me by it, but I will no doubt buy it. Ahh, the mentality of an addicted person.

I do.

Yeah, Sept 25 this year

I’m getting Halo Wars first though. Then again, I’m addicted to the Halo 3 beta.

Send me a friend request if you want, just say “ld4all” in the message and I’ll know its you.

I’m getting a 360 soon-ish (along with Crackdown and Dead Rising), so when that happens, I’ll look you up :smile:

My sister have Guitar Hero 1 & 2 for (my) playstation 2.

I pwn her her in that game!

How good are you?

I got Halo 3 beta… its awesome

Can I have your copy of Crackdown when the beta is done? I really want it.

Can I have your 360 when you’re done with Crackdown? It’ll save me a lot of money. :razz:


Eh, worth a shot :happy:

I didn’t get it from crackdown… I got choosen randomly when I signed up on Halo 3 website

i play on live sometimes, i mostly just play gears of war, as it’s one of only 3 games i own.
I have amped 3, guitar hero II, and gears of war.

ya, I’m gonna get guitar hero 2